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Ohio (Akron):
"Multicultural" school approved in Akron (04/06/99)

         "The Akron Board of Education embraced a new concept last night to open the district's first Afrocentric school in the 2000-2001 school year.

          "Akron will join Cleveland and Columbus in offering schools with an Afrocentric or African-American orientation, the generic terms generally used for Africentric. The Cleveland district has five Afrocentric/multicultural schools where students learn more about black history and other cultures than is typically taught in classrooms.

          "The task force that made its report to the Akron school board last month defined Africentric education "as an approach that places emphasis on enriching the required state and local graded courses of study by incorporating the cultural, social and historical traditions existent within the African-American [black, non-white] community.

          "According to the district's data, black males and females are failing their school courses at a higher rate than white males or females. Blacks, who make up 47.4 percent of the district, also have higher suspension and dropout rates and lower graduation rates than whites."   (Cleveland Plain Dealer 04/06/99 by Stuart Warner) -- [See Also:  Terms and Definitions: Multiculturalism]
[link http://www.cleveland.com/news/pdnews/metro/c06aksk.ssf ]

Ohio (Akron):
44% of Akron's Students are Minorities, but Are Causing 70% of the Discipline Problems

         A new wrinkle on an old, liberal scam:  U.S. Dept. of Education (while intruding into local affairs) has "discovered" that while only 44% of Akron's students are minorities, 70% of the discipline problems are caused by minorities.  The unsubstantiated, a priori assumption of Washington is that this must be the result of some form of racial discrimination.  Gee, did anyone think to ask "Why are minority students in Akron causing most of the discipline problems?"  Nope, Washington, DC is not capable of such rational questions!  (Associated Press 10/27/98) 

[link http://flash.cleveland.com/cgi-bin/clv_nview.pl?/home1/wire/

Ohio (Bowling Green):
Sociology Prof. Tries to Teach "Political Correctness" and Encounters Reverse Racism (08/20/98)

         Bowling Green State University's Sociology Dept. does NOT believe in intellectual diversity!  They don't appreciate discussion of alternate points of view, especially if the points of view happen to be conservative.  Prof. Richard Zeller thought a free exchange of ideas which included conservative theories (less government, no reverse discrimination, etc.) would be ideal for his sociology class.  NO! says Bowling Green.  University thinks its students should only be exposed to politically correct content!   (Christian Science Monitor, Nando.net 8/20/98)

[link http://www2.nando.net/newsroom/ntn/voices/082098/voices4_20386_noframes.html ]

Ohio (Lima):
Lima Schools drops race-based transfer policy (01/29/99)

         "The city school district no longer will bar white students from transferring to neighboring districts. The school board feared it might lose some federal money if it did not drop the 15-year-old policy of allowing only minority students to transfer, the superintendent said.

          "The policy was created in 1984 as part of a federally ordered desegregation plan. The plan let students in the racial majority at their home school transfer voluntarily to other schools where they would be in the minority.  The school board made the change after meeting with officials from the U.S. Department of Education's Office of Civil Rights, school administrators and attorneys. The 5,800-student district faced the possibility of losing $4 million in federal money, Kinneer said.  (Associated Press, via Cleveland Live, 01/29/99)
[link http://flash.cleveland.com/cgi-bin/clv_nview.pl?/home1/

Ohio (Lorain):
Teacher scolds students for using racial slur, gets suspended!  (04/14/99 - dead link)

         Ohio Beacon Journal Headline:   "Teacher Suspended for Using Slur" -- "A teacher who heard two youngsters using a racial slur repeated it disapprovingly and then found himself suspended and facing possible dismissal.

          "Terence Traut, a seventh grade math teacher at Lorain Middle School who is white, heard a black student and a Hispanic student calling each other the word and sent them to the principal's office, Superintendent Nicholas Hutlock said yesterday.  As they left, Traut repeated the word and told the class that it was stupid to use such language, Hutlock said. Traut repeated the comment again when one of the boys returned, the superintendent said.

          "The school board in this 11,000-student district 25 miles west of Cleveland voted Monday night to suspend Traut and demanded that he apologize. The board said it would wait two weeks to decide whether to fire him.  The Lorain city school district is about half white, 25 percent black and 25 percent Hispanic."  (Ohio Beacon Journal, posted 04/14/99)
[former link *http://www.ohio.com/bj/news/docs/020470.htm]

Oklahoma (Oklahoma City):
Anita Hill Professorship Abandoned (05/08/99 - dead link)

         OKLAHOMA CITY—"The University of Oklahoma is abandoning a professorship named for Anita F. Hill, even though it has never been filled.

          "Conservatives have been upset that the position, created with a $500,000 endowment, was named for the former Oklahoma law professor who accused Clarence Thomas of sexual impropriety, almost derailing his Supreme Court nomination in 1991.

          "Activist Elmer Million had threatened to lead a petition drive to cut off funding for the law school if the endowment was not dropped. The professorship was intended for someone who has a national reputation in the area of sexual harassment and women's rights."  (Associated Press via Washington Post Saturday, May 8, 1999; Page A05)
[former link *http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-srv/WPlate/1999-05/08/150l-050899-idx.html]

Oklahoma (Tulsa):
Student Lawsuit Curtails Racial Scholarship Program (06/28/99 - dead link)

         "(Tulsa-AP) – A University of Tulsa student who filed a lawsuit on claims a state scholarship discriminated against white males has gotten his wish.  [Student Scott Pollard alleges the program was racially discriminatory when he applied to it last year. His lawsuit against the state and the Oklahoma State Regents for Higher Education has yet to go to trial.

          "[Nonetheless, in response to Pollard’s lawsuit] Lawmakers amended the state’s Academic Scholars Program last month. State regents also suspended new admissions into a minority set-aside grant program for graduate and professional students."  (Associated Press via MSNBC 06/28/99)
[former link *http://www.msnbc.com/local/KJRH/35926.asp]

Oregon (State Colleges):
Oregon state campuses show gains in Asians, Latinos (04/10/99)

         "Oregon's public universities made modest gains in diversifying student and faculty ranks in the past five years, but minorities still make up a fraction of people on campus, a new university study showed Friday.  The report points out the need for improvements in retaining minority students, who generally are far more likely to drop out than whites, and for universities to do more to recruit and promote minority professors.

          "The fact that we have made progress and people are committed to enhancing diversity was really the most exciting finding," said Yvette Webber-Davis, who coordinates diversity efforts for the 60,000-student Oregon University System.  In recent years, Oregon universities have intensified their recruiting of minority students and faculty. The numbers show gains but also mixed results.

          "Because of its admissions policies, Oregon largely has avoided the affirmative action wars that have raged in California and Washington universities. Last year, however, an Oregon scholarship targeted exclusively at minorities was revamped under pressure from the U.S. Department of Education Office for Civil Rights so that whites could apply, too. The change drew few protests.

         "Chancellor Joe Cox said he wants more improvement in diversifying faculty. He said growing competition for qualified prospects has slowed recruiting efforts. "I'm less satisfied with our progress on diversifying faculty and staff," said Cox, who heads the seven-university system. "But I am satisfied with the effort."  (Oregonian 04/10/99 by Romel Hernandez)
[link http://www.oregonlive.com/news/99/04/st041005.html ]

Pennsylvania (Philadelphia):
$3 Million Awarded to Four White Phila. School District Employees for "Reverse Discrimination" (12/-20-05)

          U.S. District Court Judge and jury award $3 million to four white employees who were illegally fired and retaliated against by black Phila. School procurement chief.

          See Adversity.Net Case 46 "Four White Males WIN Reverse Discrimination Law Suit"

Pennsylvania (Philadelphia):
State Formula Distributing More Funds for Minority Districts is Upheld! (11/24/98 - dead link)

         U.S. district Judge Herbert J. Hutton ruled that distributing education funds to "minority-dominated school districts" is a legal and just means of spending limited education dollars!    (Philadelphia Inquirer 11/24/98)
[former link *http://www.phillynews.com/inquirer/98/Nov/24/city/SUIT24.htm]

Pennsylvania (Phia. Area):
$2 Million Award Upheld in Cheyney U. Reverse Discrimination Case (10/18/99)

         [Cheyney University is located 24 miles west of Philadelphia in the town of Cheyney, PA.  It boasts of being an HBU (Historically Black University).]

          "A federal judge has upheld a jury's award of nearly $2 million to a pair of white former professors at predominantly black Cheyney University who said they were subjected to a campaign of harassment after they objected to racist hiring policies.

          "In his 84-page opinion in Gentner v. Cheyney University of Pennsylvania, U.S. District Judge Robert F. Kelly found that the jury had ample evidence to conclude that professors Fred Gentner and Robert Stevenson were retaliated against and forced out of their jobs after they insisted that candidates of all races -- not just blacks -- should be considered for faculty openings.

          "In the suit, the pair claimed that they protested in 1991 when the chair of the sciences department, Eugene Jones, said that he would not considering hiring any whites to fill vacancies in the department.

          "After they complained that Jones' policies were racist, Jones retaliated by feeding information to students who then lodged complaints of racism against Gentner and Stevenson, the pair said.

          "Among the actions taken to retaliate against the pair, [their attorney said], were changes to their longstanding schedules; false claims of racial and sexual harassment; multiple investigations of the false charges; incitement of students to protest their teaching methods; petitions circulated around the campus that accused both men of being racists; and one university official referring to them as 'rats' and 'traitors.'"  (The Legal Intelligencer / Law News Network 10/18/99 by Shannon P. Duffy)
[link http://www.lawnewsnetwork.com/stories/A7757-1999Oct15.html ]

Pennsylvania (Phila. Area):
White Professors Win $2.4 Million for Racial Discrimination (9/25/98 - dead link)

         Cheyney University is an historically black school.  Professors Fred Gentner and Robert Stevenson were repeatedly harassed and intimidated by the 65% minority faculty and administration.   When they complained, the Chairman began referring to the professors as "those white bastards".  U.S. District Judge Robert F. Kelly presided over the largely white jury who awarded each over $1 million for racial discrimination.  (Philadelphia Daily News 9/25/98)
[former link *http://www.phillynews.com/daily_news/98/Sep/25/local/CHEN25.htm]

Pennsylvania (Pittsburgh):
Pitt ties funding to increasing # of minority grads (01/28/99)

         "Having spent decades trying to boost minority graduation rates with limited success, the University of Pittsburgh is trying a new approach: giving its deans a nudge in the wallet.  Pitt has signed off on a plan that will tie the budgetary process in each of its schools to the ability to make the graduation rates and grade point averages of minority students equal to those of white students.

          "By March 1, deans must submit, as part of their annual funding requests, assessments of where the rates stand and concrete plans to raise them. If they fail to show gradual improvements [in minority graduation rates], they could lose a portion of their budgets.

          "According to the most current data from Pitt's main campus, 63 percent of white students graduate in six years, compared with 43 percent of black students; 60 percent of Asian students and 53 percent of Hispanic students graduate in six years.  [Provost James Maher] said that setting specific [race-based budgetary] goals is risky because the university could find in five years that it has fallen significantly short of its [minority graduation] goals. But having those goals gives the schools something to shoot for.

          "As part of the push, administrators and faculty are being asked to come up with ways to steer larger numbers of [minority] students toward fields in which there are lucrative openings but too few minority candidates. They are also being asked to figure how to bring job placement rates for black and other minority students up to those of white students."   (Post-Gazette, 01/28/99, by Bill Schackner)
[link http://www.post-gazette.com/regionstate/19990128pittfunding3.asp ]

Pennsylvania (Pittsburgh):
When Whites Retire, Hire Blacks!   (01/27/99 - dead link)

         "The exodus of 34 Pittsburgh Public Schools teachers taking a negotiated retirement incentive on Feb. 5 provides the school district with an opportunity to hire more black teachers, one school board member said.

          "Randall Taylor, [who is black and is] a first-term school board member from East Liberty, said Tuesday that the district should try to bring the percentage of black teachers in line with the percentage of black students. ... Taylor said the district should try to fill vacancies with black teachers who can serve as role models to students in a district that's more than half black.

          School District Director of Human Resources, Lee B. Nicklos, "said her office, where hiring is done, always looks for minority candidates.  She said district administrators recognize a deficiency. 'But (we're) deficient in that we don't have the minority candidates in teaching that any of us would like,' she said."  (Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, 1/27/99, by Christopher Keough)
[former link *http://www.triblive.com/news/pret0127.html]

Pennsylvania (Pittsburgh):
Federal Jury Orders U. Pittsburgh to Pay in Reverse-Bias Suit! (subscription site)

         "A federal jury on Thursday found the University of Pittsburgh guilty of reverse discrimination for denying a male faculty member tenure in 1995 and ordered the institution to pay him $350,000 in compensatory damages. A day after the jury's verdict, Pittsburgh reached a confidential agreement with the former faculty member, John N. Chiasson, to settle his remaining claims for reinstatement and punitive damages. University officials refused to discuss details of the case, and neither Mr. Chiasson nor his lawyer could be reached for comment."   (Chronlicle of Higher Ed - pay site)
[link to pay site:  http://www.chronicle.com/daily/98/12/98121501n.htm ]

Pennsylvania (Pittsburgh):
Point Park College to Boost Minorities on Faculty and Board (Dead Link)

         13% of the Small Point Park College student body is black, which is more "representative" of the population than at most "white" schools.  Nonetheless, President Katherine Henderson has vowed additional minorities in faculty and board positions.  Can this be done without applying illegal racial criteria?  Stay tuned.  (Pittsburgh, Tribune-Review, 9/26/98; link no longer available.)

Puerto Rico (San Juan):
Bi-lingual Puerto Rican teachers in demand in U.S. (dead link)

         "Come and teach by the beach!" says one ad designed to bring Puerto Rican teachers to California to help teach the burgeoning student population whose native language is not English.   (Washington Post 12/20/98)
[former link *http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-srv/WPlate/1998-12/20/225l-122098-idx.html]

Rhode Island (South Kingstown):
Univ. Student Paper Slammed for Politically Incorrect Racial Cartoon
(dead link) 

         "The campus newspaper of the University of Rhode Island, its funding frozen in a controversy over a perceived racist cartoon, will be published with donated funds.

          "The Rhode Island Press Association will donate the $800 to allow The Good 5-Cent Cigar to continue through the end of the semester, said Mary Harrington, association president."  (Boston Globe 12/07/98)
[former link *www.boston.com/dailynews/wirehtml/341/URI_paper_will_publish_with_donatio.shtml]

Related Story:
Cartoon Flareup at University of Rhode Island (dead link)

         "More than 100 University of Rhode Island students marched through campus Friday following a racial flare-up over a cartoon in the student newspaper. Members of the Brothers United for Action and about 100 other students of all races presented a list of demands to the administration. They asked for expanded curriculums for American Indians, blacks, Asians and others.

          "URI President Robert Carothers said all of the demands could be met, although some may take longer than others. Racial tensions have increased on campus since the campus newspaper published an editorial cartoon that many blacks and others perceived as racist. Earlier in the week, donors came forward to help the University of Rhode Island campus newspaper continue publishing. The Providence Newspaper Guild – a union representing workers at The Providence Journal – has donated $500 dollars to the paper. Various private donors also have pledged to give another $1000, while the Rhode Island Press Association and a journalism professor have pledged $800 each."  (MSNBC, posted 01-08-99)
[former link *http://www.msnbc.com/local/WJAR/105580.asp]

Rhode Island (Providence):
Grant to help Southeast Asians become teachers (11/13/98 - dead link)

         "A federal grand of $1.2 million will help 15 Southeast Asians to become Rhode Island public school teachers."   Will $1.2 million in your tax dollars be used to educate the burgeoning Southeast Asian immigrant population in English and in the customs of the U.S. citizen?  It does not seem to be so destined.  (Associated Press, via The Boston Globe 11/13/98)
[former link   *http://www.boston.com/dailynews/wirehtml/317/Grant_to_help_Southeast_Asians_beco.shtml]

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Tennessee (Nashville):
Racial Busing to End in Nashville! (Dead Link)

         Many Nashville students have had to ride 45 minutes on a bus in order to fulfill the 1971 racial busing order of the courts.   No more, according to a federal judge today.  The busing must end, but at a price!  To achieve non-racial attendance at it's schools, Nashville has had to agree to build 15 new schools and renovate dozens of others, presumably in areas of this school district which are "underfunded" by the real estate taxes from resident minorities which are supposed to support schools.  (Contra Cost Times, a.k.a. Hotcoco.Com on 9/29/98; link no longer available.)

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