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North Dakota thru South Dakota:   News Articles about Reverse Discrimination against Police, Fire, and Municipal Employees.

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(5) North Dakota thru South Dakota:
Police, Fire, Municipal Employment
Last Updated October 06, 2005
See Especially:  Black Race Riots in Cincinnati (04/12/01)

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Pennsylvania (Philadelphia):
Fire Department: Racial Quotas, Dumbed Down Tests (6/3/03)

Adversity.Net Case Study -- The Philadelphia Fire Department has been saddled with a racial quota for 30 years.   They've done everything to comply with the Court Order: they've removed critical skills from their entrance exam so more blacks can pass the test.  They still must hire from some of the worst test performers in order to meet their quota.  And still the Court won't remove the quota order.  Web posted 6/3/03.

Adversity.Net Link:  http://www.adversity.net/philly/default.htm

Pennsylvania (Philadelphia):
Minorities Say:  'Phila. Police are Now Integrated; Stop Federal Interference' (dead link)

          The Phila. police have had to hire "racial quotas" since 1973, but minorities now claim "the police force is sufficiently integrated; please end the court interference in Phila. Police affairs!"   (Philadelphia OnLine 10/24/98)
[former link*

Pennsylvania (Philadelphia):  Related Story - Police Racial Quotas Don't Work! (dead)
         "This is a dumbed-down quota system of hiring black officers whether they are qualified or not" columnist Dan Gerlinger writes about the Philadelphia police department's failed racial quota system.      Qualified white candidates are told bluntly "you're the wrong color", and qualified black applicants are never hired!  (Philadelphia Daily News 11/12/98)
[former link *http://www.phillynews.com/daily_news/98/Nov/12/local/GERI12.htm]


Pennsylvania (Pittsburgh):
City must pay for police NOT hiring white men (10/20/99)

          "The city of Pittsburgh has lost its appeal of a federal court ruling that nine white men were denied police jobs in 1992 because of their skin color.

          "Michael Hopp and eight others had filed suit against the city and its Civil Service Commission, charging they were denied jobs in order to make room for minority candidates.

          "The 3rd U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals Thursday upheld a lower court jury verdict reached last year, awarding the plaintiffs $427,573 in back pay and ordering that they be hired.

          "With lost salaries, legal fees and interest added, the city now owes the men more than $880,000, their attorney, Samuel J. Cordes, said Tuesday. ... The other plaintiffs are Lawrence T. Skinger, Charles S. Knox, John E. Shamlin, Joseph M. Dinnien and Harry R. Lutton."   (Tribune-Review, Pittsburgh News 10/20/99 by Christopher Zurawsky)
[link http://triblive.com/news/phopp1020.html ]


Pennsylvania (Pittsburgh):
9 White Pittsburgh Police Applicants Rejected for Racial Reasons (06/04/98)

          Nine applicants to the Pittsburgh police department passed the written exam, but were "weeded out" during the oral exam for being white, alleges their attorney.  (Post-Gazette 6/4/98)
http://www.post-gazette.com/regionstate/19980604bhopp6.asp ]


Pennsylvania (Woodbury):
Judge rejects argument that NAACP grand juror had bias (05/01/99)

          "Without disclosing whether an NAACP official was a member of the Gloucester County grand jury that indicted two white police officers last August, Superior Court Judge Joseph F. Lisa yesterday ruled that membership in such an organization does not disqualify a person from serving on a panel that is confronted with a racial-bias case.  Defense lawyer John C. Eastlack Jr. had contended that Irene Hill-Smith, a longtime NAACP official, participated in protests against the two officers, who are charged with shooting at five black teenagers. He argued that such participation would have made Hill-Smith an inappropriate member of the grand jury and criticized Assistant Prosecutor George H. Gangloff Jr. for not bringing her alleged involvement to the attention of the assignment judge. 

          "[Judge Joseph F.] Lisa rejected the motion, upholding the indictment against former East Greenwich police offers Steven Thayer, 26, of West Deptford, and Ferdinando "Fred" Gismondi, 28, of National Park, and set a tentative trial date for June 25. They are charged with aggravated assault, possession of a weapon for unlawful purposes, making terroristic threats, bias harassment, and bias simple assault. Lisa also rejected a motion to dismiss two bias charges.

          "[Defense lawyer] Eastlack said during a court hearing Feb. 19 that he had reason to believe that [NAACP activist Irene Hill-Smith] was a member of the grand jury that indicted Thayer and Gismondi.   He has declined to disclose his source, citing attorney-client privilege.  The names of grand-jury members are kept secret.  Since then, Hill-Smith, 73, has refused to say whether she served on the grand jury.  She wasn't available for comment yesterday.  [Judge] Lisa refused to speculate on grand-jury members in court and cautioned the lawyers not to refer to possible members by name.  Lisa acknowledged that several news reports had named a possible grand-jury member, referring to that person as "a leader of the NAACP who served with county and state chapters for 35 years."

          "[Defense lawyer] Eastlack was supported in his motion by Gismondi's lawyers, James H. Waller and David W. Sufrin. But Lisa said the motion essentially asked him to rule on "a supposition, tantamount to speculation." Was Hill-Smith a member of the grand jury? Lisa said he knew, but wouldn't say one way or the other.  (Philadelphia Inquirer, 05/01/99 by Eddie Olsen)
[link http://www.phillynews.com/inquirer/99/May/01/sj/JURY01.htm ]

Rhode Island (Providence):
Physical Fitness Test May Replace Racial Test for RI Firefighters! (no link)

          Rhode Island fire officials hope that a new, statewide physical test for firefighters may help reduce charges of racial discrimination.  Firefighter applicants will have to be able to haul 50 pounds of fire hose up and down a stairwell, among other "race-neutral" tests.   (MSNBC posted 10/9/98)
[former link: *http://www.msnbc.com/local/WJAR/92991.asp)

South Carolina (Chester):
Chester Police Dept. is Paralyzed by Quotas (11/17/98)

          Half the city council is white, and they refused to vote or participate in the hiring of the 2nd black police chief in only four months!  The first black police chief, hired four months ago, was forced to resign.  Racial quotas and racial politics have divided this South Carolina city council and have left the citizens without a qualified police chief.  (The Herald (Rock Hill, SC) 11/17/98)
http://www.heraldonline.com/community/story/0,1325,51461,00.html ]

South Carolina (Sumter):
Police Officer Charges Racial Preference - Forced to Retire

          Adversity.Net (Horror Stories, Case 2, this site):  Former Sumter, SC officer was a 20 year police veteran.  He has filed numerous complaints about reverse discrimination in his department, and was rewarded by being forced to retire.  On Nov. 18, 1998 he filed a civil lawsuit against the City of Sumter and key personnel.
[link: temporarily unavailable]

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