Adversity.Net, Inc. for Victims of Reverse Discrimination
          The terms Race Sensitive and Race Conscious first appeared in main stream news coverage of the Year 2000 campaign in May 1999.  The terms were designed by the quota industry to disguise the fact that any social policy based on race is, in fact, racist and is, in fact, a quota program by another name.

          Race Sensitive and Race Conscious mean exactly the same thing as racial quota, race-based, and racial preference.

          The Congressional Black Lobby (er, Caucus) would have us believe that "race sensitive policies" are good and helpful and do not illegally discriminate against non-minorities such as Caucasians.

          Make no mistake:  Race Sensitive policies and Race Conscious policies illegally, racially exclude Caucasians and other non-minorities from legitimate job, contract, and educational opportunities due primarily to skin color.

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