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          Divisive is a term employed by Bill Clinton, Al Gore, and their Campaign 2000 managers.  Identical terms include Politics of Divisiveness, Racial Divisiveness, and Wedge-Issue Politics.  In context, use of any of these terms always refers to "citizens (and politicians) who support equal treatment under the law without regard to race, and without using racial quotas".  These terms are also frequently used by opponents of English as our official language.

          Clinton, Gore and their pro-quota public relations managers have created these phrases purposely to portray citizen-voters and politicians who support the Constitution's provisions for race-blind government as extremists.  Thus, Clinton and Gore are attempting to define "color-blind" and "equal treatment" as dirty words. 

(Clinton-supporter Gov. Gray Davis of California loves to use the word "divisive" to indicate his disdain for California citizens who oppose the use of racial quotas.  Davis has also coined the phrase "wedge-issue politics" to mean the same thing.)

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