Hundreds of millions of dollars are reserved for race-based and gender-based programs through dozens of federal offices.

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NEWEST:  DOT (Federal Highway Administration) 2-20-06:
Racial quotas in federal highway construction are crumbling!

SEE: 9th U.S. Circuit Court Decision.

NEW:   OPM 2006 Report : Federal Agencies Hire Too Many Minorities
Posted 06-14-06

Dept. of Energy's Argonne Labs Sued for Reverse Discrimination

Federal Contract Set-Asides for Minorities

EPA:   Quota-friendly Agency Sued for Discrimination

Bureau of the Census: 

President George W. Bush Says Use Real Head Count (03/08/01)
          George W. Bush's Census Bureau refuses to release "statistically sampled" count of potentially fictitious minorities.  The president directs the Bureau to use actual head count info, as specified in teh Constitution.

Multi-Race Info May Render Census 2000 Colorblind (03/08/01)
          An enormous number of citizens reported themselves as "multi-racial" on Census 2000.  The 2000 census also reported a huge number of Hispanics in the U.S. due to immigration policies. For the first time ever in the U.S. there are as many Hispanics as there are blacks, and the NAACP hates to hear that news!  Census 2000 may be the beginning of the end of racial categorization in the U.S.

Racial Alarmists Use Scare Tactics to Get Minorities to Fill in Race (09/14/99)
          This collection of news stories highlights the alarmist tactics used by the liberal press to scare minorities into making sure they are "racially counted" in Census 2000.  None of these stories says anything about fair and equal distribution of tax dollars without regard to race.
[link ]

Census 2000 Racial Discrimination (03/17/99)
          There are many issues surrounding the Census' collection of race and ethnicity data.  Census Bureau refuses to collect "multi-racial" or "multi-ethnic" data because that would dilute the number of Black / African Americans in the head count!  (Adversity.Net Special Report, updated 03/17/99)

Whites no longer majority in California (02/11/99)
          "The state's prediction that whites would not be a majority in California by early 2001 already has come to pass, according to federal population experts.  Using a different method of calculating, the U.S. Census Bureau estimated recently that California last year became the nation's first "majority-minority" state.

          "The Census Bureau estimates that the white non-Latino population in California dipped below the 50 percent mark to 49.7 percent last year.

          " 'What it really shows is that California is the most diverse state in the nation, in the sense that we have a substantial representation of every ethnic group,'  says professor Jane Mauldon, who specializes in demography at UC-Berkeley's Goldman School of Public Policy.

          "According to the Census Bureau, California's racial and ethnic breakdown is:

          White — 49.7 percent.
          Latino — 31.3 percent.
          Asian — 11.7 percent.
          African American — 6.7 percent.
          Native American/Alaskan Native — 0.5 percent."
(San Francisco Examiner, 02/11/99, by Jason Margolis)
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Department of Education:  Sorry:  The Department of Education Page has moved.  Please Click here for Dept. of Education Quota News.

NEWEST!  Ninth U.S. Circuit Court Ruling:   Racial set-asides in Federal Highway Fund contracts do NOT meet strict scrutiny standard!

          Adversity.Net case study (local page, this site).  Posted Feb. 20, 2006.  The Ninth U.S. Circuit Court has ruled that Washington State and all nine states in this district have failed to prove that racial preferences in highway contract awards are justified.  (See Case 47: Western States Paving, 02/20/06)

NEW!  DOT:  U.S. Dept. of Transportation - Massive Quota Program!
          Adversity.Net (local page, this site).  Jan. 13, 1999.  The U.S. DOT, its captive State offices, and its Operating Administrations (FAA, FRA, NHTSA, Coast Guard, etc.) represent a massive federal enforcement of racial quotas, contracting set-asides and reverse discrimination.  (Adversity.Net Special Report, 01/13/99)

DOT:  Clinton announces a new "hide the racial quotas" program for U.S. DOT
          On Friday, January 29, 1999 Bill Clinton could have said "Hide It, Don't Mend It!"  A grand new plan to hide DOT's racial set-asides in transportation contracting was announced on this date. 

          Clinton said "The Transportation Department has amended the DBE rules to ensure that this vitally important program works more fairly, more efficiently, and meets all constitutional requirements.  The new rule is an excellent example of our efforts to mend, not end, affirmative action".  Translation:   Clinton and DOT think they've come up with a way to dodge the Supreme Court's "strict scrutiny test" pertaining to racial programs, established in the landmark Croson and Adarand decisions.  Others have called Bill's new quota program "a thinly disguised racial shell game which seeks to avoid federal accountability for reverse discrimination".
[Complete story, see: ]
[Similar story, see: ]

DOJ:   Sorry:  The DOJ / Bill Lee Page has moved.  Please Click here for DOJ News.

DOL:  The U.S. Dept. of Labor will send out over 60,000 "surveys" to federal contractors this year requiring detailed racial, gender, and ethnicity data on tens of thousands of employees.  The word "survey" is a misnomer, however, since response is required by law and employers have 30 days to complete the "survey".  (Updated 4/14/00)

          The Labor Department plans to "prove" race and gender discrimination at thousands of work sites where the race and gender profiles don't match the government-mandated "correct" ratios!

The Dept. of Labor News Page has moved.  Click here for detailed DOL News Stories and Links.

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FBI:  Janet Reno Guilty of Reverse Discrimination?  Naww!! (no link)
          FBI agents H.C. Jenkins and John Hivko are suing Janet "I'm Attorney General and you're not" Reno, alleging they were passed over by less qualified minorities.  It's not the first time the FBI, in an effort to "integrate" it's mostly white male ranks, has stepped over this line.  (Detroit Free Press 1/28/97 -- link no longer available)

FCC:  The FCC Page has moved.  Please Click here for FCC News.

GAO:  Reverse Discrimination and Age Discrimination Lawsuit (posted 04/12/99)
Adversity.Net (Horror Stories, Case 16, this site):
  Court Orders GAO to Consider Settling a Class Action Age and Reverse Discrimination Lawsuit That has Been Languishing Since 1987.   Dave Diersen, a former, valued professional at the U.S. General Accounting Office, was forced to retire from GAO at age 49 due to systemic gender, race, and age discrimination against older, white males in the agency.   Diersen also charges that GAO retaliated against him for filing complaints about his unequal treatment and for filing a 1987 discrimination lawsuit (Chennareddy v. Bowsher, in the District Court for the District of Columbia). 

          GAO has recently been ordered to stop stalling and resolve the lawsuit.  The case is pending, and if you are a present or former GAO employee with knowledge of reverse and/or age discrimination, you can help!  Visit the link to obtain the addresses and phone numbers of the attorneys and plaintiffs in the case.  (Your reply will be confidential unless you direct otherwise.)
[link ]

GAO:  Leaner, Meaner GAO Faces Reverse Discrimination and Age Discrimination Problems (01/03/99)
          "Since 1992, the U.S. General Accounting Office staff has been downsized by more than one-third - from more than 5,000 employees to 3,300."  A disproportionate number of the cuts appear to have been against white males, and especially against white males over the age of 40. 

          One "cut", a former GAO "forced-retiree", Dave Diersen, told congress that GAO "has virtually stopped hiring and promoting male non-minorities [who are] business and accounting degree holders and experienced executive branch employees" in order to give preferential and discriminatory treatment to women and minorities.  Diersen also told congress that the "GAO has consistently refused to put internal controls in place that would deter and detect reverse discrimination" and which would deter discrimination based on age, political party affiliation, religion, and national origin.

          Former GAO employee Dave Diersen is named as a plaintiff in two lawsuits against GAO charging race, gender and age discrimination.  (Based on Accounting Today, Vol. 12, No. 22, Dec. 14, 1998 - Jan. 3, 1999)

GAO:  Downsized Agency Cuts Mostly White Men Over Age 40  (09/21/98)
          A white, male, former U.S. GAO employee who felt he was forced to "retire" from the agency because of his age, gender, race, and political affiliation told congress that he felt forced into retiring because opportunities for older white males had "dried up" at GAO.  Mr. Diersen filed an EEO complaint which (suprise!) was denied, and subsequently filed an age-discrimination lawsuit against GAO, which is pending.  (Based on Federal Times, 09/21/98)

HUD:  Sorry, the HUD page has moved.  Please Click Here for HUD News.

IRS:  IRS Doesn't Like White Employees:  Retaliates for Filing EEO Complaints!
          Adversity.Net (Horror Stories, Case 5, this site):  The courts have repeatedly found the IRS guilty of practicing reverse discrimination against white employees.   The courts have also found IRS retaliates against non-minorities who file complaints!

IRS:  IRS Harasses Anti-Quota Foundations (07/19/99)
          Adversity.Net (Case 5 Update, this site):  The Clinton White House has abused its influence over the IRS to order 'harassment' audits aimed at conservative foundations which oppose racial preferences and quotas.  (Based on Washington Times National Weekly Edition July 12 - 18, 1999)

URGENT -- IRS Goes On Trial June 21, 1999:  If you work for the IRS and you have evidence of reverse discrimination, please submit a sworn statement in this case.  Go to Case 5: IRS Reverse Discrimination for background info, and to contact the plaintiff's attorneys.

National Institutes of Health (NIH):

High court rejects appeal of white man passed over for NIH jobs (posted 10/20/99)
          " 'Affirmative action for minorities and women has become negative action against white males,' said Frank Lukacs in his petition to the high court.

          "Lukacs said in court documents that he followed his repeated job rejections with Equal Employment Opportunity complaints, more than 60 of them. About 50 of his complaints were not even processed or investigated by NIH, Lukacs said, charging that the jobs he was applying for were set aside for minorities, women and Hispanics.

          "Lukacs could not be reached to comment on his case. But Marc Stern, news chief at NIH, said Lukacs might have been denied those jobs for reasons other than his skin color and sex.

          "The Supreme Court on Monday rejected a white man's challenge of affirmative action policies at the National Institutes of Health, where he has applied for about one job every month since 1991.

          "In court filings, Lukacs charged that NIH's affirmative action programs - which includes the Federal Equal Opportunity Recruitment Program and Affirmative Employment Program - are not constitutional and are not protected by other court cases.

          "His claim said affirmative action goals are determined by comparing the percentage of a particular minority group or gender in the federal work force with the percentage of that same group in the private sector, either nationally or locally. Such programs are ``thinly disguised quotas,'' Lukacs said."  (Capital News Service, by Alana Keynes)
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USPS:  Racial Postal Worker Suit Reinstated (09/13/99)
          "In the latest of a series of rulings addressing pleading standards in federal employment-discrimination cases, the 3rd Circuit Court of Appeals has rejected a "heightened" standard adopted by many courts in "reverse-discrimination" cases -- and reinstated a white New Jersey postal worker's suit alleging that he was passed over for promotion because of his race.   "All that should be required to establish a prima facie case in the context of 'reverse discrimination' is for the plaintiff to present sufficient evidence to allow a fact finder to conclude that the employer is treating some people less favorably than others based upon a trait that is protected under Title VII," U.S. Circuit Judge Theodore H. McKee wrote for a three-judge panel in Iadimarco v. Runyon.

          "The opinion stakes out the court's position on an issue the nation's circuit courts have struggled to address -- how to apply the familiar four-pronged test first articulated by the U.S. Supreme Court in 1973 in McDonnell Douglas Corp. v. Green to an employment-discrimination suit brought by a member of the [so-called] "majority" class.

          "The suit was filed on behalf of Charles A. Iadimarco [who is defined as ‘white’ by current civil rights law favoring minorities] by attorney Robert W. Beattie of Beattie & Murray in Brielle, N.J. Iadimarco says he was one of 41 applicants for a position as manager of in-plant support at the U.S. Post Office facility in Monmouth, N.J. Iadimarco was among only three of the 41 who received ratings of "superior" in every category of the "knowledge, skills and abilities matrix" by which the candidates were judged." 

          "['White' plaintiff] Iadimarco alleges that [USPS] Towler reposted the position because Pankey wanted to hire a minority applicant.  Iadimarco presented as evidence of Pankey's alleged bias a memo, signed by Pankey, emphasizing the importance of diversity in the work place.

          "The Monmouth position was then filled by Toni Williams, an African-American [black] woman. In a deposition, [USPS’s] Towler testified that he hired Williams because she was "the right person for the job," citing her human relations skills.

          "Iadimarco filed suit in U.S. District Court in New Jersey, alleging that he had been the victim of illegal race and gender discrimination. The postal service moved to dismiss the suit for failure to state a claim."  (Law News Network / Legal Intelligencer 09/13/99 by Claudia Ginanni)
[link ]

USPS:  White Males to be Denied MORE Jobs at Postal Service (03/25/99 - dead link)
          "WASHINGTON (AP) — Rep. Danny Davis, D-Ill., said Thursday he wants a congressional hearing on diversity at the U.S. Postal Service, citing a government audit that found the agency has not done enough to promote women and minorities to management.

          "A report issued three weeks ago by the General Accounting Office, the auditing branch of Congress, said the Postal Service had not corrected problems identified in a report the Postal Service Board of Governors ordered in 1997. The GAO found that despite some progress, the overall representation of women and minorities in high-level management positions at the end of fiscal 1997 was almost 20 percent lower than their representation in lower level jobs.

          Neither Rep. Davis, nor the GAO, offered any constitutional or legal justification for the concept of proportional representation based on skin color in employment. (AP, 03/25/99, via FoxNews, by Darlene Superville)
[former link **]

USPS:  Racial Separatist, Anti-White Supremacist Gets Picture on U.S. Stamp!  (01/28/99) (dead link)
          Malcolm X, one of the nation's most violent, most divisive, most anti-white, black separatist leaders, has been enshrined today by the US Postal Service.  The black supremacist's likeness is now available for 33 cents on your first class mail.  Larry Dozier, spokesperson for the USPS said "This is a stamp of a man who was considered as too militant, a pariah who was despised for his ideas" according to the LA Times.  Really, Larry?  Then why is the postal service honoring him?

          More than 100-million self-adhesive "Malcolm X" 33 cent stamps, symbolizing decades of anti-white hatred, were printed by the postal service to inaugurate this edition of the postal service's so-called black heritage series of stamps.  Watch out if these self-adhesive, racist stamps stick to you!  (Based on LA Times, 01/28/99)
[former link *]

USPS:  We Deliver for Quotas!
          Federal Times Headline: "Man Proves Reverse Discrimination" -- "An executive downgraded in the 1992 reorganization has won a reverse discrimination complaint against the US. Postal Service.

          "An Equal Employment Opportunity Commission administrative judge said Anthony Brescia proved his case and awarded him a Postal Career Executive Service position in customer service support for the South west area. Brescia now is postmaster at Winter Haven, Fla.

          "The judge, Dwight Lewis, said Brescia was "discriminated against on the basis of his race" when he did not get the customer service support job. He ordered back pay and benefits dating to Jan. 16, 1993. Brescia is white.

          "Louis castigated the postal service for "blatant disregard for deadlines," and he complained about the service's paucity of information.  "The agency's malfeasance, at best, or deliberate at attempt to withhold material information, at worst, shall result in the severest of sanctions in this case." Brescia's job as field director for marketing and communications in the New Orleans Division was abolished in the 1992 reorganization, and he was downgraded to the Winter Haven postmaster job Jan. 15, 1993."   (Federal Times 03/13/95 by Ed Winsten)
[ link ]


Clinton Directs Agencies to Collect Stories about Bigotry  (02/03/99 - dead link)
          "President Clinton has set aside $10 million to respond to his racial advisers' suggestion that he find a way to measure what bigotry does to people's lives. Clinton is proposing that the funding be spread among various federal agencies that collect or use population data, from the Justice Department to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, so they can begin developing ways to measure discriminatory behavior in sectors from education to housing or employment."  

          Besides collecting intrusive data to create prima facie cases of discrimination, the administration also heartily endorses the concept of 'racial testing', which is currently under legal challenge in Chicago.  (AP, Wash Post, Boston Globe, Fox News)
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