Racial Preferences at United Airlines

Part 3:
UAL Racial Quota Policies

Disguised as Equal Employment Opportunity

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          This page presents official United Airlines documents which prove that the bankrupt air carrier is more interested in racial quotas than fair and equal treatment.

          These are documented examples of what United really means when they "pledge" equal employment opportunity.  As these documents clearly illustrate, United Airlines actively enforces racial quotas and preferences.  UAL clearly does not care about the impact these policies have upon highly qualified white males, Asians, and other non-preferred ethnicities and genders.

         Official United statements such as "It's not about treating people the same, it's about treating people fairly" give lie to United's professed belief in equal opportunity.


United Airlines'
Equal Employment Opportunity:
Our Pledge

March 1, 2000 UAL Flight Operations Memo

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          "We who are responsible for the management of current and future employees of United Airlines pledge that we will conscientiously:

"Provide employment, compensation, training, promotions and all other facets of the employment process on the basis of individual merit without regard to race, color, creed, national origin, sexual orientation, religion, disability, veteran status, sex or age, except where sex or age is an essential, bona fide occupational requirement.
United Airlines has NO intention of treating employees "without regard to race, color (or) national origin..."

In the very next paragraph UAL states their commitment to follow policies which strongly encourage preferential treatment for certain races.

"Comply with both the spirit and intent of federal, state and local legislation, government regulations, and executive orders in providing affirmative action and equal employment opportunity for all current and prospective employees.
By this statement, United is trying to convince us that the government has forced it to hire and promote preferred races ahead of whites and Asians.  Therefore, United wants us to believe it is not their fault they practice reverse discrimination.

"Provide and maintain an employee workplace free of harassment including verbal or physical conduct that denigrates or shows hostility or aversion toward an individual because of his/her race, color, creed, national origin, sexual orientation, religion, disability, veteran status, sex or age.

"Contribute to the personal growth of our employees through recognition and utilization of the skills and abilities brought to their jobs, maintaining such standards at a consistently high level for the growth of the company in a highly competitive economy.

"Support the Minority Business Program covering minority and female entrepreneurs, as well as community outreach activities covering corporate citizenship responsibilities in the communities we serve."
This means United strongly prefers to do business ONLY with suppliers owned by the correct skin colors.

See particularly the "(6) Supplier Diversity" section of the UAL case (menu at bottom of page).

-- Signed by a "Brad Thomas" or "Brad Thompson", Chief Pilot, United Airlines
-- Dated March 1, 2000

[See the Scan of the Original UAL March 2000 Memo.   Opens new window.]


"It's not about treating people the 'same'.  It's about treating people 'fairly'."
United's YOUNITED publication, 2nd Quarter 1999
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          Treating all people the "same" would directly imply that their race, gender, or ethnicity will not have an impact on their treatment at United.

          However, by contrasting "same" with "fairly", United sets up a false dichotomy which strongly implies that treating all people "fairly" is somehow more desirable than treating them the "same".  This is quota-speak at its finest!

          What United clearly means by "treating people fairly instead of the same" is that race, gender, ethnicity, and national origin DO make a huge difference in UAL's employment policies.

United Airlines Document Scan:
YOUNITED publication, 2nd Quarter 1999
Treating the same is not fair?


"Part of the diversity initiative means hiring people with different personal backgrounds, including things like age, race, education, language aptitude, sexual orientation and gender."[Emphasis Added]
United's YOUNITED publication, 2nd Quarter 1999
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United Airlines Original Document Scan:
YOUNITED publication, 2nd Quarter 1999
At United: Various ... education and language skills welcome

          The flying public should be very concerned that United believes that they should allow varying levels of language aptitude and education among their employees in order to accomplish forced diversity.

          After all, we're talking about the safe operation, maintenance, takeoff and landing of very large, very complex airplanes which carry as many as several hundred innocent travelers!  By the way, the official international language for all communications between pilots and air traffic controllers throughout the world is English!


United's Flight Officer Employment Application requests the races/ethnicity of the applicant.
United's Flight Officer Employment Application
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          First, notice that the absolute last race/ethnic category on United's list is "white".

          Second, while United may, in fact, remove this racial information from your employment application United absolutely does track your race and uses it throughout your career to determine who gets hired and promoted.

United Airlines Document Scan:
Flight Officer Employment Application
United requests "voluntary" racial data

          Third, United Airlines falsely states that they are required by presidential Executive Order 11246 to collect racial data.  This is one of the quota lobby's favorite jokes, and it is a lie.  The original EO 11246 was race neutral as signed in 1965 by the late President of the U.S., Lyndon B. Johnson.  Johnson's original version of this order did NOT require collecting of race, gender, national origin or ethnicity of employees. 

          However, EO 11246 has been amended many times by the racial quota lobby during the 38 years since President Johnson issued the order.  The twisted, amended version of EO 11246 bears little resemblance to the original, race-neutral order issued by President Lyndon B. Johnson.  [See the original Executive Order 11246.  Opens new window.]


UAL is embarassed by the number of White Males it employs!
But UAL boasts that it's U.S. workforce consists of 46% women and 29% "people of color".

DiversityAtWork.Com 7/24/03.   United Airlines is prominently listed as one of DiversityAtWork's corporate sponsors.
Last known link (as of 7/24/03):
Alternate Source:
United's YOUNITED publication, 2nd Quarter 1999

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United Airlines Original Document Scan:
YOUNITED publication, 2nd Quarter 1999
United: Women and People of Color

          It seems strange that a major, U.S.-based air carrier such as United would actually boast of such a statistic, much less admit they have taken the draconian and discriminatory steps in order to achieve such a statistic.

          The other major distraction of these "diversity" statistics is that United's "29% people of color" statistic includes women of color, while United's "46% women" statistic includes both women of color and "white" women.

The two statistics are overlapping and are not exclusive and therefore give a very misleading impression of the complexion and gender of United's workforce.

          And where is United's boastful statistic about the number of highly qualified, highly educated, U.S. citizen employees who happen to be white and male?


Compensation of United's executives and managers is tied to the number of racial quota hires
Documents pending
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          United Airlines closely monitors the progress of its managers and executives in hiring, promoting and purchasing from the right skin colors.

          Like many other corporate racial extortion victims, United calls their measure of quotas "metrics", as in "United measures it's executive's success in meeting racial quotas by use of "metrics", i.e., racial numbers."

          By their use of obfuscatory terms such as "metrics", United hopes to avoid scrutiny and criticism for their race-based hiring, promotion and purchasing policies.

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