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          Traditionally, Gerrymander is the historic term used to refer to the re-drawing of legislative districts by the political party in power for the purpose of providing the current majority party stronger voting representation in that district. 

          Similarly, racial gerrymandering is the process of carving up voting districts into weird shapes for the sole purpose of giving specific racial and ethnic groups undue voting representation.  The erroneous logic behind racially gerrymandered voting districts is that certain races and ethnicities deserve their own voting bloc.  This has been one of the racial lobby's most powerful, divisive tools.

          Political gerrymandering as well as racial gerrymandering are practices which have been repeatedly struck down by courts all the way up to the U.S. Supreme Court.  Yet the practice continues.  See also:  Racial Gerrymandering.

          Virtually legislative district in the U.S. which could be racially gerrymandered was already racially gerrymandered prior to the Supreme Court decision.  The high court did not mandate the dismantling of existing racially gerrymandered voting districts -- that task must await a series of time-consuming, enormously expensive lawsuits.

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