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Immigration Reform and Super Tuesday for Equality

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A full page ad bearing this title appeared in the Washington Times Fri., June 8, 2007

Immigration reform must address race preferences Read
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BACKGROUND and RATIONALE of the AD:  The primary purpose of this ad is to educate the American people about the fact that when they give "undocumented" or illegal aliens a "way to earn their citizenship," they will give them all that comes with citizenship including the entitlement to race/ethnic preferences if they are designated as part of an "underrepresented minority" group.
          If the estimate of 12 million illegal aliens in the U.S. (and growing) is true, this effect will rival the health care, law enforcement and welfare effects that "legalization" will have.  

          We already see states giving "undocumented students" the right to in-state tuition (over U.S. citizens from other states), even before the illegals have been granted amnesty.  Imagine how emboldened MALDEF (the Mexican American Legal Defense and Education Fund) will become if 12 million newly-minted Americans become "underrepresented minorities" entitled to racial quotas and preferences.  This would be be a disaster for our economy and for our Constitution.

News about race blind immigration reform

          This full page advertisement appeared on page A-7 of the Washington Times on Friday June 8, 2007.  Below is the text of the ad:

          For many years now, our nation has debated the merits of race preferences ("affirmative action"). This debate has been conducted in our legislatures, our courts, our schools, our communities and at the ballot box. Now, our nation is engaged in a debate about immigration.

          This debate is wide ranging and many people honorably and strenuously disagree over what course America should take. However, immigration and race preferences cannot be considered in isolation. Under existing laws and policies, the majority of immigrants coming to America will automatically be eligible for race preferences and privileges not provided to the great majority of Americans. This is unfair!

          As voters in California, Washington and Michigan made clear in their overwhelming support of ballot measures banning government mandated racial preferences – and as voters in five other states will have the opportunity to prove again in November 2008 – the American people strongly oppose the idea that our government should treat us differently based on race, ethnicity, sex or national origin. Also See:
Super Tuesday for Equality
Super Tuesday for Equality State Ballot Initiatives

          They understand that while preferences were aimed at giving a helping hand to those who had historically suffered discrimination, in practice they have served above all to compound injustice, needlessly breeding resentment by systematically privileging some Americans over others. Yet, immigrants cannot even claim to be victims of the historical discrimination that "affirmative action" was designed to redress.

          It is essential that any new immigration legislation not perpetuate – indeed not exacerbate – these injustices. Any new legislation should include carefully drafted provisions to ensure that the new immigrants and their children not be afforded any special privileges that put existing Americans, including minority Americans who have suffered actual discrimination in the past, at a disadvantage.

News about race blind immigration reform

          We, the undersigned, hold a variety of views about immigration. But we are united in the conviction that each individual should be judged on his or her merits. While immigrants and their descendants should be afforded the right to compete fairly and freely in every aspect of American life, they should receive no special benefits on the basis of race, sex, ethnicity or national origin.

          We have drafted language that would enable the Congress to preserve this very important objective.

          Ours is a nation dedicated to the proposition that all of us should be treated as equals under the law. Those who seek to join the American family should likewise be treated as equals. No individual or group of individuals should bring to our land an expectation for a future entitlement to preferential treatment – and under no circumstances should we grant it.


Ward Connerly
American Civil Rights Institute
John Uhlmann
American Civil Rights Foundation
Johnny Zamrzla
American Civil Rights Coalition
Linda Chavez
One Nation Indivisible
Heather MacDonald
Manhattan Institute
Andrew Thomas
Maricopa County Attorney
Peter Schaeffer
Diversity for a Sustainable America
Tim Asher
Missouri Civil Rights Initiative
John Carlson
Washington State Civil Rights Initiative
Jennifer Gratz
Michigan Civil Rights Initiative
Leon Drolet
Michigan Taxpayers Alliance
Tim Fay
Manny Klausner
Libertarian Law Council
Joe Hicks
Community Advocates, Inc.
Stuart H. Hurlbert
San Diego State University
Max McPhail
Arizona Civil Rights Initiative
George LaNoue
Project on Civil Rights and Public Contracts
Michal Massie
Syndicated Columnist
Diane Schacterle
American Civil Rights Coalition
Valery Pech Orr
Colorado Civil Rights Initiative
John Rosenberg
Harry Stein
City Journal
Doug Tietz
Nebraska and Oklahoma Civil Rights Initiatives

          Brought to you by the American Civil Rights Institute -- www.acri.org --  an organization aimed at educating the public on the harms of racial and gender preferences and by "Super Tuesday" for Equal Rights - a project aimed at educating the people of Arizona, Colorado, Missouri, Nebraska and Oklahoma about the problems associated with race preferences in preparation for their vote on November 4, 2008.

Download the original full page ad as it appeared in the Washington Times
(Adobe Acrobat Reader required).

See NEWS reports about Connerly's race blind immigration reform amendment.

Footnote:  In August 2006 the U.S. Government Accountability Office (GAO) issued a report urging the feds NOT to count non-citizen Hispanics in determining over- or under- representation in the federal workforce.  Read this GAO Report!

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