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          Hate Crimes:  The opposite of Love crimes.    Hate Crimes are those crimes which are committed for reasons of hate rather than reasons of love.   It is a very strange distinction. 

          The fact is that all crimes addressed by so-called hate crimes legislation are already adequately addressed by existing federal or state criminal codes.

          Hate crimes are an absurd, politically-correct construct which suggests that crimes committed for reasons of ethnic or gender hatred are somehow more reprehensible than crimes that are committed for other reasons.

          Why have the feds defined a special category of crime defined as a hate crime?

          First and foremost, a significant motive behind federal hate crime legislation is quite obvious:  A politician who supports such laws earns votes from the minority voters who are supposedly protected by such laws. 

          Second, the definition of certain crimes as federal hate crimes allows federal officials to intervene and interfere in local law enforcement efforts.  Hate crime legislation is thus a direct assault on states' rights.  The racial lobby has effectively traded off states' rights for political power.

          We're anxiously awaiting the inevitable introduction of federal Love Crime legislation.

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