Uniform Guidelines
on Employee Selection Procedures (UGESP)
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Uniform Guidelines refers to the federal "Uniform Guidelines on Employee Selection Procedures" (UGESP).   When high stakes test development firms refer to the "Uniform Guidelines" they are referring to this document.

          The Uniform Guidelines are the definitive federal authority regarding hiring and promoting the "correct" number of preferred minorities.  The Guidelines were enacted in 1978 and remain in effect today.

          The Uniform Guidelines dictate that employers (federal, state, local and private) must devise employment tests and selection procedures which guarantee that the "correct" proportion of protected races are hired and/or promoted.  They call this process "reducing adverse impact".

          Under the Guidelines, cognitive ability (general intelligence) is given a very low priority in employment testing, selection, hiring and promotion. 

          Instead, the Guidelines emphasize personality measures, biographical data, and various proxies for race and ethnicity in order to hire the "correct" number of preferred racial and ethnic groups.   Job-related technical skills are given a lower priority especially if a larger proportion of minorities do not possess those skills.

          Under the "Uniform Guidelines" employers who fail to hire the correct proportion of protected / preferred minorities are automatically presumed guilty of illegal discrimination until they can  prove their innocence.

          High stakes test development firms, such as SHL Group (formerly Landy-Jacobs) depend heavily on the Guidelines in developing dumbed down employment tests which are explicitly designed to hire more minorities.  In fact, SHL Group followed the Guidelines in developing the controversial Suffolk County, NY police exam.  That exam has generated several lawsuits by rejected non-minority officers who were smarter and had better technical skills but who "failed" the infamous "bio data" measurements mandated by the Guidelines.

          The actual text of the Uniform Guidelines makes for fascinating reading.  A quick read will reveal the extent to which the federal government has gone to disguise racial quotas.

          The Guidelines were written and are used extensively by the following federal agencies with civil rights enforcement responsibilies:  the U.S. EEOC, the U.S. Department of Justice, and the U.S. Department of Labor.

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