Case 9-2: Arlington Schools Hire Race-Baiting Diversity Consultant

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Suburban DC School System Hires Race-Baiter to "Improve Racial Sensitivity" Horror
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Web Posted December 17, 2007

SUMMARY:   The Arlington County, Virginia school system has recently contracted with one of the country's most reviled and biased promoters of white guilt and anti-Western multiculturalism. 

          His name is Glenn Singleton.   He is black and he believes that by definition white people cannot be discriminated against. 

          Singleton also espouses the view that "only whites can be racist".  He is obviously out of touch with reality.

BACKGROUND:  In the late 1990's the Arlington school system had repeatedly violated a judge's order to stop using race-based lotteries to determine admissions to one of their most sought-after schools.  Finally, in 1999 a federal court ruled definitively that Arlington County schools could not use any type of race-based student assignment plan.  That decision was Tuttle v. Arlington County Public Schools.

          Nonetheless, in 2007 the drum beat of forced diversity and multiculturalism remains strong in this politically correct stronghold in spite of the courts' repeated rulings.  Arlington schools have implemented a plan to impose their belief in "white guilt" and the myth of "white privilege" upon their staff and faculty.  Their purpose is to ultimately indoctrinate their hapless students in this doctrine.

          Their recently hired consultant, Glenn Singleton, earns consulting fees in the six figures from school districts across the U.S. which apparently suffer from excessive "white guilt" and who hope their exhorbitant payments to Mr. Singleton will absolve them and their students of the sin of "being born white".

          Arlington school officials have hired Glenn Singleton to provide training in cultural competence.  This allegedly will help the school staff acquire "attitudes, skills, knowledge and behaviors that enable staff and students to develop positive relationships and work effectively in cross cultural situations."

          Hans Bader of the Competitive Enterprise Institute (CEI) lives in Arlington County, Virginia and he has recently written an excellent blog exposing Mr. Singleton's true agenda:

[Hans Bader] -- "The school system in my county, Arlington, Virginia, certainly knows how to waste taxpayers' money. Like several school districts, they've hired an infamous, race-baiting "diversity consultant," Glenn Singleton, whose racist theories drew criticism from four Supreme Court justices this year in the landmark court case of Parents Involved in Community Schools v. Seattle School District No. 1.  [LINK to Summary of the Seattle Supreme Court decision. Editor]

          "...Glenn Singleton of Pacific Educational Group has gotten rich promoting racism, racial division, and scapegoating in the schools. School systems hire him for hundreds of thousands of dollars to stereotype and scapegoat people based on their race under the guise of 'diversity training.'

          "In 2002, the Seattle Schools hired him to 'educate' their students and staff about racism. Singleton promotes the crudest imaginable racial stereotypes, such as claiming that "white talk is 'verbal, impersonal, intellectual' and 'task-oriented,' while 'color commentary' is 'nonverbal, personal, emotional' and 'process - oriented.' " He incessantly complains about "the ubiquity of white privilege and racism."

          "To illustrate how white people should behave, he points to an ashamed, self-hating white teacher who said that "although I often try to seek counsel of colleagues of color, it is inevitable that times arise where it's only after the fact that one of them points out some flaw in my reasoning. The flaws are often the result of my ingrained Whiteness and my own blindness to its perpetual presence."
          "Under Singleton's influence, the Seattle Schools defined "individualism" as a form of "cultural racism," said that only whites can be racist, and claimed that planning ahead ("future time orientation") is a white characteristic that it is racist to expect minorities to exhibit.
Keep in mind that this kind of racialist, divisive drivel is exactly what Mr. Singleton has been hired to promote in the Arlington schools.  Editor.

          "In June 2007, the Supreme Court struck down the Seattle Schools' use of race in student assignment, and 4 of the 9 justices cited Seattle's wacky, Singleton-influenced, definitions of racism in the course of their opinions. Justice Thomas, for example, cited those definitions in footnote 30 of his opinion to explain why the courts should not defer to school districts when they use race. Likewise, Chief Justice Roberts cited those definitions in footnote 14 of his opinion for the Court.

          "(In most cases, as in the Seattle case itself, the courts had upheld the use of race in student assignment based on the concept of "deference" to school officials. In a number of other cases, though, the lower courts struck down the use of race in student assignment as being too extreme. One such case involved the Arlington County schools, which were barred from using race by the federal courts in Tuttle v. Arlington County Public Schools (1999))". [LINK to background about Arlington County's use of race.  Editor.]

          "...If Singleton inflicts his racist insults on a captive audience of teachers at a training seminar, they may well have a Section 1981 or Section 1983 claim against him for racial harassment. As cases such as Markham v. White (1999) and Ascolese v. SEPTA (1996) show, the amount of repeated abuse required for a hostile training environment claim by a public employee is much lower than for a hostile work environment claim, where isolated racist remarks are not actionable.

          "Moreover, he may be subject to individual liability for aiding and abetting discrimination under 42 U.S.C. 1981. Contrary to Singleton's racist belief, racism is not a white monopoly, as the federal appeals courts have recognized in holding institutions liable for harassing or mistreating their white employees. See, e.g., Bowen v. Missouri Department of Social Services (2002) (racial harassment of white employee by black co-worker); Taxman v. Board of Education (1996) (school board liable for termination of white teacher). [LINK to background on the Taxman case. Editor]

          Arlington County and Singleton should keep in mind that "diversity" training seminars that denigrate people based on their race or gender can give rise to successful harassment lawsuits, such as Hartman v. Pena (1995), which allowed a white male to sue for sexual harassment over an insulting gender-awareness seminar, and Robinson v. Reed (1978), which allowed a woman to sue for invasive questions in a race-relations seminar.

          Singleton's bizarre racial theories have been criticized by many commentators, such as Rocky Mountain News editor Vincent Carroll; legal commentator John Rosenberg; education writer Joanne Jacobs; and legal commentator Walter Olson (creator of the world's first law blog, the widely-read Overlawyered.Com), among many others. Yet he continues to profit from the ignorance of the school officials, who hire him and give him a platform in which to promote racial division and racism in the schools. 

-- Hans Bader, Competitive Enterprise Institute
(reprinted with permission)

  • Link here to Mr. Bader's original blog entry.
  • Link here to historical background of Arlington School's use of race in school assignments.

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Arlington Schools Hire Race-Baiting Diversity Consultant

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