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Racial Politics 2000:
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Racial Politics 2000:  'Armies of Compassion' in Bush's Plans (04/25/99)
          "AUSTIN – As he prepares for the upcoming presidential campaign, Texas Gov. George W. Bush is a man determined to shed the hard-edged ideology of the Republican Party but reluctant to move too rapidly to the political center.

          "Three times Bush was asked whether he agreed with California's Proposition 209, the anti-affirmative action initiative approved in 1996. Three times, he avoided answering the question directly.

          "On the issue of racial preferences, Bush said he supports "affirmative access" -- guaranteeing admission to college based on performance -- rather than affirmative action and said government programs designed to encourage minority participation in business often ended up rewarding the same people "over and over again."

          "He said the 1996 Hopwood decision that eliminated the use of racial preferences in admissions at the University of Texas "to the extent that it eliminated race was good," but he added that the law school, the target of the lawsuit, "needs to go out and recruit."   (Washington Post, Sun. 04/25/99 page A1, by Dan Balz)
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Racial Politics 2000:  Trent Lott's Dilemma (04/09/99 - dead)
          Washington Post - "God bless Julian Bond. Like some latter-day Diogenes, he goes around Washington seeking the contemporary version of an honest man -- a politician who is not a hypocrite. All he wants, he says, is for Congress to condemn the racist Council of Conservative Citizens with the same alacrity it did that antisemite and all-around hater Khalid Muhammad. So far, most members of Congress have ducked the lamplight.

          "[The Council of Conservative Citizens - CCC] is a political force. I deduce that not from any polls or from calling around but simply from the reluctance of Senate Majority Leader Trent Lott (R-Miss.) to denounce it. He has been asked to do so by Reps. Robert Wexler (D-Fla.) and Michael Forbes (R-N.Y.) as well as Bond.

          "Lott's name was not picked out of a hat. The majority leader has spoken to the group's national board and been pictured with its leaders. He explained that he (1) didn't quite understand what the group stood for, (2) doesn't agree with it at all and (3) now wants nothing more to do with it.

          "Still, the proposed resolution is going nowhere. Lott would prefer a generic one that condemns all sorts of hate groups wherever they may be -- including, one would surmise, the Hutu and Serbian paramilitaries. As far as is known, Lott has spoken to neither of them.

          "Wexler, Bond and others note that the condemnation of Muhammad suggests a certain amount of hypocrisy. "So I guess what it comes down to is when it's a black person who is racist it's all right for Congress to condemn him, but when it's a white group, Congress does nothing," Wexler told The Post's Kevin Merida.

          "The Nation of Islam is no less racist than the C of CC -- just as obsessed with racial purity and supposedly innate racial differences -- and antisemitic to boot. Farrakhan has spoken of whites and Jews in ways that evidence a raw, visceral bigotry."  (Washington Post 04/09/99 by Richard Cohen)
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Racial Politics 2000:  Al Gore Speaks Spanish!?  (03/21/99)
          WASHINGTON -- "Until recently, many of Al Gore's longtime aides did not even know he can speak Spanish.  True, after acquiring the language as a teenager one summer in Mexico, Gore lost most of what he learned. But it is coming back quickly, the vice president said. And just in time too.

          "With the approach of a presidential campaign in which Latino voters will be more influential than ever, Gore rarely passes up the opportunity to show off his proficiency in Spanish--whether in East Los Angeles or, as he did here recently, at a black-tie gala celebrating the 70th anniversary of the League of United Latin American Citizens.

          "Felicidades, LULAC, por setenta anos de servicio. Que dios les de setenta mas!" he told 400 delighted activists. ("Congratulations, LULAC, for 70 years of service. May God grant 70 more!")

          "Gore's undisguised pitch for Latino support foreshadows a vigorous battle for the hearts and minds of America's more than 7 million Latino voters in next year's presidential election."  (LA Times, 03/21/99, by Edwin Chen)
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Racial Politics 2000:  Put the Race Card in the White Deck, Too!  (03/07/99 - dead link)
          "If African Americans, Hispanics and others can use the race card to advance their agendas, whatever the tactics, then shouldn't so-called white Americans also be able to exercise that right for their own causes or prejudices without fear of public vilification or ostracism?

          "In today's social melting pot, is racism always the exclusive plot of white America?

          "That issue -- with Senate Majority Leader Trent Lott and Georgia Republican Congressman Robert Barr in the middle -- is an interesting residue of President Clinton's impeachment trial. It's a topic which official Washington prefers to ignore as politically incorrect except, of course, when it's self-serving.

          "Yet, isn't there a bit of hypocrisy in saying we stand for something, yet seek our own conventions while manifesting little tolerance for those who speak their convictions, repugnant though they may be?   Don't people of all genres decide with whom they want to associate, where they want to live, whom they invite to join their clubs or where they send their kids to school? If economics and convenience aren't always the primary factors, then what is?"   (Hispanic Link News Service, 03/07/99, by Carlos Conde)
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Racial Politics 2000:  Minorities Can't Afford to Buy Politicians  (02/12/99 - dead link)
          "Racial minorities' influence on American politics is muted because they contribute less to political parties than whites and have less to spend on campaigns, civil rights leaders said Friday.  'We are at the start of a decades-long civil rights movement,'  said John C. Bonifaz, executive director of the Boston-based National Voting Rights Institute, which sponsored the conference where the leaders gathered, 'Campaign Finance as a Civil Rights Issue.'

          "The [minority-oriented National Voting Rights Institute], the NAACP and other [so-called] civil rights organizations are seeking to portray the campaign finance issue as a new frontier in the nation's civil rights debate.  They argue that public financing of elections would help level the playing field for candidates who might be long on vision and ability but short on funding.

          " 'We are making the argument that the lack of wealth ought not to be an obstacle to participate fully in the (political) process,'  said Willie Abrams, NAACP legislative counsel."   Really?  What about the millions of poor, non-minorities who cannot afford to 'buy' political representation?  (AP, via FoxNews, 02/12/99, by Paul Shepard)
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Racial Politics 2000:  Al Gore Panders to Black Politicians (02/10/99 - dead link)
          "Vice President Al Gore appealed to black members of Congress and their guests Wednesday night to help turn out voters next year to keep a democrat [who supports quotas] in the White House and return control of the House to Democrats.

          "[Gore] noted that a turnover of the House from Republican to Democratic control in the 2000 election would put blacks in key committee chairmanships [and allow them to wreak havoc on the constitution].

          "The country needs 'more political maturity,' not attempts to eliminate affirmative action programs [i.e., quotas], Gore told about 500 people at a dinner sponsored by the Congressional Black Caucus.

          " 'We don't need more division in America,'  Gore said, adding that that his vision of the nation in the new millennium is that of a place 'committed to justice as well as prosperity.' "   (FoxNews, 02/10/99)
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Racial Politics 2000:  Calif. Courts Geo. Bush Jr. for 2000 (03/16/99)
          California GOP Likes Bush's 'Inclusion' -- "The incoming mail at the Texas Capitol is so crammed these days with "Dear Governor Bush" letters from around the country that a missive from California's Republican congressional delegation to the potential presidential contender got scant attention. But the March 4 letter to Texas Gov. George W. Bush is worth a closer look because it shows how eager, or desperate, the state's GOP leadership is to find a standard-bearer for Campaign 2000 who is willing and able to compete in the polyglot, multiethnic and wildly expensive political market that California has become."   (LA Times, 03/16/99, by Nick Anderson) (0file)
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Race Panel Stories (The Non-Dialogue Continues...)
          Story 1:   "President opts for office, not permanent panel on race relations" (dead link)
          8.03 p.m. ET (104 GMT) February 4, 1999 By Sonya Ross, Associated Press
WASHINGTON (AP) - "President Clinton is establishing an office within the White House to continue his campaign for racial reconciliation, stopping short of his advisers' suggestion that he create a permanent commission to deal with the issue. The White House Office on the President's Initiative for One America will be charged with keeping alive the work begun under the year-long race campaign that ended last September. Two senior White House officials, speaking Thursday
on condition of anonymity, said the move would be announced Friday."
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          Story 2:   "Clinton Race Panel Gets New Oversight" (dead link)
          LA Times:  "The agency created by President Clinton's initiative on race, which has operated independently for two years, will become the White House Office on the President's Initiative for One America, a senior administration official said. Ben Johnson, acting director of the Office of Public Liaison, will run the office. The move reflects the evolving nature of Clinton's efforts to conduct a national conversation on race." 
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Clinton, Bill:  Clinton, Democrats perfect politics of hate (01/28/99)
          "It takes Olympian shamelessness to send private detectives after your enemies, use the artifice of law to hoodwink your friends, sew the seeds of hatred everywhere - and then, beg, as Bill Clinton did on Dec. 18, to "stop the politics of personal destruction ...(and) get rid of the poisonous venom of excessive partisanship, obsessive animosity and uncontrolled anger. ..."

          "President Clinton is the undisputed master of practicing everything he condemns, whether it be the glib abuse of power in Iraq or the reduction of women to carnal playthings.  But nowhere has he explored the possibilities of cynicism more fully than in his recent quest to portray Republicans as foaming vessels of hatred and himself as the saintly target of their rage."  (Detroit News, 12/28/98, by Tony Snow)
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Clinton, Bill:   White House Announces New Jobs Guarantee for Minorities Only!
          Once again giving us less credit than Monica, Bill Clinton thinks he can fool us into thinking his newly announced racial preferences in government contracting is NOT about racial preferences.  Read it and weep.  (Seattle Times 6/24/98)
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Clinton, Bill:   Gov't Weasel-Words Set-Aside Law, "Ends" Racial Set-Asides (Dead Link)
          In an effort to give the appearance of a kinder, gentler racial quota system for gov't contracts, those whacky feds announced (falsely) yesterday that there are no more gov't racial set asides!  What a crock!   What the gov't really did was spread responsibility for racial contracting around to all the gov't agencies, instead of concentrating them all within the Small Business Administration.  The result?  Racial set-asides will now be harder to pin down and sue for reverse discrimination.  Read it and weep (if you're a non-minority).   (The Wichita Eagle 9/23/98; link no longer available.) 

Gore, Al:  Gore Courts Hispanics in Denver (01/24/99 - dead link)
          "Vice President Al Gore, a leading presidential contender for 2000, cultivated the Hispanic vote Saturday during a visit to Denver, rolling off accented Spanish sentences as he addressed one of Colorado's most prominent Latino groups.

          "Gore emphasized public education and in particular Hispanic education.  He chastised those who would send tax dollars to private schools [opposing the increasingly popular use of vouchers and school choice] and outlined a new administration proposal to spend nearly $500 million to improve education for Hispanic students."  Significantly absent from Gore's speech was any mention of federal efforts to improve educational opportunities for non-minority children since there are apparently no such efforts underway.

          "Latinos make up more than 10 percent of the nation's population and are projected to overtake blacks as the country's largest minority group in the years following 2000."  Implicit in Gore's pandering for Hispanic votes was the idea that white children already have received more than their share of educational opportunity.  (Denver Post, 01/24/99, by Mike Soraghan)
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Gore, Al:  Racial Quota Enforcement Budget to Increase by 15% (dead link)
          Pandering to his worst political instincts, Al Gore attempted to co-opt the Martin Luther King holiday to inform the nation that he (single-handedly, apparently) will increase the federal budget for quota-enforcement by 15%, to a record $663 million spread over six federal quota-enforcement agencies.  Gore and Clinton are pandering hard to their minority supporters, whom they also hope will get Clinton out of his impeachment bind (see stories, above).

          Using typical Clinton-speak, Gore said the White House is "trying to prevent discirmination before it occurs", in other words by assuming that all non-minorities are guilty of discrimination.   Missing from Gore's speech was any mention of due-process for accused discriminators, or any mention of the fact all of his so-called civil rights enforcement initiatives merely devolve into counting racial heads to establish a de facto case of discrimination without any proof of actual discrimination much less intent. 

          "The additional funding would go to civil rights units in the departments of Justice, Education, Labor, Housing and Urban Development, and Agriculture, which recently announced a settlement of a discrimination lawsuit filed by black farmers. Gore says the funding will help the Justice Department expand criminal investigations and prosecutions of civil rights cases.   Another recipient would be the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission" which is historically hostile to the rights of non-minorites who file complaints of reverse discrimination.  (Washington Post, 01/18/99, page A07, by Howard Kurtz)

          Reuters quoted Gore "These funds will help ensure that no American is denied a job, a home, or an education because of their race, color, creed, gender, or religion [unless they are white]. And instead we will help ensure equal opportunity for all Americans [unless they are white]."
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Maloney, Carolyn:  Rep. Carolyn Maloney (D-NY) Calls Republicans 'Racist'! (Jan. 8, 1999) (dead link)
          Washington DC:  "In an appalling display of hate-filled partisanship, this week Rep. Carolyn Maloney (D-N.Y.) attacked specific members of the Republican leadership of being racists. 'I haven't heard such vicious race-baiting since the last time I heard the Rev. Al Sharpton give a speech,' said Grover Norquist, president of Americans for Tax Reform.  'Through her hate-filled rhetoric, Rep. Maloney has earned the nickname the Rev. Al Sharpton of Manhattan,' concluded Norquist." (U.S. Newswire, 01-08-99)
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Niggardly:  The N-ardly Word Causes Big Trouble in DC!  (02/05/99)
          Not only did David Howard get pilloried for using a perfectly good, non-racist word, but his boss, black DC Mayor Anthony Williams is taking heat from this largely black city for "not being black enough".  NOW, a University of Wisconsin student wants to punish her literature professor for using the "N-ardly" word!
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Racial Testing (Clinton):
Clinton Endorses Racial Testing, Gov't Collection of 'Anecdotal Stories' about Bigotry   (02/03/99) (dead link)
          Clinton's federal budget includes $10 million to be dispersed to various federal agencies in order to further study what bigotry does to peoples lives. One official said "That's kind of like spending $10 million to find out why children fall off bicycles."

          Christopher Edley, a Harvard University law professor who is advising Clinton on racial issues, said "federal agencies have already begun looking at how they can incorporate the practice of "testing'' — that is, sending out teams of people who are evenly matched in virtually every aspect except their race and cataloging the reactions they get when they seek a job or a home."  (Various sources, see dead links:)
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Roukema, Marge:  Congresswoman Speaks Against Reverse Discrimination
          U.S. Representative Marge Roukema, Fifth District - New Jersey.   Congresswoman Roukema, 2469 Rayburn House Office Building/Washington, D.C. 20515 (202) 225-4465 Contact: Release: J. Craig Shearman (202) 225-4465 June 26, 1997 Roukema: "Affirmative Action Has Become Reverse Discrimination... Affirmative action programs for women and..."

Calif. Atty General Violates Prop 209: Gives Preferences to Minorities!
          California State Attorney General Defies the Courts on Proposition 209.  Says He's Caught Between State Law for Preferences and the Constitutional Amendment of Prop. 209.  Pretty thin excuse, Mr. Attorney General!   By CHRIS DiEDOARDO San Diego Daily Transcript Dec. 8, 1997...

Ohio (Cleveland):  Racial Politics and the NAACP Lose, Democracy Wins
          On Jan. 12, the citizens of this city will be able to vote without racial bias for the five members of the Cleveland Board of County Commissioners. Just like they used to do before the NAACP pressured the commission into adopting racial-weighting strategies in the voting process. And which they can do now, after court intervention declaring the NAACP arrangement to be void.

          In 1994, the NAACP - using threats of racial unrest and political boycotts - convinced the Cleveland Board of County Commissioners to (a) appoint (not elect) two black commissioners (in addition to the original five); and (b) limit the number of candidates for whom the voters could cast their ballots so that black voters could concentrate their political numbers in support of the black candidate(s).  The citizens sued against what they called "a race-based quota system" and their suit ultimately prevailed.  The court ruled that the Commissioners had no authority to enter into any such agreement with NAACP, ruled the agreement void, and the two temporarily appointed black commissioners were forced to resign  (AP, via Cleveland News Observer, 01-12-99)
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