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          In the land of quotas, Outreach and Recruitment is the kinder, gentler form of reverse discrimination and racial quotas. 

          In mid-1998 the term came into favor with politicians and the quota industry as a verbal method of avoiding the controversial racial quota bullet.

          Usage:   Theoretically, the phrase means "We can make an extra, special effort to ensure that minorities apply for our school, job, or contract but we promise not to base the final admission, employment, or contract decision entirely on race or gender (scout's honor)."  The alternative phrasing is usually something like "We use outreach and recruitment, but race and gender are only one of many factors upon which we base our final decision."

          This bit of verbal sleight of hand is similar to the one used in Minority Business Enterprise and its related terms.

          Important Note:  Although "Outreach and Recruitment" is discriminatory against non-minorities, it is something of an improvement insofar as it does necessarily require an outright gift of a job offer, school admission or job promotion based solely on race or gender.  In cases where outreach / recruitment is actually substituted for "quotas" and "goals", it does do somewhat less harm to the Constitution and to the rights of non-minorities.

          In practice, therefore, Outreach and Recruitment is merely the lesser of many quota evils.

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