Adversity.Net, Inc. for Victims of Reverse Discrimination
          High-Stakes Testing is racial-quota speak for any test which is used to determine a student's or an employee's fitness for a school admission, or for acceptance of a job application.

          The racial-quota pushers want you to believe that any test that results in lower scores for protected racial and ethnic groups is somehow racist.  (See also the Educational Testing Collection of articles.)

          The quota-pushers reject the notion that tests such as the SAT or ACT, and most employment tests, might actually measure important knowledge or skills; they blame the test itself for "oppressing" people of color.

          The first "solution" proposed by the quota-pushers is to "dumb down" the tests so that anyone reading at a 2nd grade level can pass them.

          The second, alternative "solution" proposed by the quota-pushers is to eliminate such tests altogether!

          Many people of all colors have been historically denied access to good academic preparation.  However, the test-bashers want to push off responsibility for this problem on the employers and / or college admissions offices saying, in essence, "Now these under-trained individuals are your problem."

          Thus, the test-bashers and quota-pushers seek to remove a very important incentive to study hard and learn while in school since, after all, if you're the right color you won't need to be able to pass tests.

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