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          Underrepresented is an extremely biased term used by the quota industry.  This term strongly implies that certain colors, races, ethnicities (but not all) are entitled to be proportionately represented in the job market, in schools, everywhere. 

          EXAMPLE:  According to the quota industry, if the population of the City of Podunk is 30% green people, but the Widget Company of Podunk's workforce is comprised only of 10% green people, then the Widget Company is automatically guilty of racially discriminating against green people!

          No proof of intent to discriminate by the Widget Company is required in this example.  It is not required that the government prove that the Widget Company had in place a racist employment policy which racially discriminated against green people.  The quota industry's definition of "Underrepresented" only requires that the Widget Company's work force does not employ the same proportion of green people as exist in the general population.

          The quota industry would have us believe that the simple fact that proportionally fewer green people work at the Widget Company than reside in the general population is, in itself, de facto proof that the Widget Company engaged in illegal racial discrimination.

          NOTE:  Having too few Caucasians working for a company is not generally considered to constitute "underrepresentation".  In any event, the EEOC and the Dept. of Justice do not prosecute employers for hiring too few Caucasians.

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