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Only an informed citizenry can fight for equal justice under the law without regard to race, gender or ethnicity.  Here are the latest important stories about racial preferences, quotas and reverse discrimination.


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U of Michigan Quotas Rule!  The U.S. Supreme Court ruled that colleges and universities CAN discriminate against white and Asian student applicants.  (06-23-03)

Benton Harbor Michigan Race Riots:   Black residents of poverty-stricken Michigan town destroy their own homes because a black drug dealer had a fatal motorcycle accident while fleeing police.  Jesse "Just Me" Jackson and the other usual suspects fan the flames of racial distrust.  (06-20-03)

Philadelphia Fire Dept. Racial QuotasPhilly firefighters have gone public with their fight against racial hiring quotas!  For 30 years the Philly FD has had to dumb down its tests and hire from among the lowest scoring applicants to meet its racial quota. 

          Today, they are proud to announce their new chapter of the Concerned American Firefighters Association (CAFFA).  

          Visit their web site at (opens new window).  (Link posted 09-18-04)

          See also Adversity.Net Case 34: Philly Fire Racial Quotas.

I-200 Washington State:  Gov. Gary Locke is trying to "tweak" I-200 to reintroduce racial quotas.  (Updated 01-26-04)  (Postscript: His efforts were unsuccessful, but this posting reveals the extent to which the pro-racial-quota forces will go to try to subvert the U.S. Constitution.)

Suffolk County, NY Police Exam:  U.S. Dept. of Justice pleads with appeals court to allow manipulation of test scores to keep too many whites from being hired.  (Updated and expanded 01-02-04)

Rush Limbaugh:  News Media Pay Special Attention to Black Athletes!  Conservative talk show host Rush Limbaugh was fired from his job as an ESPN sports commentator because he said that black NFL players receive special attention from the media.  Posted Oct. 2, 3003.

KodaQuotas: Kodak's Aggressive Elimination of Non-Minority Employees!  The Rochester, NY - based photo giant touts a "Winning and Inclusive Culture" which discriminates against white, hetero, Christains.  Posted July 21, 2003.

Ward Connerly Announces the Michigan Civil Rights Initiative!   On July 8, 2003, Ward Connerly announced the Michigan Civil Rights Initiative which will allow Michigan voters to prohibit the state from using race and ethnicity in state employment, contracting and college admissions.  This will effectively neutralize the Supreme Court's 6/23/03 ruling in favor of University of Michigan racial quotas.  (Updated 01-26-04)

U.S. Supreme Court Supports Racial Quotas!  On June 23, 2003 the U.S. Supremes issued their rulings in two cases related to the use of racial quotas by the University of Michigan.  The High Court struck down "obvious" racial quotas as employed by the U of M undergraduate school, but the Supremes also supported "subtle" racial quotas as practiced by the U of M law school.

Benton Harbor Michigan Race Riots.  Black drug dealer speeds to elude police, crashes his motorcycle and dies.  Black residents respond by burning down their homes and businesses.  CBS, ABC, NBC, CNN all suppress the news that (1) the rioters are black; and (2) the "victim" was a known criminal with a long record.  (June 21, 2003)

OPM 2003 Minority Hiring Report.  Official Federal employment figures reveal excessive overhiring of selected minorities.  Third annual review of fed affirmative action by Adversity.Net (May 2003)

Philadelphia Fire Department Quotas.  The Philly FD has had to dumb down its tests and hire from among the lowest scoring applicants to meet its racial quota (June 2003). (Updated Dec. 2003)

Boeing Reverse Discrimination.  Aerospace giant spends $1.3 billion on minority programs; official policy aggressively favors selected minorities and women. (Mar. 2003)

Jessica Haak v. Rochester Schools.  10 yr. old Jessica Haak was denied the right to transfer to another school because she was white.   Adversity.Net Case 32.  (Mar. 2003)

We're ALL Black (according to geneticists).  Linda Beckerman, Ph.D. cites the latest research which shows that ALL humans' genes are the same as Black African Genes.  (Nov. 2002)

University of Michigan Quotas: U.S. Supreme Court.  The U.S. Supreme Court will hear arguments against the University of Michigan's racial criteria for admitting students to its school.  (12-0-7-02)

26 Worst Universities for Non-Blacks.   The Journal of Blacks in Higher Education surveyed 26 top universities to determine how aggressively the schools enforce racial quotas.  (11-12-02)

Seattle School Racial Quotas On Again, Off Again, in State Supreme Court.  Seattle school officials and parent groups argued before the Washington State Supreme Court last week about the legality of assigning students to schools based on race.  Washington's I-200 in 1998 banned the use of race for such things as school assignments.  Ruling expected by the end of 2002.  (10-25-02)

Black Pentagon Officials Arrested for Racial Setaside Corruption and KickBacks.  Robert L. Neal is black, he was appointed by Clinton to administer racial quotas in Pentagon contracting.  He and his assistant have been arrested for corruption, money laundering, and other criminal activities.  (10-19-02)

Eight South Carolina Parents DEFEND race-based school assignments.  The NAACP encouraged these eight parents to fight for skin-color-sensitive school assignments.  (10-16-02)

Bridgeport, Connecticut Firefighters MUST be minorities!  Bridgeport, Connecticut officials admit that firefighter applicants must be the correct skin color.  (10-15-02)

White-Owned Houston Highway Contractor Profits from Racial Quotas!  Williams Brothers in Houston -- owned by a white man -- nonetheless finds a way to profit from reverse discrimination and racial quotas.   (09-29-02)

HUD Employee Larry Price WINS Reverse Discrimination Claim!  White HUD employee Larry Price's evidence of reverse discrimination by HUD was so good that they settled in Jan. 2002 without going to court. (09-25-02)

HUD Faces Class Action Lawsuit for Reverse Discrimination!  The Center for Individual Rights has filed a class action against HUD and the EEOC for racial discrimination against white males.   (08-11-02)

Female Combat Pilot Promoted for Diversity, Not Ability!  Former Navy Lt. Carey Dunai Lohrenz flunked off her carrier.  But her deceased shipmate may have died because of her diversity promotion. (08-21-02)

City Set Asides:   Charlotte, North Carolina Forced to Abandon Racial Quotas!  The Southeastern Legal Foundation has obtained a legal ruling directing the city of Charlotte, NC to abandon its illegal use of race and ethnicity in the assignment of government contracts.  (03-13-02)

16 Columbus Cops Sue for Reverse Discrimination.  Black Columbus police chief Jackson allegedly hands out promotions to "his own".  (09-12-02)

California May REQUIRE Public Race Reporting by All Employers!  Calif. Gov. Gray Davis is considering a law which would require all California employers to publicly disclose the percentage of "protected minorities" which their firms employ!  (09-04-02)

Female Diversity Pilots a Danger to Navy, Themselves:  Former Navy Lt. Mrs. Carey Dunai Lohrenz got her wings for "diversity", and was flunked off her carrier.  Her shipmate, Lt. Kara Hultgreen, paid with her life for her "diversity wings".  (08-21-02)

Liberal Research: Impact of Affirmative Action on Whites:  University of Maryland researcher interviews victims of reverse discrimination; concludes that racial quotas are a good thing. (8-16-02)

HUD Sued for Reverse Discrimination:  White employees are routinely denied promotions so the agency can, for example, hire 382.9% more blacks than in the civilian work force.   Class Action Lawsuit.  8-11-02

Rock Hill, South Carolina Parents Sue Over Racial School Assignments:  White parents object to racial and "diversity" assignment of students.  (4th U.S. Circuit, Richmond, VA) 7-31-02

U.S. General Services Administration (GSA) LAWSUIT:  If you work for GSA you should be especially interested in this special report.  Updated 12-9-03

Feds Admit OVER Hiring Protected Minorities(Archival, Older) U.S. Office of Personnel Management has released the FY 2000 "racial hiring" report.  Blacks in some agencies were over hired by 250% or more!  7-23-02  [For newer data, see FY 2001 data at fed_stats/OPM2003/opm2003_MainFrame.htm ]

Racial Privacy Initiative:   California Secretary of State approves the Racial Privacy Initiative for the March, 2004 primary ballot in California.  7-15-02

Argonne National Laboratory (Dept. of Energy):   Seven DOE employees have been waging a reverse discrimination lawsuit for the past five years.  DOE's minority hiring stats clearly show preference.  7-22-02

Prince Georges County, Maryland:   Majority black county denies equal opportunity to white school children -- 07-07-02

Delta Community College (Michigan): White male professor Stephen Buszek awarded $1.5 million for reverse discrimination -- 06-14-02

McDonald's Corporation Sued for Reverse Discrimination -- 05-28-02

White Chicago Firefighters Win Reverse Discrimination Lawsuit! -- 05-18-02

John Ashcroft's DOJ Imposes Race-Counting on Cincinnati Police -- 04-12-02

University of Washington Racial Quotas ON TRIAL! -- 04-18-02

"The Hartford 9" Firefighters WIN Reverse Discrimination Lawsuit -- 04-12-02

Federal Judge: Army's Racial Preferences UNCONSTITUTIONAL -- 03-05-02

Adversity.Net WINS Tax-Exempt Status 501(c)(3) -- 1-31-02

Mars Candy Guilty of Race-Based Retaliation -- April 2001

Supreme Court Says North Carolina CAN Racially Gerrymander! -- 04-19-01

Reparations for Slavery Based on False Logic -- 06/14/01

White Michigan Teacher WINS reverse gender discrimination suit! -- 04/30/01

Augusta, Georgia Firefighters File Reverse Discrimination Suit -- 05/03/01
Augusta Fire Chief Ronnie Few flees GA problems, comes to DC.

Chicago Police File Reverse Discrimination Suit -- 04/13/01

North Carolina Racial Gerrymandering ALLOWED by US Supreme Court -- 04/19/01

Cincinnati Race Riots:  Black terrorists brutalizing whites, burning city! -- 04/12/01

Boston Massachusetts Firefighters Sue Over Reverse Discrimination -- 04/11/01

Forced Diversity Has NO Educational Benefit!  (NAS Study) -- 04/04/01

DC Police Racist E-mails:  "I feel like punching whitey today!" -- 04/10/01

U Michigan Law School Quotas Ruled Unconstitutional -- 03/27/01

Georgia Quotas Ruled Illegal -- Webster Green Thumb landscapers v. Fulton County, Georgia (03/26/01)

Denver Quotas Ruled Illegal -- Concrete Works v. Denver (03/07/01)

Racial Profiling ala George W. Bush (03/12/01)

Anti-Reparations Newspaper Ad Censored -- Racial McCarthyism 2001! (03/10/01)

George W. Bush's Census Bureau Says NO to Statistical Sampling (03/02/01)

IRS Prohibits Adversity.Net's Colorblind Mission (02/23/01)

Charlotte-Mecklengburg: Ghost of Bill Lann Lee?  Forced Busing.  Will George W. Bush's Attorney General, John Ashcroft, eliminate discriminatory preferences and forced busing? (02/26/01)

Coca Cola becomes Quota Cola; Coke caves in to Racial Extortion (2/09/00)

University of Michigan Quotas Illegal!  Sort of... (12/19/00)

HUGE Victory for Proposition 209 in California!  (11/30/00)

Did Florida allow 3,750 convicted felons to illegally vote for Gore? (12/1/00)

NJ Police Used Federal Guidelines, DEA Race Profiles to Bust Dealers, Others (11/29/00)

New Case Study: Big 3 Automakers Exclude White-Owned Suppliers (per SBA agreement) (11/23/00)

Harvard lawyer + Johnny Cochran to Sue for Reparations (11/04/00)

DOT: FayComm Denied Contracts because Owner is White (10/28/00)

SBA: Clinton Orders MORE Quotas for Minorities (10/06/00)

HUD's Cuomo Punishes Inspector General for Auditing Corrupt Practices of Black Mayors (10/18/00)

Northern Arizona University Faculty LOSE Reverse Discrimination Case (12/20/00)

LA Police:  DOJ Stats Show Some Races DO Commit More Crimes (10/18/00)

EPA Sued by Racial Special Interests (10/14/00)

Atlanta's Mayor Bill Campbell: Black, Paranoid, Corrupt, and Power Hungry (10/05/00)

Atlanta Quota Critic Silenced by Democratic Sting Operation (10/06/00)

Study Shows Maryland Colleges and Universities Impose Racial Preferences (09/27/00)

Bogus Chicago Racial Testers LOSE Lawsuit (09/18/00)

San Francisco FBI probe and Racial Quota Lawsuit (09/17/00)

Immigration and High-Tech Worker Visas (09/17/00)

Military and Armed Forces Sued Over Quotas (09/17/00)

Dumb Cops Required in New London, Connecticut (09/17/00)

Atlanta Racial Set-Asides Under Federal Investigation:   Atlanta's black mayor, Bill Campbell, and his black henchmen are under federal investigation for bribery, for using fake "pass-through" minority contractors, and a host of other offenses relating to the lax controls and oversight which are characteristic of many minority set-aside programs.

          Campbell's divisive racial power base may be crumbling under the intense light of this ongoing federal investigation into Campbell's corrupt use of racial set-aside programs to advance his political aims.   Campbell's officials are resigning and pleading guilty to corruption, bribery, and falsification of minority invoices.

See Adversity.Net Special Report at:

Fresno State University: Reverse Discrimination Suit Wins!  "A jury on Friday [Aug. 11, 2000] awarded three men more than $4 million because of racial and reverse discrimination they endured while employed with the police department at California State University, Fresno.

          "Former employees Steven King and Daniel Horsford and current Fresno State Sgt. Richard Snow each were awarded more than $1 million for the preferential treatment they claimed the university gave to African-Americans over whites."

Florida Police Dept. Loses Reverse Discrimination Suit:  An arrogant, racial-quota Hispanic police chief rammed racial quotas down the throats of the Hialeah, FL police department.  Chief Rolando Bolanos accused the officers of insubordination and "anti-authority attitudes".   The white police officers sued for everse discrimination, and they won!  Judge rules in favor of white officers Aug. 8, 2000.

Clinton defies GOP - Appoints Bill Lann Lee:  In 1997 Clinton had to sneak Mr. Lee into the Office of Civil Rights as an "acting" appointment while Congress was on recess.  Almost 3 years later, in the face of continued Congressional opposition, Clinton removed "acting" from Lee's title during the Republican Convention on Aug 3, 2000.  Sen. Orrin Hatch said Clinton was "intent on dividing our people rather than uniting us for the common good."

U.S. Small Business Administration:  The SBA has ruled that large government contracts have a "disparate impact" on preferred minorities and women.  New SBA rules make it even more difficult for federal agencies to award large contracts to qualified white, male-owned businesses.  (Posted 07/31/00)

University of Georgia Racial Quotas are Banned!  On Monday, July 24, 2000 U.S. District Judge B. Avant Edenfield ruled that UGA's use of racial preferences in admissions were unconstitutional. 

          The judge's ruling followed several years of intransigient posturing by UGA administrators that "a diverse student population is necessary and desirable."  (Posted 07/27/00)

Fulton County, Georgia Quotas are Banned!  On Wednesday July 19, 2000 the 11th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals upheld a lower court's ban on Fulton County's racial set-aside programs.   Atlanta's quota schemes should fall next since their program is based on the same statistics as Fulton County's set-asides.  (07/20/00)

Florida Supreme Court: Quotas OK, Equality is Not!  On July 13, 2000 the Florida Supreme Court ruled against the Florida Civil Rights Initiative (FCRI) saying, in essence, that ballot language about ending preferences is misleading.  But all 7 Justices were appointed by Democratic Governors, and all 7 have strong ties to political organizations such as the NAACP and the Urban League.  This Court is not objective!

          This Adversity.Net Special Report examines the politics of the Florida Supreme Court.  (Posted 07/13/00)

Redskins Stadium is Model of Racial Corruption  On Sunday, July 9, 2000 the Washington Post exposed the racial cronyism and influence peddling of black Prince Georges County, Maryland county executive Wayne Curry in getting the Redskins Stadium built.

          This Adversity.Net Special Report analyzes this seamy side of racial quotas run amok.  (Updated 07/09/00)
[link ]

NCAA Academic Standards Cause Disparate Impact?  The Clinton Department of Education is intent upon eliminating the National Collegiate Athletic Association's use of grades and test scores to determine player eligibility.  The U.S. Dept. of Ed issued new rules May 5, 2000 which would make NCAA -- and anyone in higher education -- guilty of racial discrimination if they use test scores as a basis for admissions.

          Adversity.Net Special Report includes legal wrangling, complete text of court's original ruling against NCAA, extensive collection of news stories and links.  (Updated 06/19/00)
[link ]

Reparations?  Are you kidding?  135 years after the end of slavery, and more especially after 36 years of racial quotas and preferences, the black "civil rights" community wants $777 trillion dollars.  Nice work if you can get it.

          Adversity.Net Special Report presents historical background and facts, plus many news reports and links.
[link ]

D.O.J. Forces Maryland to Racially Profile Motorists!  The U.S. Department of Justice investigated the Montgomery County, Maryland police department for 3 years -- from 1996 to 1999 -- and by DOJ's own admission they could find NO evidence of racial disrimination by county police.  Dissatisfied with that result, DOJ threatened the county with years of continued legal harassment unless the county signed a consent decree in which they agreed to racially profile all citizens stopped for traffic violations, and agreed to report the racial profiles to the Justice Department. 

          Adversity.Net examines the remarkably biased efforts of the U.S. Justice Department to create evidence of racial discrimination where none exists.  (Posted 06/24/00)

Racial Testers: Fake Applicants Can NOT Sue for Discrimination  On Sept. 15, 2000, a Federal Jury in Chicago ruled against fake racial testers who had attempted to prove that JK Guardian Security Services had engaged in racial discrimination simply because it hired a "non-minority" for the job.  The 7th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals had previously overturned a lower-court decision that threw out such a lawsuit on grounds that two such testers had no standing to sue because they didn't want the job for which they applied.

          The practice is controversial, and many juries feel that this practice contsitutes illegal
entrapment rather than racial discrimination. Nonetheless, the boundless legal resources of the federal government (funded by your taxes) continue to prosecute these bogus cases of racial discrimination.  (Updated 09/18/00)


Sacramento Utility Defies Prop. 209:  The Sacramento Municipal Utility District (SMUD) doesn't believe that California Proposition 209 applies to them.  They continue to offer race-based and gender-based contract awards, excluding white male-owned firms, in spite of the law.  The Pacific Legal Foundation has sued SMUD, and has asked a judge to direct the Sacramento utility to abandon its race-based policies in light of the law.  (Posted 06/27/00)
[link\smud_plf_0.htm ]

U.S. Dept. of Labor Mandatory Racial Profiles:  Your very own Labor Department is sending out 60,000 intrusive racial surveys to federal contractors.   The purpose? Make 'em hire the right colors by the numbers!  Labor Secretary Alexis Herman has enjoyed the U.S. legal systems presumption of innocence until proven guilty during criminal investigation into her shady activities, but she does not feel federal contractors deserve such frivolities as due process.

EEOC Supports Illegal Immigrants!   On October 26, 1999 the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission announced that it will extend the full force of its regulatory muscle to protecting undocumented, illegal workers in the U.S.  The Latina Chairwoman of the EEOC, Ida L. Castro, made the announcement in Chicago to a Chinese-Immigrant group who defends illegal aliens in this country.

          Ms. Castro refers to illegal immigrants as victims of "national origin discrimination".  Perhaps, but they are also criminals:  they are illegal aliens, they are undocumented workers, they are in our country illegally, they are violating our laws, they don't pay taxes, and they don't vote.  But they do take jobs from U.S. citizens and from legal immigrants.   As a matter of policy, EEOC also refuses to turn over the names of these illegal foreign nationals to our immigration authorities.

          If one can work illegally in this country without fear of reprisal -- indeed, with the backing of a powerful government agency -- what motivation would one have to go to the trouble of becoming a productive, tax-paying, law-abiding citizen?

See EEOC Supports Illegal Immigrants 10/26/99

Georgia Racial Quotas Under BIG Attack!  The City of Atlanta, the University of Georgia, and Fulton County are ALL in court over racial quotas and set-asides.   This collection presents analysis and news about all of these important struggles for color-blind, gender-blind justice in Georgia.  Includes introductory analysis excerpted from an excellent report by Jonathan Ringel of The Fulton County Daily Report.

See Georgia Racial Quotas Collection (requires frames)

Dueling Racial Profiles!  Special Adversity.Net Collection and Index.

          An article by Roger Clegg, VP and General Counsel for the Center for Equal Opportunity, leads off this intriguing collection by asking:  "Why is it bad for a police department to classify people based on race or ethnicity when it's deciding whom to stop, but not when it's deciding whom to hire?"

See Racial Profiling Collection (requires frames)

Maryland Rejects Racial Quotas in Education!  On Oct. 6, 1999, the 4th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals ruled that Montgomery County, Maryland may NOT use racial criteria in assigning students to specific county schools.

See:  Court Overturns Maryland Education Quotas.
[link ]

Bill Gates Gives $1 Billion ONLY for Non-Whites!  The richest man in the world apparently has cut a deal with Clinton's Justice Department -- Let Microsoft off the hook for anti-competitive practices, and Microsoft will support Clinton's anti-white, pro-minority quota programs.

          Thus, On Sept. 16, 1999 Bill Gates announced that he is using his "monopoly money" to grant $1 billion in scholarship aid for anyone BUT white students.  (Updated Fri., Oct. 15, 1999)

See:  Microsoft Educates ONLY Minorities.

New Book:  Hating Whitey and Other Progressive Causes by David Horowitz.  In his usual, in-your-face style, Horowitz roundly condemns the burgeoning dual industries of hating whites, and reverse discrimination.

See:  Book Reviews
[link ]

University of Virginia Under Fire for Racial Quota Admissions.  Even the Commonwealth of Virginia, well south of the Mason-Dixon line, is scrambling to justify race-based admissions policies.  Under fire from race-blind justice forces, university officials issue more "racially sensitive" mumbo jumbo.

See:  University of Virginia
[link ]

Is It Illegal To Criticize Affirmative Action in Chicago?   (Special Free Speech / 1st Amendment Section).

          The Chicago City Colleges' Board of Trustees thinks so -- and it has sued a teachers' union for allowing such "hate speech" (the Board's words) in its newsletter. A decision just published by the Chicago Commission on Human Relations tells the story.  Apparently, satire and sarcasm directed at affirmative action is NOT protected speech!

See:  Free Speech and Quotas -- Chicago Doesn't Permit Free Speech! (09/03/99)

See Also:  Ebonics Jokes Not Allowed -- EEOC has not sense of humor!

Military Reverse Discrimination:  Updated 06/13/00.  Several important reverse discrimination cases are working their way through the courts.  Daylight may be flooding into the military's personnel policies; quotas may be on their way out.  Or quotas may just become better hidden in the military under the guise of "goals".

See Military News -- []

U.S. Small Business Administration -- New Attack on European Americans!  On Thursday, August 19, 1999, the pro-minority administrator of the U.S. SBA (Aida Alvarez) announced a new assault on color-blind justice.  Ms. Alvarez's SBA entered into agreements with three racially-biased, anti-white organizations to exclude white males from federal contracting business.  The three SBA-favored anti-white organizations signing this agreement were:  The National Council of Negro Women, The National Association of Black Accountants, and the pro-minority Phelps Stokes Fund. 

See Story at:  Small Business Administration -- [ ]

IRS Harasses Clinton's Political Foes:   The IRS under the Clinton administration has been busily harassing and attacking conservative, non-profit educational foundations, including several who directly oppose racial and gender quotas and preferences.  Other educational foundations who have incurred the wrath of Clinton's IRS include those which supply educational materials analyzing the faults inherent in Clinton's social, economic, and foreign policies.  Based upon Washington Times and the Landmark Legal Foundation.

See story at:

FBI Raids Corrupt Set-Aside Office in San Francisco:   In the tradition of former Washington, DC Marion Barry, San Francisco's racial quota program is as corrupt as the day is long!  According to the FBI, SF Mayor Willie Brown is apparently running a good old boys network from which he receives many economic and policital benefits.  So do Brown's supporters. 

          On Friday, July 30, 1999 FBI agents seized the records of the San Francisco Human Rights Commission in order to investigate illegal cronyism, corruption, favoritism, and illegal reverse discrimination by the city's mayor and his associates who used the San Francisco quota office to award "minority set-aside contracts" to political friends.

See stories at: (updated 08/08/99)

Department of Education:   New assault on on race-blind equality in education, courtesy of the U.S. Department of Education’s Office of Civil Rights. 

          In June 1999, the Dept. of Ed issued new racial "guidelines" stating that standardized test scores, such as the SAT and ACT, are presumed to be racist (anti-minority) unless each, individual educational institution which dares to use these tests for student admissions can prove they are NOT racist!  See Link:   (Related story:  see DOJ, below.)

Department of (Racial) Injustice (DOJ):   Good old boy Bill Lann Lee and his cowboys (and cowgirls, or "cow-persons") at the U.S. Department of Justice Office of Civil Rights are REALLY mad at Texas!  The U.S. DOJ felt compelled to issue "guidelines" granting Texas school administrators the power to ignore Texas’ anti-quota legislation as well as the important, landmark legal precedent established in Hopwood, et al.

          DOJ "ruled" (meaning: they unilaterally dictated) that if minority students perform less well on average in standardized test scores--as they often do--then those tests cannot be used in determining college admissions in either public or private institutions.  See Link:

Older Stories
Fading, But Not Forgotten:

Denver Sued Over Quotas - Again:  The Supreme Court ruled in Adarand Constructors v. Pena (1995) that the Denver contractor, Adarand Constructors, had been unfairly discriminated against by government racial quota and preferences in government contracting.  The Adarand decision declared 99% of all gov't racial goals to be unconstitutional.  BUT that's not good enough for Denver!  Denver persists in awarding unconstitutional racial preferences in contracting, and Denver contractor Brighton Concrete Works has taken the city to task - again - in court - costing both sides close to $500,000 so far!  See Denver Sued Again (and Again)! (For related background - see also:  Denver Witch Hunt Against White Contractors.)

Texas DOT Sued Over Quotas - Again:  Robert Kossman's erosion control company has repeatedly lost subcontracts to minority-owned businesses, even when his company submitted the lowest bid.  He is asking U.S. District Judge David Hittner to declare the program unconstitutional under the Equal Protection clause of the 14th Amendment.   See: Texas DOT Sued Over Quotas.

Supreme Court Stands Up to Racial Lobby:  The Supreme Court has resisted racial intimidation by the Black Congressional Caucus and the NAACP.  Chief Justice Rehnquist told them point blank that he would gladly interview qualified law school grads, regardless of their skin color, if only the law schools would supply them!  See: Legal News: Supreme Court.

Banking, Home Loans, Mortgages, Wall Street:  For several years, Jesse Jackson has been quietly and effectively extorting Wall Street firms into earmarking vast sums of capital for use by minority-owned firms through Jackson's "Wall Street Project".  See Banking, Housing, Mortgages, Wall Street.


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U.S. DOJ Forces MD County to Racially Profile Motorists!  On Jan. 14, 2000 the U.S. Dept. of Justice forced Montgomery County Police to agree to racially profile all motorists stopped for traffic infractions.  (Posted 06/24/00)
Census 2000:  Should you refuse to fill out the race / ethnicity section?   Can a citizens revolt prevent reverse discrimination by the government?  (Updated 03/04/99)
U.S. Civil Rights Commission Attacks Racial Equality!  On April 11, 2000 the U.S. Civil Rights Commission launched a public campaign opposing equal treatment under the law without regard to race, gender or ethnicity.  (Posted 04/13/00)
U.S. Dept. of Labor DEMANDS Racial Profiles:  Your very own Labor Department is sending out 60,000 intrusive racial surveys to federal contractors.  The purpose? Make 'em hire the right colors by the numbers!  (Posted 04/14/00)
SAT, ACT Tests Declared Racist:  The U.S. Dept. of Education and the U.S. DOJ both have declared war on the use of standardized tests for school admissions!   Burden is on schools to prove the use of such tests is not racist!  (Adversity.Net SPECIAL COLLECTION; requires FRAMES.)

SPECIAL:   Dirty Racial Politics --  (Parts 1, 2 and 3) These three related stories clearly illustrate how the Dept. of Justice, the NAACP, and the EEOC work together to intimidate large corporations into supporting racial quotas and into punishing employees who speak out against quotas.  Texaco, Paine Webber, and the Houston Initiative!  (Adversity.Net SPECIAL COLLECTION; requires FRAMES.)

Racial Gerrymandering:   Repeatedly ruled unconstitutional by Supreme Court, but it continues!  (Updated 10/13/99)   
U.S. Dept. of Transportation:  Government's Racial Quota Hammer.  Massive set-aside machine.  Special report.   (Posted 01-18-99)

Oldies but Goodies:

Niggardly Controversy:   Non-racist, English word gets white DC staffer in hot water!  (Updated 02-05-99)
New Head of EEOC:  Who is Ida L. Castro?   Can she be un-biased toward non-minorities? (Posted 12-15-98)
Sharon Taxman:  NAACP Bribes NJ School Teacher to Drop Supreme Court Case! (Adversity.Net Classic!)
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