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Divisive Racial Quotas in the Philly FD Web Update Sept. 30, 2014:

After 40 years of court-imposed racial quotas, the department has been freed from an onerous, intrusive consent decree dictating how and when the Phila. FD should hire the right number of minority firefighters.

However, this ruling is not a complete victory for race-blind employment policies. The Philadelphia Fire Department must continue to have a minimum of 26.73% uniformed firefighters who are black.

Read more about this important case here.

Does race matter more than safety? Web Update July 2009:
The New Haven 20 WON! On June 29, 2009 the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that the City of New Haven was WRONG to deny promotions to white fire fighters who performed well on a 2003 promotional exam.

A series of liberal, racialist judges in the lower courts initially upheld New Haven's discriminatory treatment of these brave men.   But the U.S. Supreme Court finally brought color blind justice to these brave fire fighters.

Read about this important case here.

Election Results Nov. 2008!
Posted Thu., Nov. 6, 2008
Nebraska Initiative banning race and gender preferences WINS by 58%!

NEBRASKA: On election day the Nebraska Civil Rights Initiative was voted into law by a majority of Nebraska voters. Fifty eight percent of voters approved the measure, which would ban the use of race and gender by the state in college admissions, state employment, and state contracts.

Also known as Initiative 424, the Nebraska initiative was strongly opposed by liberal groups who mischaracterized it as a false and misleading ballot measure. Opponents have promised to sue all the way to the U.S. Supreme Court if necessary to keep the popular measure from becoming law.

COLORADO: At this writing the future of the Colorado Civil Rights Initiative was less certain and ballots were still being counted. As ballot counting continued late Wednesday "no" and "yes" votes were almost evenly divided.

Recent News Story

Web Posted Jan. 20, 2008:
Federal Contracts to be Set Aside for Women:

On December 20, 2008 the U.S. Small Business Administration issued a new rule establishing a federal contract set aside for small businesses owned by women. The rule actually is heavily biased toward aiding minority women.

Read about SBA's gender set aside here.

Web Posted Oct. 29, 2007:
U.S. Senate Small Business Committee:

Tim Fay testimony
On October 29, 2007 small business owner Tim Fay submitted testimony to the U.S. Senate about the disparate impact of racial quotas on white-owned businesses.

Read Mr. Fay's testimony here.

Web Posted July 23, 2007:
U.S. Office of Personnel Management:

Feds overhire minorities by hundreds of percent The federal government fired or retired 6,280 white guys last year, but they HIRED 6,912 new minorities!

See our Annual Report on federal over hiring of minorities.

 Noxubee County Voting Rights Case Posted July 4, 2007:
The U.S. Dept. of Justice sued black, democratic Noxubee County, Mississippi officials for deliberately excluding white voters from the electoral process.  This is the first case of the Voting Rights Act being enorced to protect the rights of white voters.

Read the news of this historic case at the following link:
Noxubee Voting Rights Case

High Court Limits Use of Race in K-12 School Assignments Posted June 28, 2007:
The Supreme Court has ruled that the use of race by Seattle, WA and Louisville, KY schools in their K-12 systems is unconstitutional!

Read this historic Supreme Court Decision:
Seattle and Jefferson County

Posted June 8, 2007:
Immigration Reform and the Super Tuesday for Equality Campaign

Immigration Reform and Quotas This full page ad appeared in the Washington Times on Fri., June 8, 2007.  It tells Congress NOT to grant racial preferences to new immigrants.

Article:  Immigration Reform and Racial Preferences

Updated May 19, 2007:
2008 Super Tuesday for Equality Campaign:

Super Tuesday for Equality Connerly and Gratz Promise to END Quotas and Preferences in the November 2008 Elections!   Arizona, Colorado, Missouri and Oklahoma will have ballot initiatives in 2008.

Article:  Super Tuesday 2008

Nov. 7, 2006:
Michigan Victory!

Michigan Civil Rights Iniative WINS! The Michigan Civil Rights Initiative (Proposition 2) was APPROVED by Michigan voters by 58% to 42% on Nov. 7!  MCRI bans the use of race, ethnicity and gender in gov't hiring, contracting and educational admissions.

See Report:  MCRI

Web Posted Aug. 3, 2006:
Civil Rights Commission:

Disparity Doesn't Equal Discrimination! The U.S. Civil Rights Commission Finds Racial Disparity Does Not Equal Racial Discrimination!  Race Neutral Policies Are Better!

Report:  Disparity Studies

Ninth U.S. Circuit
Web Posted Feb. 20, 2006:
9th U.S. Circuit:  Use of racial set-asides in highway construction is severely restricted in nine states, and perhaps the entire U.S.!
See our Report about the Western States Paving Co. case!
May 5, 2006:  California abandoned its racial quota contracting policies as a result of this ruling!

SIU reverse discrimination
U.S. DOJ to SIU: race-exclusive programs are illegal!
Updated Feb. 15, 2006:
U.S. Dept. of Justice enters into consent decree with Southern Illinois University to eliminate racial exclusivity in its scholarships and fellowships.
See our report.

Samuel Alito
Supreme Court Nominee Sam Alito
ALITO's Civil Rights Background: Posted Dec. 14, 2005
Supreme Court nominee Sam Alito has consistently ruled in favor of race-blind justice.
See our Alito Report.

Federal Procurement After Adarand
The Commission's 185 page report criticizes the feds' rampant use of racial quotas in awarding contracts.
Posted Aug. 27, 2005:
U.S. Civil Rights Commission strongly recommends race-neutral fed contracting instead of race-based quotas!

Professor Richard H. Sander Racial quotas and preferences HURT black lawyers' chances!  UCLA Professor Richard H. Sander's landmark study concludes that racial preferences actually hurt black law school students, hamper their performance, and result in fewer black lawyers being admitted to the bar!  Read about Professor Sander's grounbreaking research at Law School Racial Preferences!

Read entire text of Executive Order In March 2004 California Governator Arnold Schwarzenegger issued Executive Order S-6-05 which mandates that all state employees be treated according to merit and fitness and without regard to color! Read about it!

Older. 07-21-02:  Kodak: "Winning & Inclusive Culture" or KodaQuotas?

Updated 10-7-03:  The Racial Privacy Initiative Defeated!

Academic Research:  Impact of Affirmative Action on Whites

Miscellaneous Notes and Briefs:

Adversity.Net's response to the Chicago Sun-Times "Race Pay Gap" article on Sunday, Jan. 4, 2004 > GO:
Race Pay Gap? Sun-Times Jan. 4, 2004

Cincinnati 11-30-03:  Nathaniel Jones, an obese black man high on PCP and cocaine "stroked out" and died while resisting arrest in Cincinnati.  Another excuse for violent race riots in Cincinatti?

> GO: Cinci
Obese PCP user dies in Cincinnati.  Is it racism?
What did Rush Limbaugh say that was SO racially insensitive?  Find out... > GO: Rush's
Limbaugh's Insensitive Statement

In Memoriam
Deceased: 14th Amendment Equal Protection Clause
June 23, 2003

Supreme Court Killed Equal Protection June 23, 2003

          On June 23, 2003 the U.S. Supreme Court issued rulings in two related cases:

  • By a 6-3 majority the Supremes outlawed the explicit racial point system in U of Michigan's undergraduate admissions.

  • By a 5-4 majority they allowed the law school to continue to consider skin color in selecting students for admission.  By extension, all of higher education now has a mandate to use "subtle" racial quotas to grant preference to certain races.

          Visit our archives regarding the University of Michigan Case 6-23-03.   Download the full opinions of the U.S. Supreme Court.

Current News Briefs:
Arlington County, Virginia schools have hired a divisive, anti-white Diversity Consultant to teach "white guilt"
Arlington County schools have signed a lucrative contract with professional diversiphile Glenn Singleton to indoctrinate the faculty on the evils of being white.
See Case 9-2 Arlington Schools

(Web Posted 12-17-07)
Austin, TX Police Commander Files Reverse Discrimination Lawsuit
Austin Police Commander Harold Piatt was passed over by less qualified Hispanic officers in the name of "diversity".   The Texas Legal Foundation has helped him sue the dept. for discrimination.
Case 52 - Austin Police
(Web Posted 07-02-07)
Nappy Headed Ho Controversy!
Or Not.
Here's what Don Imus said.  And while you're at it, read up on the crazy history of white people trying to talk about nappy hair.
See Don Imus and Nappy
GAO Reports Hispanics Are Overcounted!
In an Aug. 2006 report, the GAO said the feds should stop including non-citizen Hispanics in computing over- and under- representation in the federal workforce. What a concept!
See GAO: Hispanics Overcounted
Fastest 50 IT Firms Defined by Racial Set Asides
Washington Technology lists the "fastest" growing IT government contractors, BUT does not report the racial set asides enjoyed by these firms!
See Fast 50 or Racial Fast One?
Ending Contract Discrimination Shouldn't Require Contract Discrimination
Opinion and Analysis by Roger Clegg, President of the Center for Equal Opportunity
Contract Discrimination
The Racial Paradox of the Corporate Law Firm
UCLA's Prof. Richard Sander has done it again!   This study documents how the aggressive "diversity hiring policies" of the major law firms actually hurt black lawyers.
Racial Paradox
40 White Professors at Northern Arizona University
WIN Reverse Discrimination Case after Over TEN Years of Litigation!
See NAU Discrimination
Former Black Atlanta Mayor Bill Campbell CONVICTED!
In March 2006 Atlanta's divisive, race-baiting, high-living, corrupt mayor -- Bill Campbell -- was convicted of tax evasion.

See Bill Campbell
Michigan Civil Rights Initiative
UPDATE:  Ballot language is set for Nov. 2, 2006 election.
See Michigan Civil Rights Initiative 01-20-06
4 White Phila. School Workers WIN Reverse Discrimination Case!
Phila. Schools' black, chief procurement officer told them there were too many white guys working in the department.  She fired 4 of them, and the school lost almost $3.5 Million as a result!
See:  Phila. Schools Reverse Discrimination (Case 46)
Posted 12-22-05
17 White Wisconsin Police WIN Reverse Discrimination Case!
Milwaukee's former black police chief was found guilty of "reverse discrimination" when he promoted 50% of minorities and women ahead of more qualified white male lieutenants.
Milwaukee Discrimination
Posted 06-08-05
Report your experience with "reverse discrimination" to Affirmative Action Watch!  A service of the Center for Equal Opportunity.
LINK: AffirmativeActionWatch
Updated 07-24-08
Flint, Michigan
On Feb. 14, 2005 the Flint City Council awarded $150,000 to Flint Firefighter John Linker in his reverse discriminatino claim.
See Flint Reverse Discrimination Award
Posted 02-14-05
FAA Found Guilty of Reverse Discrimination!
It took white FAA employee Michael C. Ryan over nine years of hearings and litigation, but he won!!!
See FAA Unlawful Racial Quotas
Case 41-- Posted 10-12-04
Two Related Cases:
Racial Politics Endanger Washington, DC Drinking Water!
The DC suburbs came within days of a "boiled water alert" because the water authority refused to buy a critical chemical from a non-minority supplier!
See WSSC Racial Politics (Case 40)
Posted 03-18-04
DC Water Authority Retaliated Against Asian American Who Fought Racial Quotas!
WSSC is found guilty of retaliation against it's highest - ranking Asian American employee.
See Dr. Stan Dea vs. WSSC (Case 42)
Posted 11-04-04
Chicago Quotas Struck Down
At least for now!  Corruption, fraud and lawsuits in the Windy City quota program.
See Chicago Quotas (Case 39)
Posted 01-15-04
Flint, Michigan Anti-White Hostility
Appeals court upholds discrimination claim of white firefighter.
See Flint Fire Dept. Racism (Case 38)
Posted 11-25-03
Boston Fire Department ENDS Racial Quotas!
Federal judge orders Boston Fire to hire aggrieved white firefighters.  Racial quotas are dead at the Boston Fire Department!
See Boston Fire Department Racial Quotas ENDED! (Case 37)
Posted 11-24-03
Maryland: Racial Equality Act in Frederick County
The Frederick County "Racial Equality Act" will eliminate racial categorization of its citizens.
Frederick Racial Equality Act
Posted 11-14-03
Philadelphia Fire Dept. Quotas
This Pennsylvania city must hire black firefighters at any cost, by Court Order.
Now the FBI is investigating Philly's black power structure for corruption in awarding racial set-aside contracts.
See Philadelphia (Case 34)
Updated 10-17-03
The UN-friendly skies of United Airlines!
United Airlines places race and ethnicity ahead of flight safety!   Racial quotas rule at the bankrupt air carrier.  Be VERY afraid when you fly United!
See United Airlines Quotas
In progress 10-28-03
Kodak = QuotaMatic = Quodak
Photo giant's "Winning & Inclusive Culture" is extremely hostile to non-minorities.
See KodaQuotas 7-21-03

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