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Census 2000

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March 17, 2000

          The decennial census is one of the few federal government functions specifically mentioned in the Constitution.  The purpose of the census enumerated in the Constitution is to provide a head count for the apportionment of seats in Congress across the states.  Period.  No mention is made in the Constitution of the color, race, gender, or national origin of the respondents.

          Of all the intrusive, inappropriate data the government has heaped onto the census form during the intervening years, none is more divisive or more objectionable than data pertaining to race and ethnicity.

          Race data from the census is used to allocate your tax dollars for racial quota programs, including race-based school programs (including forced busing), race-based hiring quotas, race-based government contracting, race-based aid programs, and even race-based bank loans and home mortgages -- all of which discriminate unfairly against Caucasians and persons of Northern European descent.  Increasingly, these same data are also used to discriminate against Asian Americans.

          The census has become nothing less than a national racial profile.  And that use of the census is as despicable as any other form of racial profiling. 

          It was census data that was used to round up Japanese Americans during WW II and put them in internment camps!  This is not a matter of conjecture; the Census Bureau readily admits it.  Military transports were dispatched to neighborhoods which contained a large number of Japanese Americans in order to inter them in camps, and these neighborhoods were identified by census data.

          The Government Accounting Office has admitted that census data are also widely used for government housing crackdowns.   Census data are enormously helpful to federal agents in locating overcrowded housing and conducting raids.

          "Small area / geographic" race data from the census is used by the Department of Justice and the Department of Labor to force employers in particular geographic areas to hire the right numbers of the right colors, or to "conform" the racial profiles of their workforce to the racial profile for their region as provided by the census data.

          Your government is busily building a national racial profile for each and every job, occupation, and industrial classification.  (See especially Dept. of Labor).   The government is using census racial data to do this, combined with intrusions into private employers’ records.  When the census asks for your race, your occupation, AND your income it is racially profiling you and it is racially profiling your job!

          All of this makes for a powerful and intrusive government "tool" for allocating jobs and employment opportunities based on race.

          The government is also using census data to ensure that local governments enact special programs to ensure that the "right" colors are able to move to the suburbs.   That's right.  The U.S. Agency for Housing and Urban Development (HUD) has the authority to deny federal funds to suburban townships if their local policies (zoning, taxes, etc.) don't actively encourage the correct racial mix of émigrés to the 'burbs.    (See: HUD)

          The same type of census data which was used against the Japanese Americans during WW II continues to be used to racially gerrymander voting districts in order to give disproportionate voting power to particular, government-favored racial groups.  This practice has repeatedly been struck down by the Supreme Court.  (See: Gerrymandering)

          Finally, did you know that census race data are widely used to discourage factories and manufacturers from locating in areas of high unemployment?  How is this so?  Bill Clinton's EPA and his Justice Department have teamed up to invent a concept called "Environmental Justice" which metes out severe fines against factories and manufacturers located in largely poor and minority communities.  It didn't take factory owners long to wise up.  Now they routinely avoid building factories in the poorest communities -- those who could most benefit economically -- by using the same census data Clinton uses to penalize them if they do build there.  Only in America, the former land of equal opportunity.

          Thus the Census Bureau -- aided by a coterie of federal acronyms like HUD, DOJ, and DOL -- has become the equivalent of an IRS for the purpose of enforcing political and racial correctness. 

          What YOU can do about Census 2000's divisive emphasis on race is strictly between you and your conscience.

          Personally, I did NOT answer any questions about race, gender, ethnicity, occupation or income.  I received the long form, and I completed only one item:  number of persons residing at my address.  Period.  Census 2000 only got "headcount" information from me.  Just as the framers of the Constitution intended.

-- Tim Fay, Editor

Personal Update July 20, 2000 (Thu):   The Census Bureau sent a follow-up worker to our door today to get us to cooperate.   She showed up at our door this evening at dinner time.  She was wearing all the required Census ID badges.  She started to say "I'm from the Census..."   I cut her off, saying "No Thank You.  Good Bye!" and firmly closed the door.  We could hear her and her paired census worker laughing as they walked down our front steps.  (TF 07/20/00)

Personal Update July 22, 2000 (Sat):   Upon returning to our home from our Saturday shopping chores, we found a notice stuck in our front door today from a lady whom we presume to be the preceding census worker's boss. 

          The pre-printed census note urged us to call her at a local phone number helpfully scribbled on the note.  She had circled a paragraph on the pre-printed note which said, in part, "Your privacy is protected by the law... No one other than Census Bureau Staff can see your form or find out what you tell us -- no other government agency, no court of law, NO ONE."   The pre-printed form also said "I'll stop back in the next day or two."   How long are they going to keep pestering us?

          The pre-printed Census Bureau note also included this helpful bilingual notice:  "La ley protege su privacidad ... Nadie que no sea personal de la Oficina del Censo puede ver su cuestionario o averiguar lo que usted nos informa: ninguna agencia gubernamental, ninquana corte del ley, NADIE."  (TF 07/22/00)

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NEWS UPDATE:   Fri., Apr. 7, 2000 --

          The United States Senate approved a resolution on Friday urging "that no American will be prosecuted, fined or in any way harassed by the federal government" for refusing to answer racial questions and other intrusive questions on the Census 2000 form.

          The sponsor of the resolution, U.S. Sen. Robert C. Smith (R-N.H.), said that asking people to define themselves in racial terms "divides us rather than unites us".  The Washington Post reported that Sen. Smith would like to eliminate racial questions and certain other intrusive questions from the Census altogether and use the census solely to apportion congressional seats among the states -- without regard to race.

          Many other U.S. Senators report that they have been inundated with complaints about the questions on the form.

          Even Census Director Kenneth Prewitt, in an appearance on C-SPAN in March of this year, said he recommends that Census Bureau NOT levy the $100 fine for failing to complete the form.

          Maybe the U.S. Citizens have finally grown tired of being racially profiled by their own government!  Perhaps this will be the Census that ends the use of racial data for doling out (redistributing) your tax dollars to government-defined, favored racial groups.  -- Editor.

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END Editorial: Census 2000 Creates National Racial Profile

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