(Also "Natural Resegregation")
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          What on earth does the term resegregation mean in the 21st century? 

          Does it mean that blacks can no longer drink from the same water fountains as whites?  Does it mean that colleges in Alabama are once again refusing to admit blacks?  That restaurants in the South are once again refusing to seat black patrons?   That blacks must ride in the back of the bus?  That new local ordinances are being written which forbid blacks from living in certain areas?

          Of course, resegregation means none of these things!  Today those racist actions are clearly illegal, penalties are vigorously enforced, and there are NO laws in the U.S. today which force separation of the races.

          So what does the term "resegregation" really mean?

          Resegregation has been defined by the quota industry as follows:  When intrusive, race-based, federally-imposed controls are removed (most frequently through lawsuits), then school admissions, employer hiring, and housing patterns are once again freely determined by democratic citizen choice.  (1) Citizens choose to live in neighborhoods, and send their kids to nearby schools for which their real estate tax dollars are paying; and/or (2) Employers once again begin to hire and promote employees based on skills and qualifications without regard to their race or gender.

Feb. 26, 2004:

Crazed racial radicals in Boston demand an end to "neighborhood schools" and "school choice" because it will allegedly lead to "resegregation".

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          Resegregation thus is a deliberately divisive, "Racial Politics 2000" term coined by liberal faux researchers such as Dr. Gary Orfield (late of Harvard University's so-called Civil Rights Project).  The term attempts to label as racist the desire of parents to send their kids to a local neighborhood school which, of all things, are comprised of kids from the neighborhood!  Omigod, that MUST be re-segregation!  (Many black parents support the radical notion that their children should be allowed to attend close, neighborhood schools without regard to federally-imposed busing or desegregation orders.)

         A variation on the term, Natural Resegregation, is widely used to further discredit the idea that parents should be free to choose where they send their kids to school without regard to race, gender or ethnicity. 

          This term implicitly acknowledges that parents and school kids, left to their own devices, just might choose to send their kids to a predominantly (pick-a-race-or-color) school.  The term also strongly implies that those parents and kids should be denied their school choice in the questionable interest of "diversity".  (See Washington Post 11/03/99 Montgomery County Schools.)

          The alarmist and divisive terms resegregation and natural resegregation attempt to demonize parents who want their kids to attend their local, neighborhood school.  These terms also imply that questionable "forced diversity" goals should always override the desires of parents of school age children.

          See especially also the heated "resegregation" rhetoric of the crazy radicals in Boston 2-25-04:  Boston Fringe Element Hysterical about Resegregation.

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