(Also: MBE, WBE, SDB, DBE)
Adversity.Net, Inc. for Victims of Reverse Discrimination
          Functionally, Minority Business Enterprise (MBE) has the same meaning as the following government reverse discrimination terms and programs:

                  DBE - Disadvantaged Business Enterprise
                  HUB - Historically Underutilized Business (one of our favorites!)
                  MED - Minority Enterprise Development
                  SDB - Small Disadvantaged Business
                  WBE - Women Business Enterprise

          All of these race and gender preference programs are operated by the federal government for the sole purpose of giving contracts to minorities and to women under greatly relaxed bidding and accounting restrictions (almost none in many cases). 

          Under these preference programs, firms owned by white males are excluded from government work in favor of wealthier, larger firms that are owned by protected minorities.  (See especially our Horror Stories case studies.)

          Recently the feds launched yet another dishonest tactic designed to make it even more difficult for white males to file reverse discrimination lawsuits against this racist and sexist program.

          In July, 1998 the feds announced with great fanfare that they were including "disadvantaged white-male-owned businesses" in these preference programs.  BUT: a close examination of the law reveals that a white male applying to these preference programs must supply compelling documentation proving their historic disadvantage.  NOTE:  There is no such proof required of protected minorities to join these programs.   Thus, the alleged inclusion of white males in these programs is a complete fabrication.

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