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         Yes, there is definitely such a thing as Prior Discrimination

          However, this unfortunate fact has been warped into a questionable legal principle which assumes that, as a non-minority, you owe your job, promotion, or government contract to the fact that you have benefited unfairly from some vague, unproven "prior advantage" over "disadvantaged minorities"!

          This absurd concept presumes that -- solely because you are a non-minority -- you should be subjected to arbitrary penalties (economic, career, job, promotion, political) based on race or gender in order to "compensate" the "historically disadvantaged" for your presumed prior advantage. 

          This specious principle violates every tenet of our legal system:  no specific proof of advantage or disadvantage is required, the "remedies" are applied capriciously and unevenly, and you are presumed guilty because you are a non-minority!  You do not get a speedy trial of your peers, and the government doesn't need to supply proof of your alleged crime of "prior advantage".   You are guilty because you are not a minority.

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