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          Undercount is a term that refers exclusively to Census 2000 and its ability (or inability) to accurately count "minorities".  The term "undercount" specifically excludes whites (Caucasians, immigrants of Northern European descent, and other non-minorities). 

          According to the liberal democrats, to undercount is to not accurately count the numbers of certain minorities and ethnicities in any given census tract.  This is a very hot issue because billions of dollars in federal and state tax dollars (your tax dollars) are allocated for the racial benefit of these "undercounted" minorities and ethnicities. 

          Thus, cities and states are quite anxious to make sure that their local Census 2000 data counts as many minorities as possible in their districts! 

          And you naively thought that huge amount of tax dollars withheld from your paycheck were intended to benefit all U.S. citizens equally!

          Remember, the Constitution only mandates a Census which provides raw headcount information.  No mention is made in the Constitution of other, intrusive and/or potentially racist Census questions.

          According to the quota industry, mysteriously, or even magically, it seems that "white" people and immigrants of Northern European descent are never undercounted on the Census.  Furthermore, there are no federal programs which provide racially-based tax money to cities and states based on the number of Caucasians (Northern Europeans, or white people) which the Census reveals live there.  So the quota industry absolutely does not care if "white" people are undercounted.  

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