Adversity.Net, Inc. for Victims of Reverse Discrimination
          Racialist is the liberal, pro-quota term of the millennium!  According to advocates of racial preferences, to be racialist is to favor "race-based interventions", i.e., quotas and preferences favoring specific minorities.

          The quota industry would have you believe that Racialism = "good" discrimination, while Racism = "bad" discrimination.  There is only one kind of discrimination, and that's the kind that "racialists" practice!   If the distinction seems confusing or contradictory to you, that's because there is no difference between a racialist and a racist!

          To call oneself a racialist is exactly the same as calling oneself a racist.  In this context, it's very funny to hear the Bill Clintons of the world calling themselves racialists!

          Don't be fooled!  Racialism has exactly the same meaning as racism.   There can be no such thing as good racism vs. bad racism (although the quota industry fervently hopes that you will be fooled).

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