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The Fulton County, Georgia Police Do NOT Like White Officers!  16 Georgia Officers Win Lawsuit for Reverse Discrimination against Black, Female Sheriff!

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Case 8 - White Police Can't Work in Georgia!

Racial Preferences Cost!

16 'non-minority' officers sue Fulton County, Georgia Sheriff for reverse discrimination!

          Fulton County, Georgia Sheriff's Department is NOT a friendly place for white police officers!   Black, female sheriff hires her own, and is struck down by the courts!

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Update:   Sheriff Jackie Barrett was FIRED for corruption and financial mismanagement in September 2004! See LINK, below!

Black Female Sheriff
Hires Her Own!

Non-minority Officers Win Reverse
Discrimination Lawsuit

          16 non-minority (mostly white) deputies in Georgia’s Fulton County Marshall’s department were forced to sue this Georgia police department for ‘reverse discrimination’.

Defendants: Ms. Jackie Barrett is the Fulton County, Georgia sheriff who imposed ‘reverse discrimination’ on the white officers in her department. Ms. Barrett is a black female who was elected to the Sheriff’s job as a democrat.

          The Court found that Ms. Barrett and the Fulton County, Georgia Sheriff’s department were guilty of practicing ‘reverse discrimination’ and ‘anti-white diversity’ policies in this Georgia police department. The Court found that Ms. Barrett’s policies systematically excluded qualified ‘non-minority’ employees of the department from advancement solely for racial reasons.

Update September 2004

Sheriff Jackie Barrett of Fulton County GA was suspened by Georgia Gov. Sonny Perdue in September 2004 for stealing money from the taxpayers of Fulton County.  Ms. Barrett is currently under investigation by the IRS and the U.S. Department of Justice.

          The Court found in favor of the 16 ‘non-minority’ complainants, and has directed that they be paid $812,000 in damages (which amount includes $180,000 in punitive damages assessed against the Fulton County Marshall’s Department).

          Fulton County, Georgia officials have stated for the record that "If the $180,000 punitive damage award is allowed to stand, we think Sheriff Jackie Barrett should have to pay this amount out of her personal funds."

Feb. 6, 1996: Appeal by Fulton County, seeking to overturn the Judge’s finding of ‘reverse discrimination’ against the 16 non-minority officers. Fulton County democrats felt so strongly about this issue that they spent $244,000 of taxpayer funds opposing and appealling the Judge’s Order against Fulton County.  Hmm.   Using your tax dollars to fight against your constitutional rights... it doesn't sound right, does it?

Aug. 17, 1996: Fulton County Commissioner Mitch Skandalakis has publicly stated that the black, female Sheriff, Ms. Jackie Barrett, who bears the responsibility for the ‘reverse discrimination’ policies against the 16 officers, should be required to pay the $180,000 punitive damage award out of her own pocket!

          Well, Ms. Sheriff Jackie Barrett, it seems that your ‘reverse discrimination’ is going to cost you a lot of money! We hope that your unconstitutional, prejudiced management style has a significant, negative impact on your paycheck!

Footnote:  It was an election year for the Fulton County Sheriff, and the bombing incident at the Olympics that summer overshadowed the local reportage of the Sheriff's contest and the "reverse racism" issues.  While the bombing was a tragedy that certainly deserved wide news coverage, it is too bad that Ms. Jackie Barrett's racist vendetta against white officers was overlooked during all the press coverage of the bombing.  Regrettably, she was re-elected.

          You can contact Ms. "Anti-White" Barrett at:

                    Justice Center Tower
                    185 Central Avenue, S.W.
                    Atlanta, Georgia 30303
                    (404) 730-5100
                    ATTN:   Sheriff Jacquelyn H. Barrett

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The Color of Money? (dead link)   Access.Atlanta / WSB-TV:  Summary of the millions of tax dollars the city and county are having to pay to defend against and settle law suits for reverse discrimination.
[former link http://www.accessatlanta.com/wsbtv/1998/04/21/race.html]

Award cut in reverse bias case. (dead link)  Atlanta Journal-Consitution 2/5/97.  The reverse discrimination awards may have been reduced, but the fact remains that Fulton County was guilty of reverse discrimination.
[former link http://www.accessatlanta.com/wsbtv/1998/04/21/anpt_5.html]

Racial bias cases cost Fulton County Millions.  (dead link)  Atlanta Journal-Constitution 11/18/96.  Over the course of 13 months, courts have ordered Fulton County to pay $3.1 million in racial bias and reverse discrimination claims.  County supervisors must attend "diversity harangue" training, but elected officials do not.  Could be part of the problem.
[former link http://www.accessatlanta.com/wsbtv/1998/04/21/anpt_6.html]

Passed-over white man awarded $1.8 million.  (dead link)   Atlanta Journal-Constitution 11/12/96.  Court found that Deputy Fulton County Fire Chief Danny Bowman had been discriminated against by the anti-white, racist policies of the County.
[former link http://www.accessatlanta.com/wsbtv/1998/04/21/anpt_8.html]

16 deputies win reverse discrimination suit against Fulton sheriff.  (dead link)  Atlanta-Journal Constitution 6/13/96.  Fulton County is ordered to pay $632,000 in compensatory damages, and Anti-White Sheriff Jackie Barrett is ordered to pay $180,000 in punitive damages.
[former link http://www.accessatlanta.com/wsbtv/1998/04/21/anpt_9.html]

Police, Fire, Municipal Employment.  Adversity.Net (Local link, this site):  Extensive collection of news articles about reverse discrimination within the ranks of police, fire and municipal employees.  Sadly, Atlanta and Jackie Barrett is not a rare occurrence!


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*  We use the term reverse discrimination reluctantly and only because it is so widely understood.  In our opinion there really is only one kind of discrimination.