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About Adversity.Net about_us.htm
Activist / Politically Incorrect Sites favoract.htm
Affirmative Action - Liberal academic research supports quotas and preferences (08-16-02) Pro_AA/pincus_main_frame.htm
ALL the News - Indexed by Subject, State, and City favormor.htm
Case Studies - Categorical.   Case studies and horror stories listed categorically. horror.htm
Case Studies - Numerical.   Case studies and horror stories listed numerically. horror_numerical.htm
Coca Cola - Things go better with Quotas!  Quota Cola agreed to spend over 1/2 billion dollars for anti-white employment and business initiatives. c26_quota_cola_1.htm
Commission on Civil Rights:  On April 11, 2000 the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights launched an all-out attack on race-blind justice.  Especially targeted Florida, California, and Washington State initiatives. florida/liberal_attack.htm
Contributions - Adversity.Net is a tax-exempt, charitable organization.  Give what you can to support our mission. Donations/D_main.htm
Directors - Adversity.Net's Board of Directors, Bios. directors.htm
Disparate Impact - NCAA's acadmic elibility standards have come under fire.  This case is a great illustration of the "no fault" disparate impact argument which automatically assumes anyone who uses academic test scores to be a racist. Disparate_Impact/disparity.htm
Diversity - The "D" Word; McArthyism for the Millenium dword.htm
Donations - Adversity.Net is a tax-exempt charitable organization.  Give what you can to support our operations. Donations/D_main.htm
Editorials, Favorites - Collection of national and local editorials on the subject of reverse discrimination, quotas, and racial politics in general. FRAMES/editorial_main_frame.htm
EEOC - By all means, file a complaint even if you're not a minority! dw_eeoc.htm
EEOC - Are you employed by the EEOC?  If you have been subjected to reverse discrimination by the EEOC, you can be interviewed for a national news report on this topic! partners/eeoc_news_article.htm
FLORIDA Election 2000 - Insanity reigns!  Ballot counting follies, political cartoons, links. florida/Frame_Fla_MainFrame.htm
Home Page default.htm
Horror Stories - by Category.  Detailed case studies of the cost of racial preferences (includes law suits, legal documents, news links).  Listed by category. horror.htm
Horror Stories - by Number.  Detailed case studies of the cost of racial preferences (includes law suits, legal documents, news links).  Listed in numerical order. horror_numerical.htm
Legal Help and Resources - Law firms who fight reverse discrimination legalhelp.htm
Legal Help - Guidelines for finding a public interest law firm to prosecute your reverse discrimination case legalhelp_guidelines.htm
Links to Color Blind Web Sites - Best sites on the Web supporting color blind justice. topten.htm
Message Board - Participate in the 'Dialogue on Race' that Clinton Won't Allow!  (You must obtain a password.) wwwboard/wwwboard.shtml
Michigan Quotas - The University of Michigan racial quota cases went to the Supreme Court, and the Court has approved racial quotas in higher education -- as long as the school is "subtle" about it! (06-23-03) UMich/MIMainFrame.htm
Military Quotas - The Army, Navy, Air Force, DoD, and the Pentagon shamelessly practice reverse discrimination and race/gender quotas. military.htm
NEWS Articles and Links - Sorted by Subject, State, and City favormor.htm
Office of Personnel Management - 2003 U.S. OPM data show wild overhiring of preferred minorities.   05-22-03 fed_stats/OPM2003/opm2003_MainFrame.htm
Politically Incorrect - Web sites with a twist (and some humor)! favoract.htm
Private Sector - Racial quotas and preferences in the private sector. private_sector/general_news.htm
Proposition 209 - California's Supreme Court tells the liberals to back off!  NO quotas!  Read about this historic ruling 11/30/00. Prop209/209frame_MAIN.htm
Quiz - Self test; what is your risk of reverse discrimination? quiz.htm
Racial Testers - Using your tax dollars, the government sends undercover agents to your office or your housing authority to entrap you into racial discrimination. Racial_Testers/racial_testers_1.htm
Racial Privacy Initiative (RPI) - This California ballot initiative would make the collection of racial data illegal. RPI/rpi_mainframe.htm
Reparations for Slavery - Racial extortion? White liberal guilt? reparations/reparations_for_reverse_discrimination.htm
Taxman, Sharon - White NJ school teacher fired for being white; bribed by NAACP to drop Supreme Court case! njteach.htm
Terms and Definitions - Clinton and his quota supporters try to hide their racial preferences under specific key words and phrases.  Know what they really mean! Terms_Definitions/terms_main_frame.htm

Other News Summaries and Links:

Banking, Housing, Wall Street - Racial quotas affect your mortgages and investments. special/banking_housing.htm
Black Terrorists Burning Cincinnati - As of April 7, 2001 Cincinnati, Ohio is under siege by black thugs and criminals.  The city is on fire, whites are being assaulted, and the subject is a 19 year old black male with 14 outstanding warrants who was shot to death. Cincinnati_Race_Riots/CinRaceRiots_MainFrame.htm
Busing - Forced busing will be 25 yrs. old in June 1999.  Is it ending? special/busing.htm
City and Local Contractors - News about set-asides and quotas (by state and city). citysetasides.htm
Education - News about racial admissions quotas, legal cases, school board battles (by state and city). 0_Education/ED_MainFrame.htm
Federal Agencies - News about employment and contracting quotas (by agency). fedagency_news.htm
Florida (and Nation):   U.S. Civil Rights Commission launches vicious attack on race-blind justice.   Especially singles out Florida.  (Posted 4/13/00) florida/liberal_attack.htm
Florida Initiative 2000!   News, Background, History about the Florida Civil Rights Initiative.   (Re-scheduled for 2002!) florida/initiative.htm
Florida - Gov. Jeb Bush Ends Quotas?!  Republican Florida Gov. Jeb Bush announces a sweeping end to racial quotas and preferences.  Is he sincere, or does he just want to derail the Florida Civil Rights Initiative? florida/jeb_bush_ends_quotas.htm
Free Speech - Is Criticism of Racial Quotas and Affirmative Action Prohibited or Protected by the First Amendment? special/freespeech.htm
General Services Administration (GSA) - The GSA routinely discriminates against white employees in order to achieve "diversity goals"; and they are being sued! GSA_lawsuit/gsa_overview.htm
Houston, Texas Initiative - Houston officials deliberately misworded the ballot; Courts order a new referendum! houston.htm
HUD Sued for Reverse Discrimination (08-11-02) fed_stats/HUD/
Initiative 200 (I-200) - Washington State voters ended quotas in Nov. 98...or did they? i200.htm
McDonald's Sued for Reverse Discrimination - Fast food giant sued for employment practices which discriminate against whites (05-28-02) MCDONALDS_Case/
Michigan College Quotas - Gratz v. Bollinger at the University of Michigan undergrad school ... U.S. Supreme Court on 06-23-03 declared the UM undergrad quotas illegal, BUT also declared that the UM law school quotas (Grutter v. Bollinger) ARE legal!  God help us. UMich/MIMainFrame.htm
Military Racial Quotas and Preferences - The Pentagon, DoD, Army, Navy, Air Force routinely practice reverse discrimination. military.htm
Miscellaneous News - Misc. articles of interest. favor_misc.htm
Legal News - Legal profession in the news about racial quotas. legalnews.htm
News Analysis - Summary and top stories, from the editor. newsanal.htm
Police, Fire, EMS and Municipal Employees - quotas and set-asides, lost business, law suits (by state and city). 0_PoliceFireMuni/PFM_frame.htm
Politics - Racial Politics 2000.  News reports about political pandering to the minority special interests.  Includes George W. Bush on quotas for Campaign 2000. special/politics.htm
Quota Cola - Soft drink giant agrees to spend 1/2 billion dollars on anti-white employment and business initiatives. c26_quota_cola_1.htm
Racial Gerrymandering - Supreme Court rules racial gerrymandering is unconstitutional! special/gerrymander.htm
State Employment and Contracting - Racial quotas at the state level (by state and city). fedstate.htm
Texas Initiative 2000? - Nope, but there was some serious talk. texas/initiative.htm

Special Reports and Research:

Kodak Quotas -- KodaQuotas!   July 21, 2003.  The Eastman Kodak Company uses racial data to hire and promote minorities to the exclusion of non-minorities!  Quodak also does NOT tolerate conservative, Christian beliefs and fires employees who hold such beliefs.   KodaQuotas Case # 35. Kodak/default.htm
Race Riots in Benton Harbor, Michigan.  June 21, 2003.  A known drug dealer died when he tried to elude police on his motorcycle.  He was black, had a record a mile long.  Black residents responded by burning down their own houses and businesses, and by attacking whites.  The national media suppressed much of this information.  Updated 06-21-03. BentonHarbor/
Philadephia Fire Department Quotas:  Racial balance is more important than the ability to put out fires!   Special report posted 06-03-03. philly/default.htm
Boeing Aircraft Reverse Discrimination.  Giant aerospace contractor doesn't hire white-owned suppliers.  Boeing has paid over $1.3 billion for non-white oriented employment, training and contracting.  Web posted March 23, 2003. c33_boeing.htm
Rochester NY Schools Don't Allow Whites to Transfer to Better Schools!  10 year old Jessica Haak was denied a transfer to a better school solely because she is white.  Black and Hispanic students, however, WERE allowed and were actively encouraged to transfer to better schools.  Posted 03-14-03. c32_jessica_haak.htm
Liberal Research Supports Racial Quotas - University of Maryland Researcher interviewed Adversity.Net readers, concluded that racial quotas don't negatively affect whites (08-16-02) Pro_AA/pincus_main_frame.htm
Bill Lann Lee, Clinton's 'acting' head of the Dept. of Justice Office of Civil Rights - His first year (1998) of enforcing quotas. no_lee.htm
California - Is the new Gov. Gray Davis (Democrat) dismantling Prop. 209? special/wilson_davis.htm
Census 2000 - Can you make it 'color blind' by refusing to fill in your race or ethnicity? special/census2000.htm
Census 2000 - Too many racial categories may actuall render the census colorblind, just like the framers of the Constitution intended. special/census2000_blind.htm
Census 2000 - George W. Bush's Census Bureau recommends using actual head count instead of fictitious "sampled" minority counts. special/census2000_sampling.htm
Census 2000 - Democrats want to use the Census to create a national racial profile for you and for your employer.  Numbers will be used to enforce anti-white racial quotas. special/census2000_editorial.htm
Corrupt Set-Aside and Preference Programs - Race-based programs seem to invite corruption and bribery.  This collection documents federal investigations into corrupt quota programs in Atlanta, Pittsburgh, Prince Georges County Maryland, and San Francisco. FRAMES/corrupt_quotas_main_frame.htm
Dirty Racial Politics - Special Collection -- (requires frames)  Here's how quotas and race reporting are imposed on us!  Watch as Texaco, Paine Webber, the City of Houston, and Quota Cola (Coke) extinguish the Constitution right before your very eyes with approval of the U.S. Department of Justice.  Four interrelated case studies that will keep you awake at night! FRAMES/dirty_racial_politics.htm
DOT - U.S. Dept. of Transportation is Clinton's hammer for spreading billions in federal quota money around the U.S.  (Includes lots of statistics and links.) special/usdot_main.htm
Ebonics - A national speech code from EEOC? special/ebonics.htm
Education:  Grade School and High School Quotas - Special Collection -- (requires frames)  The courts repeatedly strike down quotas in elementary school assignments and admissions. FRAMES/grade_hs_main_frame.htm
Educational Testing - Special Collection -- (requires frames)  Politically-correct, race-based assault on standardized test scores.  If you're the right (or wrong) color, a low score means disparate impact! FRAMES/ed_testing_main_frame.htm
EEOC - Ida L. Castro is the new head; can she be fair in processing discrimination complaints from whites? ida_castro.htm
Federal:  U.S. Civil Rights Commission launches attack on race-blind justice.  Abandons any pretense of fighting for equality.  Targets Florida, California, Washington State, Texas and others.  (Posted 4/13/00) florida/liberal_attack.htm
Federal Statistics: Agency Racial Purchases - tabulated by race, agency, and specific quota program. fed_stats/fed_stats_main.htm
Federal Statistics:   Federal Employment of Minorities at the Expense of White Males - Official U.S. OPM report which chronicles the extent to which non-minority employees are discriminated against by the federal government. 05-22-03 fed_stats/OPM2003/opm2003_MainFrame.htm

Newest report posted 05-22-03

Georgia Racial Quotas - Special Collection -- (requires frames)  Racial quotas are under serious attack in the State of Georgia:  Atlanta, University of Georgia, and Fulton County's racial set-asides and quota policies are all in court. FRAMES/georgia_quotas_main_frame.htm
Maryland Police - On Jan. 14, 2000 the U.S. DOJ forced Mongomery County Police to racially profile ALL motorists.  DOJ hopes to create evidence of racial discrimination where none exists -- after 3 years the DOJ was unable to show any evidence of racism in this police dept. MontgomeryCountyPolice/racial_profiling.htm
Michigan University Quotas - On Dec. 13, 2000 Judge Duggan ruled U Michigan quota policies unconstitutional.   This case may be headed for President George W. Bush's Supreme Court! education_2_michu_1.htm
Microsoft - On Sept. 16, 1999 Bill Gates announced he is donating $1 billion for scholarships for any student who is NOT white. gates_minorities.htm
Nappy Hair - A white teacher's life is threatened for teaching black children self-esteem. special/nappy_hair.htm
Niggardly - White mayoral aide in black city fired, rehired, big stink for using a perfectly good, English word. special/niggardly.htm
OPM Reports TOO Many Minorities Hired!  The U.S. Office of Personnel Management reports that some agencies have over-hired blacks by as much as 500%! (05-22-03) fed_stats/OPM2003/opm2003_MainFrame.htm
Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) -- Victims of reverse discrimination experience severe stress and psychological disorders which are covered by the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) post_traumatic._0.htm
Prince Georges County, Maryland:  Corrupt, black Maryland officials award Redskins Stadium contracts to black friends and racial contributors. PrinceGeorgesCounty/
Proposition 209 - California's Supreme Court tells the liberals to back off!  NO quotas!  Read about this historic ruling 11/30/00. Prop209/209frame_MAIN.htm
Racial Profiling - Special Collection -- (requires frames)  Selected news reports about the adverse impact that racial profiling and race reporting have upon European Americans. FRAMES/profiling_frame.htm
Sacramento Municipal Utility District (SMUD) Sued for Violating Proposition 209 -- On June 22, 2000, the Pacific Legal Foundation sued SMUD for restricting contract awards to selected preferred races and genders. Sacramento_Setasides/smud_plf_0.htm
Student Handbook for Spotting Racial Quotas and Taking Legal Steps (from CIR) special/cir_hand.htm
Supreme Court Quotas? - Racial Quotas Not Allowed at High Court legalnews_supreme.htm

Links - Other Sites:

Color Blind Web Sites:  These sites oppose racial and gender quotas, preferences, and goals.   They are "mainstream", and they are your friends! topten.htm
Legal Help and Resources:   Non-profit advocacy firms and private practitioners with experience in reverse discrimination cases. legalhelp.htm
Politically Incorrect & VERY Conservative:   Web sites with an "in your face" attitude about quotas and preferences. favoract.htm
ALL the NEWS:   Hundreds of current news stories about reverse discrimination and quotas, sorted by category, state, and city.  Updated continuously.  Ongoing documentation of the damage caused by racial and gender quotas and preferences. favormor.htm


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