Adversity.Net, Inc. for Victims of Reverse Discrimination
          In a strict business sense, an Underserved Market represents a bona fide business opportunity which has been inadvertently overlooked by a profit-oriented business enterprise without regard to race, ethnicity or gender.  Theoretically, once a profit-oriented business discovers such an overlooked opportunity, it may choose to create additional profit for itself by marketing its goods and services to the previously underserved market.

          This is perfectly rational behavior for a free-market, profit-oriented business operating in a capitalist society such as the United States.

          However, the quota industry attempts to redefine the term "Underserved Market" to include protected minorities and women who exhibit high-risk, low-profit behavior, some of whom reside in lower-income, high crime urban areas.  Through their definition of this term, the quota industry attempts to portray profit-oriented businesses as racists who refuse to do business for discriminatory, racist reasons. 

          The quota industry studiously avoids the fact that their definition of "Underserved Market" includes high-risk, low-profit individuals and instead prefers to call common, profit-oriented business practices "racist".   The quota industry thus begs the question: Should a business be required to deal with low-profit, high-risk customers because they are on the government's protected minority list?

          In Clinton/Gore-speak, to describe a geographic area or group as an "Underserved Market" is to say that rational, profit-oriented businesses have avoided such markets for reasons of racism.  This Clinton/Gore definition of the term avoids any discussion of the low-profit, bad-credit, high-risk nature of these "Underserved Markets" which the quota industry has divisively defined in racial terms.

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