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          Racial Profiling is performed every day by government and private employers when they demand that employees and contractors list their race and ethnicity on their applications.  The U.S. Census is a big racial profiler!

          The quota industry wants you to believe there is a good form of racial profiling (employer racial quotas), and a bad form of racial profiling (police apprehending minority criminals). 

Good Racial Profiling:   So-called good racial profiling results in a disparate impact upon non-minorities (European Americans, Caucasians, or whites) due to race-based job preferences dictated by the federal government (and coerced from private employers).  Non-minorities are often denied jobs, promotions, educational admissions, and contracting opportunities due to good racial profiling.

          Racial profiling is especially rampant in heavily regulated industries such as banking and home mortgages, as well as in government employment and contracting.  As long as racial profiling benefits the correct races and ethnicities, it is considered to be good racial profiling.

Bad Racial Profiling:  The NAACP and the other racial special interests define criminal prosecution of minorities who have committed crimes as bad racial profiling, especially if it turns out that more blacks, for example, exceed the speed limit on the New Jersey Turnpike than whites.   The racial lobby in this country actively promotes the belief that if minorities commit more of certain types of crimes than whites that fact somehow constitutes racial profiling.

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