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June 14, 2006:  Official Gov't Data Shows Excessive Overhiring of Minorities.  See Full Report
Feb. 20, 2006:  Western States Paving!  Racial quotas in federal highway projects are ILLEGAL! See Full Story.

          The racial quota industry and the race merchants work overtime to invent terms that they think will sell racial and gender quotas, preferences, targets and goals.  A new term seems to be invented every week.

          Language, words and terms are very important in our fight for color-blind justice.  Language shapes our perception of our environment.  Don't let the quota industry and the race merchants define your environment!  Know what the racial quota terms really mean.

Our Current Favorite Terms:  

Uniform Guidelines on Employee Selection Procedures The "Uniform Guidelines" represent the feds' playbook and bible on using the "law" to impose racial preferences, targets, goals and quotas on every employer in the U.S.
Supplier Diversity Program All U.S. companies have "supplier diversity programs" which exclude businesses and suppliers which are owned buy non-preferred races and ethnicities. 
Metrics "Metrics" is the term the corporate quota pushers use to define "measures of diversity".
The Nuremberg Defense The "Nuremberg Defense" is often used by reverse discriminators who say "I was just following orders (or gov't regs)."
Equal Opportunity Harasser If a preferred minority treats ALL of his/her employees badly then he/she may escape prosecution for reverse discrimination.
Digital Divide The "digital divide" is a semantic illusion of the Clintonistas and liberal quota advocates.

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