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Aspirational Goal -- This is a term coined by the federal racial quota pushers to make it seem that implementing "racial quotas" is something to which one should "aspire" -- as if it is a noble, worthy goal.

          In reality, Aspirational Goal is used by federal agencies, such as the Federal Highway Administration, in order to avoid legal liability for "reverse discrimination" AND to achieve the dual, conflicting objectives of (a) encouraging state highway administrations to use race or gender quotas in awarding highway construction contracts; and (b) holding itself harmless from any possible "reverse discrimination" lawsuits which will inevitably result from using racial contracting goals.

          Aspirational Goal is a term used extensively by the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) which is currently under fire for disbursing billions of tax-payer dollars to only the "correct" (non-white) races and genders.  See particularly Case 47: Western States Paving vs. Washington State Dept. of Transportation.  [Opens new window.]    In this case, FHWA asserts that it had an "aspirational goal" of awarding 10% of federal highway construction funds to the various state highway administrations for racially exclusive contract awards to blacks and other government-defined minorites.  FHWA cautiously (and fatuously) states that "the 10% goal is an aspirational goal and that state recipients of highway funds (tax payer dollars) will not be penalized for contracting with more than 10% minorities nor for contracting with less than 10% minorities.

          The Ninth U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals has found that FHWA's aspirational goals are illegal as implemented by the nine states which are inclouded in the jurisdiction of the Ninth U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals under the applicable strict scrutiny standards for race-based programs established by the U.S. Supreme Court in 1995 in Adarand v. Pena.

          Also See Main Page for:   Western State Paving vs. Washington State Dept. of Transportation.

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