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(Michigan, Ann Arbor):

University of Michigan Racial Quotas APPROVED by the U.S. Supreme Court!
(June 23, 2003) - Adversity.Net Special Section

          The Supreme Court handed a victory to racial discriminators in higher education on Monday, June 23, 2003.  Writing for the 5-4 majority in the Michigan law school case (Grutter v. Bollinger) Justice Sandra Day O'Connor said that the subtler, more hidden quotas of the law school were permissible.   The court ruled 6-3 against the more obvious racial quotas used by the undergrad school (Gratz v. Bollinger).

          On Dec. 2, 2002 the U.S. Supreme Court agreed to hear arguments regarding the constitutionality and legality of the University of Michigan's racial quota-based student admission program.  At the heart of the matter was whether "race-based admissions programs" constitute illegal racial discrimination or represent a "compelling state interest".

          The two long-running reverse discrimination lawsuits pending against Michigan were filed by Barbara Grutter and Jennifer Gratz.  Grutter, who is white, sued Michigan for denying her admission to the law school.  Black applicants with lower grades than Grutter were admitted under Michigan's racial quota program.  Jennifer Gratz and Patrick Hammacher, who are white, also sued Michigan for denying them admission to the undergraduate program.   Blacks with lower grades than Gratz and Hammacher were admitted under Michigan's racial quota program.

          The final outcome 6/23/03 is a disappointment and will result in many more years of expensive litigation by "non-preferred students" who are barred from admission because they are not "diverse" enough.

[Link:] 6-23-03

Forced Diversity Has NO Educational Merit! (NAS Study 04/04/01)

          [Adversity.Net Special Report] -- The University of Michigan has attempted to defend racial quotas by using a flimsy argument that "diversity" per se enhances the educational experience. 

          The National Association of Scholars has examined the data used in Michigan's diversity defense and has found those data to have been falsified, er, misinterpreted!  The nation's permiere educational database which has tracked performance of college students for over 20 years proves conclusively that "diversity for it's own sake" has absolutely no provable educational benefit!


University of Michigan Reverse Discrimination Suits (Archives 3/26/01)

[Note: these two federal district court cases pre-dated the final Supreme Court ruling on 6/23/03.  They are included here for historical perspective.]

          [Adversity.Net Special Report] -- In two ringing endorsements of the rights of all citizens to be treated equally under the law, two federal district court judges have ruled against both the University of Michigan's undergraduate racial quota admissions policies and against the University of Michigan's law school racial quota admissions policies.

          U Mich Undergraduate Case:  In the nationally watched case of Gratz v. Bollinger, the court ruled that there was no need to proceed with a trial and that the record as it stood was sufficient to find the University of Michigan guilty of intentional racial discrimination from 1995 through 1998.

          The case had been brought by the Center for Individual Rights in October 1997 on behalf of Jennifer Gratz and Patrick Hammacher. Gratz and Hammacher had applied to the University of Michigan's undergraduate College of Literature, Sc, and the Arts ("LSA") in 1995 and 1997, respectively, and were denied admission, they alleged, because of the University's illegal use of racial preferences to further the number of certain preferred racial minorities at the University.

          U Mich Law School Case:   In Grutter v. Bollinger the court ruled that UM's racial quota admissions policies were unconstitutional.  Barbara Grutter had applied to the UM's law school only to find that less-qualified minorities were being admitted while she was being rejected.

          See especially the Adversity.Net four part series -- Reverse Discrimination at the University of Michigan -- for the latest news, legal analysis, and the Judges' final ruling.  These cases are destined to be heard by President Bush's Supreme Court.

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Michigan:  Bay City
White Male Teacher Wins Reverse Sex Discrimination Case (06/14/02)

White Male Awarded $1.5 million for reverse sex discrimination by Delta Community College in Bay City, Michigan

          [Adversity.Net special report 06-14-02]  Stephen Buszek had worked as an adjunct professor at Delta Community College.  He wanted to be hired as a full time professor.  Beginning in 1999 and extending through 2000, Buszek was passed over for the position of full time professor twice -- both times by less qualified female applicants.

          Professor Buszek sued the college for sex discrimination in Bay County, Michigan Circuit Court (the 18th Judicial Circuit in Michigan).  On Friday, May 14, 2002 a mostly white female jury awarded Mr. Buszek $1,546,000.

          Delta Community College has fired Professor Buszek in apparent retaliation for filing suit against the college's reverse sex discrimination policies, according to his attorney Glen Lenhoff. 

          According to the Associated Press, Delta College spokesman Terry Rock said the college plans to appeal the decision.   Mr. Rock also refused to comment on the college's firing of Stephen Buszek.

          Professor Buszek's attorney, Glen Lenhoff, told AP that reverse discrimination is rampant in educational institutions.   Commenting upon his client's firing by Delta College, attorney Lenhoff is quoted as saying "When a white male even dares to challenge reverse discrimination, he is struck down."

See Especially: Adversity.Net Horror Story: Case 30

Buszek Story Sources:

Associated Press (via Detroit News 6/15/02)
Last known link:

Comments by Attorney Glen Lenhoff to Adversity.Net 6/14/02

Buszek's Attorney:

Law Office of Glen N. Lenhoff
328 South Saginaw
8th Floor, North Building
Flint, Michigan 48502

(810) 235-5660

Michigan:  Benton Harbor
Benton Harbor Schools vs. White Teacher (updated 07/26/02)

          Sandy Atkins was a highly qualified teacher in the Benton Harbor, Michigan school district.  She received a Master’s Degree in educational administration from Western Michigan University, and her cumulative grade point average was 3.95 (on a 4 point scale). Atkins also earned a chief school business official certification.  Sandy Atkins is also white.

          Ms. Atkins was repeatedly turned down for administrative jobs and principal positions in Benton Harbor because the district has not yet achieved its racial goal of a teaching staff and administration that is 60 to 70 percent non-white.  However, in order to achieve "diversity" Benton Harbor does support black women who receive their degrees from mail-order houses.

          On January 6, 2000 Ms. Atkins sued Benton Harbor Area Schools for reverse discrimination.  In October 2001 the school system agreed to a settlement with her.  Sandy Atkins was forced to settle for backpay and attorney's fees, and she has moved her family to a less racially-hostile school district where the school administration appreciates her skills rather than her skin color.  (Adversity.Net Case 22, updated 07/26/02)

Michigan:  Flint
White Teacher Wins Reverse Discrimination Case (04/30/01)

White Male Paid $500,000 by Mott Community College to Settle Reverse Sex Discrimination Case.
Dennis Purcell v. Mott Community College, No. 94-29949, Genesee County Circuit Court

          The Law Office of Glen N. Lenhoff today announced that Mott Community College (Flint, Michigan) has paid the sum of $500,000 to settle a reverse sex discrimination case brought by Dennis J. Purcell against Mott Community College.

          Mr. Purcell, a white male part-time instructor, alleged that he was discriminated against by being denied full time employment by the all female Psychology Department at Mott Community College located in Flint, Michigan.  The Purcell case was tried to a Jury in 1997 and Mr. Purcell won a $760,000.00 Jury Verdict (Dennis Purcell v. Mott Community College, No. 94-29949, Genesee County Circuit Court).

          After the 1997 verdict, Mott Community College stated that it had not discriminated against Purcell and that it would vigorously appeal the Verdict.  On appeal, however, the community college decided to settle the Purcell case for the sum of $500,000.

          It is hoped that the Purcell settlement will stand as a strong precedent in support of white males who are the victims of reverse gender discrimination in the academic world.  Reverse discrimination all too often occurs in the academic world where the interests of white males often are subordinated in favor of more politically favored groups and interests.


Comments by Attorney Glen Lenhoff to Adversity.Net

Plaintiff's Attorney:

          Mr. Purcell's lawyer was Mr. Glen N. Lenhoff:

Law Office of Glen N. Lenhoff
328 South Saginaw
8th Floor, North Building
Flint, Michigan  48502

(810) 235-5660

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Michigan:  Voters Oppose College Racial Quotas! (10/30/98)
          "Most Michigan voters oppose college admission policies that include preferences based on race or gender, a new Free Press poll shows."  (Detroit Free Press 10/30/98)
[link ]

Michigan (Ann Arbor):  U-M withdraws honor for professor who opposes racial preferences
          Professor Carl Cohen is a respected academic who founded the U-M's Residential College 31 yrs. ago.  U-M was preparing to dedicate the "Carl Cohen Reading Room" to Prof. Cohen.  But wait!   Cohen was the man who obtained the data used by the Center for Individual Rights to sue the U-M for reverse discrimination in student admissions.  The honorary naming of the reading room was cancelled.  Since Cohen opposes racial quotas and racial preferences, the University was afraid it would anger the minority students!   (Detroit Free Press 10/30/98)

Michigan (Detroit):  Wayne State Med School Rejects Qualified Non-Black Applicants
          Nicolas Lorenzini is a U.S. citizen from Argentina.  The Wayne State Med School won't admit him because he is not black.  Lorenzini filed suit Aug. 14.  It seems "brown" isn't good enough for Wayne State.  (Michigan Live / Detroit Free Press 9/10/98)

Michigan (Grand Rapids):  Judge Ends Racial Busing, Rules that Desegration has been Achieved (08/20/98 - dead)
          U.S. District Judge Douglass Hillman ruled the school districts had met and complied with a 1981 order to end segregation.  Judge says busing must end now that desegration has been achieved.   (Boston Globe 8/20/98)
[former link *]

END of Michigan - Racial Quotas in Education

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