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Heterogeneous first began appearing in the pro-quota press during summer 2000.  It appears to have been first adopted by educators who want to promote racial quotas and enforced diversity but who want to avoid admitting this fact to the parents of non-minority students in their school districts.

          Heterogeneous has thus become a new code word for racial quotas, targets and goals. 

          For a classroom or a workplace to be approved by the government as heterogeneous means that the racial, gender and/or ethnic identities of the individuals in the classroom or workplace meet or exceed the government-approved proportion of protected races, genders and ethnicities who reside within the boundaries of the school district or employment area.  (This proportion is often vaguely defined as a "target" or "goal".)

Non-political definition:   Formerly, Heterogeneous meant assorted, miscellaneous, mixed, dissimilar, or varied.  It was the logical opposite of Homogeneous which, to the best of our knowledge, still means uniform, same, alike, consistent, identical, similar, unvarying.  One day soon, however, Kwesi Mfume undoubtedly declare that Homogeneous means racial discrimination.

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