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Irish Need Not Apply!  Shamrock and Irish Heritage are NOT Approved!  (08/19/99)
          BOSTON (AP) — "Three waitresses who alleged they were barred from working at a new pub because they didn't speak with an Irish brogue will work there now as part of a settlement of their discrimination claim against Hilton.

          "Gloria DiMartino, Dorothy "Dottie'' Webb and Jo Murray had each worked at the Logan airport Ramada's bar for more than three decades until it closed last weekend. In June they filed a complaint with the Massachusetts Commission Against Discrimination, alleging that Hilton — which has taken over the old hotel and is renovating it — intended to open Kitty O'Shea's, an Irish theme bar, and give first preference for jobs in the new bar to those with Irish accents.

          "When they filed their complaint, the three waitresses said their heavy "Bahstahn'' accent was good enough while to calm anxious travelers — and they were happy to entertain a common request from tourists. Said Murray: "They all want to hear us say 'Pahk the cah in Hahvahd Yahd' and `chowdah.'''  [Editor's Note:   Blacks, African Americans, and Hispanics suffer from no similar government restriction prohibiting their ethnic restaurants and organizations.]  (Associated Press via FoxNews 08/19/99)
[link http://www.foxnews.com/js_index.sml?content=/news/wires2/0819/n_ap_0819_167.sml ]

See also anti-Irish stories at: 
          Boston Firefighters commanded to deny Irish heritage
          Boston's public housing residents must NOT celebrate their Irish Heritage!

Abigail Thernstrom Article by Center for Equal Opportunity
          "Don't End It, Don't Mend, Defend It: Reviewing the Clinton Record on Racial Preferences".   By Abigail Thernstrom Executive Summary:  "Mend it, don’t end it," said President Clinton regarding racial preferences...

ACLU Doesn't Like the Civil Rights Act of 1964! (dead link)
          In 1964 the ACLU hailed the Civil Rights Act.   But in 1998, 34 years later, the ACLU wants to get on the gravy-train of racial preferences which were never intended as a part of the original Civil Rights Act!   The ACLU is nothing if not opportunistic and inconsistent on the issue of racial equality!
[former link **http://www.heritage.org/heritage/p_review/may97/thgav.html]

(Adderton, Donald V.)   "It's Time to Throw Away the Crutches and Stand"  Recommended!
          Donald Adderton is a reporter for The Sun Herald in Mississippi.  He is black, and he thinks "the achievement (of minorities) must be earned and not artificially awarded through preferences and quotas."  His article acknowledges the usefulness of the original "affirmative action", but he writes that in recent years "affirmative action has become a wedge that has widened the chasm between the races."  (Sun Herald Online 9/26/98)
[link http://www.sunherald.com/region/docs/don092698.htm ]

(Adderton, Donald V.)  Independence becomes reality only when one tosses away the crutch (posted 08/14/99)
          "It is simply human nature to strive for independence and self-sufficiency.  That is why affirmative action has become such a vexing problem, because it installs artificial preferences, while failing to instill a sense of self-esteem.

          "Yet after more than 30 years, supporters of preferences, quotas and set-asides continue to harangue that blacks and other minorities are still too weak to perform on the stage of life. The social attitude of victimization continues.

          "When did affirmative action become a birthright? All the quota program has done is breed an attitude that the world owes some people a perpetual handout.  The black and brown leadership would have you believe they cannot make it in the arena against whites.

          "Several years ago, Ward Connerly saw that black America desperately needed a better way. Blacks kept singing "We Shall Overcome," but remained stuck at the rear of the economic treadmill.

          "Doubtless, you are familiar with the success of Proposition 209 in California, a groundbreaking referendum that eliminated minority preferences at state-supported colleges and universities. As a member of the California Board of Regents, Connerly was the architect in disassembling minority preferences in higher education.

          "In a misinformation campaign, opponents of Proposition 209 contend that blacks and Latinos who cannot meet standard entrance requirements are denied a college education.  "Not one black or Hispanic child was denied a college education," Connerly said in an interview from his office in Sacramento, Calif. He is president and CEO of Connerly & Associates Inc., a housing consultant company.

          "Since California voters approved the initiative, which was upheld in the courts, the 60-year-old Connerly has been unfairly portrayed as a pariah by the black and brown leadership, and in the black press.

          "Through affirmative action, whites have been unfairly treated, and a growing number of black children are less confident, says Connerly, who also serves as president of the California-based American Civil Rights Institute.  "There are some well-meaning people out there who strongly believe racism, slavery, transcend everything in America," he said. "And there are a handful who subscribe to it.  This country is obsessed with race," Connerly said. "You don't get beyond racism if you don't let go.   People are getting tired of hearing about it every day. Race is uppermost in our public debate.  I don't want to sound like a right-wing ideologue," he said, "but there is an infrastructure that has been created - NAACP, Congressional Black Caucus - to preserve programs beneficial to their constituency."

          "These same special interests bullied President Clinton into foolishly stating "Mend it, don't end it" in support of continuing affirmative action.  Connerly says that those who are benefiting from affirmative action and the victim mentality obviously don't want to give it up. They will fight, quite loudly, and rally the easily persuaded to their cause."   (The Sun Herald, posted 08/14/99, by Donald V. Adderton)
[former link **http://vh1459.infi.net/region/docs/don081499.htm]

America's Future, Inc., Behind The Headlines, May 1996 Minorities Reject
          America's Future, Inc., Behind The Headlines, May 1996, Minorities Reject Racial Preference:  "More and more minority members are voicing opposition to affirmative action, rejecting the patronizing racial preferences..."
[link http://www.execpc.com/~jfish/afuture/0596af02.txt ]

Are You SURE You're a Minority? 
          Affirmative Action has caused many job applicants to claim "minority status" in order to get hired -- even when they aren't!  Some "scammers" have gone undetected for over 10 years.   (Seattle Times May 26, 1998)
[ link http://www.seattletimes.com/news/local/html98/race_052698.html ]

Asians are "White"!  Asians not Counted as Minorities!
          Article by Prof. Eugene Volokh, UCLA Law School (excerpted in Washington Times 4/10/98). Volokh points out the fraud of "minority counting" -- many regulators and politicians no longer count Asians as minorities! Does this mean Asians have "made it" and are no longer considered "historically economically disadvantaged"?
[link http://www.law.ucla.edu/faculty/volokh/asian.htm ]

See Also:  Hu's On First - Arthur Hu's Columns, Statistics, and Links - NEW!  Arthur Hu is a "politically incorrect" American of Asian descent.  He writes extensively about issues of importance to the Asian community in this country, and he believes that racial preferences and quotas are NOT the answer to discrimination.  He also maintains an extensive collection of links and statistics regarding all aspects of racial discrimination and affirmative action.
[link http://www.leconsulting.com/arthurhu/hu1st.htm ]

Bill Lann Lee's First Year (1997 - 1998):  Racial Quotas Du Jour?!
          Adversity.Net (local page, this site).  Dec. 15, 1998 is the one year anniversary of Bill Clinton's sneaky "temporary" appointment of one of the most vicious, anti-white heads of the DOJ Civil Rights Division in the history of this country!  On 23 separate occasions during 1998 Bill Lann Lee attempted to muscle courts and local authorities to enforce reverse discrimination and racial quotas.  This is the sad story of Lee's first year on the job.
[link http://www.adversity.net/no_lee.htm ]

Black Announcer Terrorized for Opposing Racial Quotas 
          Larry Elder is a popular black radio talk-show host in Los Angeles.  He strongly opposes racial preferences, and has been branded an "Uncle Tom" -- and worse -- by black activists.  This thoughtful LA Daily News story documents the racial intolerance of the "black community" when it comes to protecting their set-asides, quotas and preference programs.  They HATE Larry Elder, and have cost his employer millions of dollars because of it.
[link location: http://larryelder.com/Larry/dailynews.html ]

California (Los Angeles):  Minorities Could Lose Out in Secession City government (04/06/99)
          LA Times Sub-Head "Things could get worse for African Americans and Latinos if the Valley secedes from Los Angeles." -- "While polls show that a majority of Valley voters say they want to break away from Los Angeles, many Latinos and most African Americans don't think it's such a hot idea. It's not hard to figure out why.

          "L.A. is already a nonwhite majority city, but in the Valley, whites are still in the majority. Despite all the talk of the mostly white Valley secessionist backers about wanting smaller government and better schools, services and government, the suspicion is that their real agenda is to maintain white control in their own city.

          "This would badly shortcut the growing effort of minorities, especially Latinos, to increase their political clout on the City Council, the county Board of Supervisors, the school board and the community college board. L.A.'s instant fall from the rank of the nation's second largest city, with the power, prestige and influence that come with that, would reduce the immediate prospects of Latinos and African Americans of becoming regional political players.

          "A Valley city wouldn't do much for their political fortunes either. Although Latinos make up about one-third of Valley residents, and are the fastest-growing segment of the Valley's population, they and African Americans, who have been glaringly ignored by Valley secessionists would be at the mercy of the political whims of the white majority [Gee, I guess that’s what Democracy is all about!]."  (LA Times 04/06/99 by Earl Ofari Hutchinson)
[link http://www.latimes.com/excite/990406/t000030311.html ]

California (Oakland):  Black Panther seeks council seat (dead link)
          Why not?  Ex-Black Panther David Hilliard is running for a seat on the Oakland City Council.  When Hilliard first became involved with the panthers in the 60's, the black panther party was renowned for its bloody shootouts with police with fatalities on both sides.  But ex-panther Hilliard says he won't continue to endorse the panther credo of carrying firearms, although he continues to espouse the panther slogan "all power to all the people".  (Associated Press, via the Union Tribune, by Michelle Locke, 01-07-99)
[former link **http://www.uniontrib.com/news/uniontrib/thu/news/news_1n7panther.html]

Related:  Black Panthers ride again, this time in a campaign bus (01/24/99 - dead link)
          "Thirty years ago, David Hilliard walked the streets of West Oakland with a black leather jacket on his back and an M-1 carbine in his hands.  These days, the former Black Panther chief of staff makes the trip as a candidate for City Council — no gun in his grip, less hair on his head, but the same rallying cry: Power to the people.

          "This is the beginning of trying to really restructure and to rebuild another movement,'' he says.  (Associated Press 01/24/99, via FoxNews, by Michelle Locke)
[former link **http://www.foxnews.com/js_index.sml?content=/news/wires2/0124/n_ap_0124_26.sml]

California Prop. 209
          www.theherald.org Tuesday, November 25, 1997 Previous: The Herald Will Next Publish Tuesday, December 2 Next:Editorial Cartoon Not Reversing Course: "Affirmative action has had a rough go of it lately. Earlier this month, the Supreme Court refused to overturn California's Proposition 209, which..."
[link http://http://www.theherald.org/herald/issues/112597/edit.f.html ]

California Civil Rights Initiative:   A guide
          By the CCRI (California Civil Rights Initiative) by Eugene Volokh* volokh@law.ucla.edu Originally published at 44 UCLA L. Rev. 1335 (1997)...
[link http://www.law.ucla.edu/faculty/volokh/ccri.htm ]

Can't Mend Affirmative Action 12-15-97
          Cato Institute Commentary Dec. 15, 1997.   "Today's corrupted vision of civil rights goes against the American civil libertarian tradition of private property, the rule of law and limited government. Modern civil rights activists have lost sight of what it means to be committed to freedom of association and equality of opportunity. ..."
[link http://www.cato.org/dailys/12-15-97.html ]

Constitution: A Not Quite Color Blind Constitution
A Not Quite Color-Blind Constitution: Racial Discrimination and Racial Preference in Justice O'Connor's "Newest" Equal Protection Jurisprudence JUSTIN SCHWARTZ† TABLE OF CONTENTS I. INTRODUCTION 1 II. RACIAL PREFERENCE AND THE HISTORY OF EQUAL PROTECTION JURISPRUDENCE 3 A. The...
[link http://lists.village.virginia.edu/~spoons/marxism/Color-blind.htm ]

Equal Opportunities Denied:  Human Costs of Racial Preferences!
          Excellent.   Must Read!  This is a moving story of 9 human beings whose lives have been shattered by racial preferences.  This article paints a powerful portrait of the devastation and financial burdens which racial preferences have arbitrarily imposed on 9 honest, hard-working citizens of the wrong color!  (By Tom McClintock, Calif. State Assemblyman, and Steven McCarthy, Claremont Institute.)   (Note:   Print this story and/or save it to disk!  The link has moved 3 times in the past year, and may move again.)  The most current link to this article as of 12/22/98 is:
[ http://www.claremont.org/publications/equalopp_denied.cfm ]

Hooters:  Congress Don't Give a Hoot on Hooters
          (Detroit News 11/25/95) The EEOC tells Hooters Restaurants they must hire men in pantyhose and tank tops!  Read about the absurdity and insanity of today's preferential treatment climate!
[link http://detnews.com/EDITPAGE/SAT1125/NICK.html ]

IC du Pont 11/20/97:  Courts, Congress and Quotas
          By Pete du Pont Nov. 20, 1997.   "The great empire of racial quotas which the liberal political establishment has built over the past thirty years -- quotas for Chinese students in California high schools, quotas for blacks in Texas law schools, quotas for the selection of Naval officers, the award of government contracts and the composition of workforces -- may be crumbling at last.  ..."
[link http://www.intellectualcapital.com/issues/97/1120/iced.asp ]

Illinois (Chicago):  TV Sitcoms in '98 No Longer All Black (9/30/98 - dead link)
          This may be a "sea change" for television.  Since the early '70s, we have experienced many "all black casts" in TV sitcoms, including "Sanford and Son", "Good Times", "The Cosby Show", and "The Wayans Brothers".   No more!  None of the new 1998 comedy shows features an all-black cast!   White folks appear as major characters in all of the 1998 "black" lineup of sitcoms!  Maybe popular culture is catching up to reality!  (Chicago Tribune 9/30/98)
[former link **http://chicagotribune.com/splash/article/0,1051,SAV-9809300203,00.html]

Illinois (Chicago):  Hate Mail Part of Falsified Racist Plot Against UPS! (11/10/98 - dead link)
          Angela Jackson is a minority, and she is an extortionist playing the race card!  She sent "racist hate mail" to herself via UPS, and attempted to extort hundreds of thousands of dollars from UPS for racial discrimination.  Jackson charged that racist UPS employees wrote racial slurs on packages delivered to her.  Ms. Jackson also deliberately damaged three UPS packages of artwork addressed to her (which she purchased for $2,000), and demanded $250,000 compensation from UPS.  Federal prosecutors have brought charges of fraud and obstruction of justice against Angela Jackson.  Her trial began this past Monday (Nov. 9, 1998).  (Chicago Tribune 11/10/98)
[former link **http://chicagotribune.com/version1/article/0,1575,SAV-9811100163,00.html]

Minnesota (State):  Marchers on Capitol protest lack of blacks in Ventura's cabinet (posted 4/6/99 - dead link)
          "Hundreds of protesters joined black community leaders Saturday in a march to the Capitol to protest the lack of blacks in Gov. Jesse Ventura's cabinet. ... Ventura's spokesman, John Wodele, told KSTP-TV the governor chose the most qualified candidates for the jobs. Ventura does have two minority cabinet members, but they aren't black. ``We don't believe in quotas,'' Wodele said. ``And if anybody can point out where this process wasn't fair, then they ought to do that.'' ... Minnesota's population is about 94 percent white."  (Duluth News, via Associated Press, posted 04/06/99)
[former link **http://www.duluthnews.com/today/dnt/local/vent.htm]

Massachusetts (Boston):  Quotas Force Whites to Apply as Minorities (02/08/99 - dead link)
          "Since a federal court in the mid-1970s ordered the Boston Fire Department to increase the pool of minority applicants, some whites have tried to get hired by ... claiming to be minorities.

          "One tactic is for white applicants to claim they were raised in a Spanish-speaking household, which would entitle them to minority status. One applicant in 1997 who claimed he was raised in a Spanish-speaking household was asked to speak Spanish during an interview. He couldn't.

          "Another job hopeful last year was a white man born in Norwood and raised in Hyde Park who said he should be considered a minority because his mother was born in Argentina. He was denied minority status.

          "In 1990, the state investigated 13 firefighters who claimed minority status, and determined that six lied about their heritage. The larger review was prompted by the case of brothers Paul and Philip Malone, who were fired after identifying themselves as black on job applications. Though both men had white complexions, they claimed their great-grandmother was black."  (Boston Globe, 02/08/99, page A09, by David Armstrong)
[former link **http://www.boston.com/dailyglobe2/039/metro/Some_dubious_applicant_designations+.shtml]

Racial and Ethnic Preference in College Admissions
          Brookings Policy Brief No. 9 by Thomas J. Kane and William T. Dickens.  "In the aftermath of the California Civil Rights Initiative vote, many more states are likely to reconsider the use of racial and ethnic preference in college admissions. This Brief summarizes the best available evidence on two issues vital to that burgeoning debate: the true extent of racial preference in college admissions and its impact on the careers of the intended beneficiaries. While the evidence of racial preference in admissions is strong at elite universities (those with average SAT scores in the top 20 percent), racial preference is less evident outside the elite sector. Despite the hopes of supporters of the CCRI and the fears of its opponents, the end of racial preference will have little impact on the college-going prospects of most high school students."
[ link http://www.brook.edu/Comm/PolicyBriefs/PB009/pb9.HTM ]

Seattle, Washington - NOT a Good Place for White Guys to Work!
          According to the Seattle Times, white guys hold only 37.9% of the city of Seattle's "top city jobs"!  Sounds like a reverse discrimination suit waiting to happen!
[link http://www.seattletimes.com/education/affirmative/seattle_top_jobs.html ]

Affirmative Action Making a Mockery of Equality (08/07/97)
          [Posted by the Concerned Women for America]  "When President Lyndon B. Johnson signed affirmative action into law over thirty years ago, the goal was to provide equal opportunity for individuals in the workplace. Today's affirmative action programs have fallen short of that goal. Its set-asides, goals, and timetables clearly alienate many and only provide equal opportunity for a select portion of the population. Affirmative action programs have institutionalized a quota system and, in many cases, "gender preference," which is designed to foster a proportionate representation of women in the workplace. Concerned Women for America believes that continuation of affirmative action programs for women is unnecessary because the very barriers that kept women out of many fields in the past are no longer part of our society. In fact, policies aimed at assuring "equality" can be hurtful in the long run. ..."  (CWA, 08/07/99)
[link http://www.cwfa.org/library/family/1997-08-07_pp_affirm.shtml ]

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