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REDUCED OPPORTUNITY is a term deliberately manufactured by the race merchants designed to imply that racial quota policies which deny opportunities to whites and other non-preferred groups represents nothing more sinister than "reduced opportunity". 

          In fact, the term "reduced opportunity" means racial discrimination against whites and other non-favored, non-preferred racial and ethnic groups. 

          When "reduced opportunity" is used by supporters of affirmative action (racial preferences), it literally means the following, specific things:

  • Whites and other non-minorities deserve a few, supposedly harmless "reduced opportunities" since whites are automatically presumed guilty of prior racist advantage.
  • White-owned businesses are not allowed to bid on billions of dollars in government contracts because those contracts have been "set aside" for government-defined "historically disadvantaged" (minority, mostly black) individuals.  The race merchants define this blatant race-based limitation as "reduced opportunity" for whites rather than admitting that is is really racial discrimination.
  • College admission applications submitted by white students (as well as many Asian students) are routinely given a lower priority than applications submitted by black students and other persons of color (given equal academic qualifications).  The collegiate race merchants call this "reduced opportunity" for privileged white and Asian college applicants (i.e., high-performing students), rather than admitting it is blatant racism.  (The collegiate race merchants also call this "diversity".)
  • Government employees who are white are routinely denied promotion and advancement opportunities due to enforced diversity policies (minority hiring quotas) at government agencies.  This is called "reduced opportunity for whites" by advocates of race-based government employment policies rather than admitting that these policies blatantly, racially discriminate against whites and other non-protected races.

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