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          Multiculturalism is another perfectly good English word that has been ruined by the quota industry.

          This term was invented by the quota industry to overcome significant public resentment over the more obvious, traditional quota terms such as affirmative action, diversity, hiring goals, and historically disadvantaged.

          The word has great appeal because it seems similar to the concept of "melting pot".

          Of course, "multiculturalism" is the exact opposite of melting pot!   It literally means don't learn our country's cultural values, don't learn our way of life, don't learn our language, don't try to fit in, don't assimilate!

          Unfortunately, both Democrats and Republicans have adopted the word!

          Democrats: "You can count on me to support racially separatist programs, including job quotas, race-reporting, and racial preferences even though I can't be that honest.  But I am a Democrat; all minorities should vote for me because I definitely support multiculturalism."

          Republicans: "I am a compassionate conservative and I really need minority votes to get elected. I won’t dare speak against racial quotas and preferences.  I might not really support quotas, but you should vote for me anyway because I definitely support multiculturalism."

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