Case 30: Stephen Buszek v. Delta College
White male awarded $1.5 million by mostly female jury for reverse gender discrimination by Michigan Community College 6/14/02

Racial Preferences = Racial Discrimination


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Stephen Buszek was qualified, his students liked him, he received excellent performance reviews.
But Professor Buszek is a white male, and two female administrators decided that a female with lower qualifications needed to be hired for the sake of "diversity"!

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(1) Buszek v. Delta College Summary
Jury Decision Fri., June 14, 2002

          Stephen Buszek had worked as an adjunct professor at Delta Community College.  He wanted to be hired as a full time professor.  Beginning in 1999 and extending through 2000, Buszek was passed over for the position of full time professor twice -- both times by less qualified female applicants.

          Professor Buszek sued the college for sex discrimination in Bay County, Michigan Circuit Court (the 18th Judicial Circuit in Michigan).  On Friday, June 14, 2002 a mostly white female jury awarded Mr. Buszek $1,546,000.

          Evidence introduced at trial by Buszek included Plaintiff's Exhibit # 31, which was a memo from Karen Wilson, the Division Chief of the social Science Division of Delta Community College. 

1. CASE SUMMARY: Facts and Circumstances, Jury Award in Stephen Buszek v. Delta College, No. 00-3843-CL, Bay County Circuit Court
2. Plaintiff's Exhibit # 31:  Memo urging hiring a "diversity female" 10/26/98
3. Plaintiff's Exhibit # 48:  Note from administrator applauding the selection of a diversity candidate 5/3/99
4. Plaintiff's Lawyer - Glen Lenhoff

          In the first paragraph of her October 26, 1998 memo, Ms. Wilson discusses the 1999 Criminal Justice Position for which Mr. Buszek had applied, and states her hope that the search for a candidate "would hopefully generate a candidate pool which would assure continued diversity (perhaps a female)." [Emphasis added.]

          Evidence introduced at trial by Buszek also included Plaintiff's Exhibit # 48.  This exhibit consists of an April 30, 1999 memo from Dean Chuck Philip to Betty Jones -- a Vice President at Delta Community College.  Betty Jones was a tremendously powerful Delta College diversity advocate who was one of the chief culprits in discriminating against Stephen Buszek with respect to Mr. Buszek's quest to become a full-time Criminal Justice Instructor at Delta Community College.

          At the bottom of the Exhibit # 48 memo, Betty Jones' hand written note clearly supports the hiring of a female over Stephen Buszek for reasons of diversity.  Ms. Jones' note states in part "I strongly concur in this recommendation [to hire female applicant Michelle Whitaker instead of male applicant Stephen Buszek].  Michelle Whitaker is an excellent candidate and will bring needed strengths and diversity to the C.J. [Criminal Justice] discipline."   Mr. Buszek's attorney, Glen Lenhoff, says of this note "When someone like Betty Jones uses the term "diversity", the term means racial and gender based diversity -- to the detriment of the white male.  I feel that both of these exhibits clearly reflected the pervasive reverse discrimination practiced by Delta Community College."

          Subsequent to Professor Buszek's lawsuit against Delta Community College, they have fired Professor Buszek in apparent retaliation for filing suit against the college's reverse sex discrimination policies, according to his attorney Glen Lenhoff. 

          According to the Associated Press, Delta College spokesman Terry Rock said the college plans to appeal the court decision which found Delta guilty of discrimination against Professor Buszek.   Mr. Rock pointedly refused to comment on the college's firing of Stephen Buszek.

          Professor Buszek's attorney, Glen Lenhoff, told AP that reverse discrimination is rampant in educational institutions.   Commenting upon his client's firing by Delta College, attorney Lenhoff is quoted as saying "When a white male even dares to challenge reverse discrimination, he is struck down." UP: Top of story

(2) Plaintiff's Exhibit # 31:
Memo from Karen Wilson, Delta College Division Chief of the Social Science Division Oct. 26, 1998


TO: Chuck Philip
FROM: Karen Wilson
DATE: 10/26/98
SUBJECT: Staffing Requests


          This is a position which was approved for hiring for the past two years.  It was delayed based on budgeting in 1997, and the search was abandoned for other reasons in 1998.  The Criminal Justice Discipline always had three full-time faculty.  Whe  we lost both Norm Jones and Paul Leek, this left the discipline with one full-time faculty member, Don Hatchew.   When Dan Guiterrez was hired, some pressure in the discipline was alleviated, but enrollments continue to be strong and the need for another full-time faculty member is imperative for the continuity of the programs.  The early adversitising of a tenure track position in this area would hopefully generate a candidate pool which would assure continued diversity (perhaps a female), with up-to-date technology skills and the ability to further curriculum development which would meet the needs of employers in this field, both Law Enforcement and Corrections.  It is also important that we find someone with a background similar to Dan Guiterrez, who has both Law Enforcement and Corrections Experience.

          Enrollments in both Law Enforcement and Corrections Programs have continued to be strong.  With the exception of 1995, when the Corrections area hosted two accelerated programs which caused an unusually high enrollment, over the past several years, credit hour generation has been consistent or increasing.  (Over the past seven years, credit hour generation has averaged between 4071 and 5094 per year, with an efficiency rate betwen 95% and 103%.)   Dan Guiterrez has received information from the Michigan Department of Corrections which indicates that there will be 3900 new Corrections Officers needed in the next three years due to the expansion of and building of new correctional facilitieis in this area.   Delta is in a perfect position to draw a large number of new students into our program, but with the limitation on full-tinme faculty this would necessitate hiring more adjuncts in a discipline where between 53% to 76% of the credit hours are already generated through the use of adjuncts in any given year.




(3) Plaintiff's Exhibit # 48:
Memo from Chuck Philip to Betty Jones, Delta College Vice President and diversity advocate dated April 30, 1999

Office of the Dean of Faculty

TO: Betty Jones
FROM: Chuck Philip (/s/ signature/initial of Chuck Philip)
SUBJECT: Recommendations to Hire a New Faculty Member in Our Criminal Justice and Law Enforcement Discipline; Michele Whitaker
DATE: April 30, 1999

You will find attached, Betty, a unanimous recommendation from our search committee and Division Chair.  All [of them] recommended Michele Whitaker.   I agree.

Michele is a very strong applicant.  She has extensive professional experience in corrections and the appropriate graduate level education as well.  She has performed quite well as an adjunct faculty member in this discipline for over ten years and has impressed the committee and Chair with the quality of her teaching., "outstanding" and "superior" in their judgment.  She seems to be sincere in her efforts to be student centered and would be a fine addition to our faculty in this discipline.

Recommendation.  Offer our currently available faculty position in Criminal Justice and Law Enforcement to Michele Whitaker.

[Editor's Note:  The following, handwritten notation by Betty B. Jones was added to this memo and the handwritten date by Ms. Jones was 5/3/99.]

I strongly concur in this recommendation.  Michelle Whitaker is an excellent candidate and will bring needed strengths and diversity to the C.J.discipline.

/sig/ Betty B. Jones

Translation in non-script:  "I strongly concur in this recommendation.  Michelle Whitaker is an excellent candidate and will bring needed strengths and disversity to the C.J. [Criminal Justice] discipline."




(4) Plaintiff's Attorney

Mr. Glen N. Lenhoff represented Stephen Buszek.   His contact information is:


Law Office of Glen N. Lenhoff
328 S. Saginaw Street
8th Floor, North Building
Flint, Michigan  48502
Phone (810) 235-5660

Fax (810) 235-5641


NOTE:   In 1997 Mr. Lenhoff also successfully represented another reverse gender discrimination case.  In Dennis J. Purcell vs. Mott Community College (No. 94-29949 in Genesee County Circuit Court) plaintiff was paid $500,000 to settle his reverse discrimination claim.  See Purcell v. Mott Community College. UP: Top of story

END Case 30: Stephen Buszek v. Delta College, No. 00-3843-CL, Bay County Circuit Court


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