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          ETHNIC CLEANSING is the practice of eliminating, minimalizing, or marginalizing individuals with whose skin color, national origin, culture, language, or religion a nation-state disagrees.

Nazi Germany:   Before and during World War II Nazi Germany sought to "ethnically cleanse" its country of Jews because Germany's charismatic, megalomaniac dictator (Hitler) believed Jews were inferior to blond-haired, blue-eyed "native" Germans.

Middle East:   For many centuries -- far longer than the U.S. has been in existence -- and right up to the present, Middle Eastern nations have ruthlessly murdered and/or tortured those within their borders who have differing religions, races, skin colors, and ethnic origins.   In 2003 these Middle Eastern countries continue to use torture, brutal murder, stoning, dismemberment, chemical agents, car bombings, and other means to "free" their countries of those with whom they disagree.  These countries also hate the U.S. because we are so prosperous.

United States:   In 2003 the ethnic cleansing of the United States takes a somewhat more subtle and less violent form, albeit just as insidious.  In the U.S. today descendants of the original European settlers of the U.S. are routinely prohibited from getting jobs, promotions, contracts, and educational opportunities because they are European descendants, otherwise described as "white" or as "non-minority"!

          It is popular in the U.S. to bash, denigrate, and marginalize our European-American settlers.  So-called "affirmative action" programs have essentially defined our original European settlers as evil, malignant, racists who do NOT deserve equal treatment under the law without regard to skin color or ethnic origin (as promised by the U.S. Constitution).  Under the terms of modern day "affirmative action" European-American citizens in the U.S. are to be reviled, denied jobs, and otherwise marginalized simply because they arrived in the U.S. from European countries instead of from "preferred countries" (presumably more deserving countries) such as African nations, Mexico, Middle Eastern nations, South American nations, and certain Pacific Island nations.

          Under this pretext, murder and violent crimes against U.S. citizens of European descent are classified as mere "crimes of violence" BUT murder and violent crimes against U.S. residents (citizens as well as non-citizens) who are descended from any non-European country, and/or who are dark complected, are classified as "hate crimes" which invokes federal law enforcement resources and overrides local and state law enforcement efforts.

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