INCLUSION (Politics of Inclusion)
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          Inclusion or Politics of Inclusion is political-speak for racial quotas and preferences. 

          "Inclusion" in this context is based upon the dubious (and constitutionally indefensible) assumption that persons of certain colors are entitled to proportional representation (based on their numbers in the general population) in all jobs, all schools, all walks of life -- regardless of their qualifications. 

          To date, constitutional scholars and historians have been unable to find the mystical guarantee that certain colors, ethnicities and genders be "proportionately represented" in all walks of life.  

          The term inclusion was created by supporters of racial quotas to create a warm, fuzzy feeling among "whites" toward preference policies which explicitly racially discriminate against white males while providing special favor to almost anyone who is not white.

          The Ambassador of Racial Preferences and Quotas, Jesse Jackson, likes to use the term inclusion in his racial shake-downs of Wall Street investment firms and other businesses.  Jackson's use of the term inclusion means racial preferences and quotas.   Jackson has publicly stated he prefers to use the word "inclusion" instead of "racial preferences".

          The term inclusion is widely used by politicians from both parties who are seeking to increase their appeal among minority voters.  Politicians who use this term should be immediately suspected of pandering to racial special interests.  (See the related term: Underrepresented.)

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