Numerical Listing of Stories and Case Studies:  The social and economic costs of racial quotas and preferences upon real individuals are enormous!  These well-documented cases are only the tip of the iceberg.

Racial quotas and preferences take a huge toll on real people.

June 14, 2006:  Official Gov't Data Shows Excessive Overhiring of Minorities.  See Full Report
July 3, 2003:  KODAK - If you're not a preferred minority, Kodak won't do business with you! See Full Story.

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Case 52 Austin, Texas:   White Male Officer Files Reverse Discrimination Lawsuit -- Austin police commander Harold Piatt is tired of being passed over for promotiion because he is white.   He filed a lawsuit against the Austin Police on June 26, 2007.
Case 51 Los Angeles, California:  White Male WINS Reverse Discrimination Lawsuit -- LA Fire Captain Frank Lima made the mistake of holding a female recruit to the same standards as male recruits.  He was punished for his fairness, he sued, and he won $3.75 million for reverse discrimination and retaliation. (06-13-07)
Case 50 New Haven, Connecticut:  Reverse Discrimination Against Firefighters -- New Haven refuses to promote the mostly white top scoring firefighters on the unbiased, race-neutral promotional exams for Captain and Lieutenant.  City is being sued for reverse discrimination. (12-11-06)
Case 49 Dayton, Ohio Police Reverse Discrimination -- The City of Dayton learned that a chief cannot fire white officers to achieve forced diversity within its ranks.   Barbara Temple (a white officer) was awarded $1.2 million for reverse discrimination by the Dayton PD.
Case 48 Pontiac, Michigan Firefighters -- The City of Pontiac, Michigan has been forced by the U.S. Justice Department to give white firefighters a fair and equal chance for employment within the department.
Case 47 Western States Paving Co. v. Washington State Dept. of Transportation -- Western States Paving Co. successfully sued the Washington State DOT for awarding contracts to higher-cost, minority-owned firms!  This decision by the United States Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit affects all nine states in the circuit, and may have national implications for ending the use of racial quotas and setasides in government contracting.
Case 46 Reverse Discrimination Against White, Philadephia School Workers!  -- On Dec. 20, 2005 a federal jury ruled that four white, male Phila. school workers had been fired because they were white!  $3 Million was awarded for their pain and suffering.
Case 45 U.S. Trademark Office Denies "White Pride" Trademark -- Justin J. Moritz, a retired Minnesota police officer, a Christian, and a white guy decided to test "political incorrectness" by registering a trademark for "white pride country wide".  The U.S. found his trademark "offensive" and denied his application while approving countless other "black", "African", "gay" and other "pride" trademarks.  What is wrong with this picture?
Case 44 Gary Trepanier v. National Amusements!   Gary Trepanier is white, male and 46 years old.  His former, fellow-employee girlfriend "went off" and began threatening him.  National Amusements' feminist investigator fired Gary, but the Court awarded him over $3 Million for wrongful termination!
Case 43 Milwaukee, Wisconsin Police -- Black police chief Arthur Jones hired mostly non-whites and non-males for this police department.  A federal jury found that Jones had engaged in illegal discrimination.  (Posted 06-09-05)
Case 42 Washington Suburban Sanitary Commission, Part 1 -- Retaliation and Reverse Discrimination Case.  The water and sewer authority retaliated against an Asian American supervisor, Dr. Stanley Dea, because he refused to promote less-qualified minorities.  Dr. Dea won his case posthumously -- he died of liver disease during the eight years of litigation. (Posted 11/04/04)
Case 41 Michael C. Ryan v. Norman Y. Mineta (FAA) -- On October 6, 2004 -- after nine years of litigation and hearings, Federal Judge John W. Bissell found that the FAA had, in fact, illegally discriminated against white employee Ryan via the agency's zealous racial-quota hiring and promotion policies.
Case 40 Washington Surbuban Sanitary Commission, Part 2 -- Stupid Racial Politics.  The Washington, DC suburbs almost lost safe drinking water because they could not find a "minority owned" supplier of a critical purification chemical.  (Posted 03/18/04)
Case 39 Chicago Contractors -- The Builders Association successfully sued to end Chicago and Cook County's racial quotas in city contracting.  Also, Duff family receives 30-count indictment for defrauding the quota program.  (Posted 01/15/04)
Case 38 Flint, Michigan Fire Dept. -- Black fire chief referred to white firefighters as "honky" and "white boy".   White firefighter John Linker wins discrimination claim.  (Posted 11/25/03)
Case 37 Boston Fire Dept. -- White Boston firefighters have won the right to employment without racial quotas!  Read this historic legal ruling.
Case 36 United Airlines: the Unfriendly Quota Skies!   United Airlines considers race and ethnicity to be MORE important than pilot skill and qualifications.  Be VERY afraid when you fly United! (In progress 10/28/03)
Case 35 Kodak Racial Quotas: Kodaquotas!  If you are not on Kodak's "Quotamatic" list of preferred minorities then you are out of luck!  (Web posted 7/3/03)
Case 34 Philadelphia Fire Dept. -- If you are white then this fire department cannot hire you!  Quotas at the Philadelphia Fire Department trump ability.
Case 33 Boeing Reverse Discrimination -- Aerospace giant spends $1.3 billion on minority programs; official policy aggressively favors selected minorities and women.
Case 32 Jessica Haak - Rochester, NY -- 10 yr. old girl denied school transfer because she is white.  Jessica's parents sued, Rochester appealed, decision reversed, Jessica's family accepts settlement and moves from area. (Updated 3/15/03)
Case 31 Larry Price (white male) v. HUD.   The U.S. Dept. of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) St. Louis office denied promotions to Larry Price because he is white and male.  Mr. Price won a settlement in Jan. 2002.
Case 30 Stephen Buszek (white male) vs. Delta Community College:  Delta administrators (female) determined that a diversity professor was required, thus denying Stephen Buszek a job for which he was very well qualified.  (6-14-02)
Case 29 McDonald's Reverse Discrimination -- White McDonald's employee John P. FitzGerald sued McD's for denying him promotions, and finally firing him, because he is not a minority!  McD's quota program includes reserved "diversity positions" for which whites need not apply regardless of qualifications!  (05-28-02)
Case 28 Pomonok, NY Public Housing Can't Encourage Working Families to Move in Until Whites Move Out!  Judge rules that "working poor"  families are not allowed in NY public housing until fewer than 30% of the units are occupied by whites!
Case 27 Denver's Contracting Quotas Struck Down -- Mar. 7, 2001.  Concrete Works is white; they submitted the low bid; but Denver racial quotas prevented them from doing business.
Case 26 Coca Cola agrees to be "Quota Cola" -- Coke pays racial lobby over $500 million to settle lawsuit.
Case 25 Chrysler "fires" reliable female-owned supplier because she's not the right color.   SBA forces Big Three automakers to enforce racial quotas in purchases of parts.
Case 24 FayComm vs. U.S. DOT.  Contractor is the wrong color (white) for government work.  White contractor loses $417,417 for being the wrong skin color; black man GETS $417,417 for being the right skin color.
Case 23 Northern Arizona University vs. White Male Teachers:   NAU deliberately excluded 192 white male teachers from pay raises BUT granted pay raises to virtually all female and minority teachers.  A reverse discrimination lawsuit is pending.
Case 22 White Teacher v. Benton Harbor Michigan Schools:  Sandy Atkins is white and according to the school district she cannot be promoted due to her skin color.
Case 21 Suffolk County, NY Police Dept. -- Under the Department of Justice's questionable "disparate-adverse impact" theory, if you are too intelligent or too white, then the Suffolk County Police Department cannot hire you.  (Updated and expanded 01-02-04)
Case 20 INS Fires Disabled Jewish Woman.  In Caryl Leventhal v. Janet Reno; Caryl B. Leventhal worked for the Immigration and Naturalization service (INS).  Caryl is white, she is Jewish, and she has multiple sclerosis.  Black INS employees insulted and discriminated against Ms. Leventhal for her race, religion, and medical condition.  (NEW 06/21/00)
Case 18 PepsiCo Loses Reverse Discrimination Suit.   In Steffes v. PepsiCo,  Patricia Steffes won $2.6 million from the beverage giant for her reverse discrimination claim.  Is this the NEW definition of the Pepsi Generation?  (NEW 08/04/99)
Case 17 Waiter Jeb Bello v. Black Legislator Griffith.  Cranky white (Italian) waiter vs. cranky black, female state politician.   She plays the race card BIG; gets entire state black leadership to write letters; now he can't find work!  (NEW 07/23/99)
Case 16 Diersen vs. U.S. GAO.   U.S. General Accounting Office  discriminates against its older employees, especially those who are white and male!  Lawsuit pending for discrimination and retaliation.  Agency downsizing disproportionately affects older, white males.  (UPDATED 12/17/04)
Case 15 Paine Webber -- Financial giant forces resignation of successful broker Edward Blum for involvement in the Campaign for a Color Blind America.  (NEW 2/27/99)
Case 14 Texaco's Nightmare -- Oil giant submits to quotas and 'diversity' training due to pressure from a very small band of disgruntled minority employees, the NAACP, and -- in the wings -- the U.S. EEOC and the U.S. DOJ.  But Texaco was never found guilty of discrimination!  Here's how it works...  (NEW 2/17/99)
Case 13 Tom Taber and Ford Graphics can't do business with San Francisco because they are white!  Reverse discrimination and racial quotas in California violate Proposition 209.  (Updated 07/13/00)
Case 12 John Goode is black; he refused Austin's racial set-asides; they took his business!  (Updated 02/05/99)
Case 11 Orange County, Florida -- 32 firefighters sue for reverse discrimination and win. These white firefighters were subjected to racial epithets from the County Chairman and ongoing racial harassment from their colleagues. (Updated 10/23/98)
Case 10 Illinois State Police -- State police illegally reject 5,000 white, male applicants over 20 years!  Forced by court to offer a new chance to all 5,000 rejected applicants.  (Updated 8/22/98)
Case 9-2 Arlington, VA schools hire avowed race-baiter to teach white guilt and to bash Western Civilization.  Racialist consultant Glenn Singleton to teach faculty and staff that all whites are racist.  (Posted 12/17/07)
Case 9 Arlington, VA schools lost its appeal to keep racial quotas; may appeal to Supreme Court  (Updated 11/04/99)
Case 8 Fulton County, GA Sheriff -- Black sheriff Jackie Barrett says "If you're not black and/or not a black female, don't apply for work here!"  Loses lawsuit, costs county big bucks.
Case 7 FAA -- Air agency rejects highly qualified, disabled, white veteran DeWayne Currier.  FAA says air safety is less Important than skin color. (Updated 12/30/98)
Case 6 Seattle Fire Department does NOT tolerate criticism of racial quotas by white Fire Capt. Randy Hansen.  (Updated 9/21/98)
Case 5 IRS found guilty of reverse discrimination and retaliation against employees!  (Updated 04/22/99)
Case 4 Boston Latin public school denied whites entrance to school!  Court ended practice, and Supreme Court challenge has been short-circuited by the NAACP  (Updated 02/05/99)
Case 3 Joseph Ray Terry vs. EEOC.   White EEOC lawyer forced to repeatedly sue EEOC to obtain promotion.  Judge EEOC found EEOC guilty of reverse discrimination; Jos. Terry finally promoted.
Case 2 Sumter, SC Police Dept. -- Police Officer fights reverse discrimination and is forced to retire. (Updated Oct. 22, 2000)
Case 1 FayComm vs. U.S. SBA.  Contractor is the wrong color for government work; sues SBA; wins temporary restraining order against award to "minority" firm.

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         Also, be sure to see Equal Opportunities Denied on our links page:  A moving case study of nine innocent, non-minority citizens whose lives and careers have been turned upside down because of racial preferences. 

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