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          The term Social Services definitely means different things to Conservatives and to Liberals.  Benefits or entitlements bestowed by social services programs may include "free" medical care and "free" or "inexpensive" housing.

Democrat / Liberal Definition:  Social Services are taxpayer-supported programs which give many expensive benefits to "disadvantaged" (minority)  members of society.  Democrats (liberals) believe that minorities and "historically disadvantaged" members of society are entitled to a minimum lifestyle which should be funded by the presumably "more privileged", hard-working, productive, tax-paying members of this society.

Republican / Conservative Definition:   Social Services = Welfare!  These programs are taxpayer-supported programs which give benefits (entitlements) to non-productive members of society at the expense of productive members of society.  Such programs provide reduced-fee medical services and reduced-fee housing to individuals who are not full participants in our economy.   These "social services" represent a significant drain on the productive members of society in terms of higher taxes. 

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