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          In context, metrics refers to any numerical measure of a company's or manager's performance in meeting their forced diversity or racial quota goals.  Of course, the word "metrics" has many, many uses which have nothing at all to do with racial quotas.

          However, when "metrics" appears in conjunction with words like "inclusion", "cultural", "diversity", and "opportunity" you can be sure the user is talking about racial targets, goals and quotas. 

          For example, the Eastman Kodak Company awards racial quota bonuses to its executives based on metrics:

          "Accountability is a key component of Kodak's commitment to diversity and inclusion. Executives are held accountable for their results through metrics tied to a portion of compensation. This measures progress in workforce diversity and culture transformation."

-- Source: Kodak 2002 Annual Report.  Emphasis added.

          Here's how United Airlines uses metrics to measure progress toward its forced diversity goals:

          The company's diversity strategy, developed by a team of United executives and the company's Director of Diversity, is designed to enhance United's ability to attract and retain the "right" talent through metrics in four areas: Inclusion; Work/Life Balance; Opportunity Enhancements; and Community Outreach.

-- Source: DiversityAtWork.Com, a pro-quota organization
sponsored and funded in part by United Airlines.  Emphasis added.

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