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          In Year 2000 racial politics, Disparate Impact means any test, job criterion, educational statistic, or crime statistic in which minorities are rated more poorly than whites.  This concept is closely related to the concept of Proportional Representation. 

          In Racial Politics-Speak 2000, both of these concepts presume that ANY test, statistic, crime report, or educational admission standard under which minorities perform poorly is somehow inherently racist!  No actual proof of racially discriminatory practices or intent is required to convict unwary perpetrators of "Disparate Impact".   Standardized test scores (SAT and ACT) have recently been deemed to be racist because of disparate impact on minorities.

          The corollary to Disparate Impact is Proportional Representation:   Proportional representation presumes that any decision which results in fewer minorities being hired for a job or admitted to a school is inherently based on illegal racial discrimination against minorities.  Inconsistently, and self-servingly, Proportional Representation also presumes that any crime statistics or law enforcement reports that appear to disproportionately result in the arrests and/or convictions of minorities in greater numbers than whites are also inherently based upon illegal racial discrimination against minorities.  No actual proof (as in any normal criminal proceeding) is required to substantiate these claims.

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