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          Ethnoviolence is a term which speciously attempts to distinguish between crimes against members of the general population vs. crimes against persons of the "correct" (protected) color, race or gender.  A closely related term is "hate crime".

          These "racial politics" crime categories presume that crimes motivated by race or gender are somehow more despicable than crimes motivated by any other factor, and are therefore more deserving of harsher criminal and civil penalties as well as federal interference in local law enforcement efforts.

          Ethnoviolence and Hate Crimes are terms coined for Racial Politics 2000, and these terms are most favored by liberal politicians as well as by liberal think tanks and universities such as Harvard's so-called Civil Rights Project.

          The inherent and obvious falsehood in both types of crime (ethno-crimes as well as hate-crimes) is that these racist concepts assume that other crimes against individuals which are not racially or ethnically motivated are somehow less objectionable.  Furthermore, the categorization of a crime as a "hate" crime or as an "ethno" crime opens the door to federal prosecution of the alleged crime, thus overriding states' rights for investigation of and prosecution of crimes committed locally.  The unchecked acceptance of these pseudo-justice concepts serves to greatly erode the authority of local and state law enforcement efforts.

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