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Conservative Coming Out Day

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5. Conservative Coming Out Day

          Following the U.S. DOJ's threat to sue SIU for its use of racially exclusive scholarship programs, SIU's conservative students have organized "Conservative Coming Out Day" at the Carbondale, Illinois campus.

          On Thursday, Jan. 26, 2006 at 7:00 PM civil rights leader Ward Connerly will address campus conservatives at the Law School Auditorium at the Lesar Law Building.

Tue. Jan. 24, 2006 at 7:00 PM:

"Sick of Political Correctness:  Mad as Hell and Not Going to Take it Anymore"!
(Student Center Auditorium)

Thu. Jan 26, 2006 at 7:00 PM:

"America's Promise Realized: Getting Beyond Race" by Ward Connerly. (Law School Auditorium)

Ward Connerly 01/26/06 at SIU

          Also, on Tuesday, Jan. 24, 2006 a presentation will be made at 7:00 PM at the Student Center Auditorium titled "Sick of Political Correctness:  Mad as Hell and Not Going to Take it Anymore"!

          African American, European American, Asian American, Cuban American, gay students – all conservatives who will speak out on "why I am a conservative."  These young rebels will also recount the bigotry endured by anyone who bucks Political Correctness.

Sponsor: Multicultural Programs and Services, (618) 453-5714; cwervin@siu.edu

FROM: Jonathan Bean (jonbean@siu.edu)

Latest news about "Conservative Coming Out" and Ward Connerly.  Long Live Diversity!

          A Southern Illinoisan reporter called and interviewed me [Jon Bean] today about the "Conservative Coming Out" event and Ward Connerly's participation.  I passed on the names of all panelists, CR officers and organizers (the latter for the Connerly event). I did the same with the Daily Egyptian, which wants to cover "Conservative Diversity Week".

          [To organizers] Just for heads up: Daily Egyptian reporter Zack Quaintance will be covering the Ward Connerly event.  He is a fair and good journalist.  Another Daily Egyptian reporter is covering the "Conservative Coming Out."  A Southern Illinoisan reporter is covering both events.

          To local recipients:  If interested, please pass along info on either event. And, to my liberal friends, you are more than welcome. Come with your hard questions!

          Here is my [Jon Bean's] response to Zack's [Zack Quaintance of the Daily Egyptian] initial query:

----- Original Message -----
From: Jonathan Bean
To: zack_quaintance@dailyegyptian.com
Sent: Wednesday, January 18, 2006 7:21 PM
Subject: Explaining Coming Out and Connerly

JON BEAN WRITES:  On the "Coming Out," here are the panelists.  As moderator, I will ask them three questions and then we will have an open Q&A. Here are the questions:

1. Why are you a conservative?
2. What discrimination do you face as a conservative on campus?
3. Do we need more conservative "voices" contributing to "diversity" on campus? (This could open discussion of the silencing or neglect of conservative viewpoints).

PANELISTS [list supplied by Jon Bean]:

Jason Arnold jasonmatt@gmail.com -- Ph.d. student, gay conservative.

Johnny Teresi johnnyt@siu.edu USG Vice-President

Warren Bowles wgbowles@siu.edu

College Republican officer Bryan Wise bryanw@siu.edu African American conservative, recent History graduate, SIU staff.

Bryan Lewis disneymkvii@aol.com Engineering major.

Raul Ayala rayala42@aol.com Cuban American businessman, emigre from Castro's Cuba. Formerly on City Council and critic of university's exchanges with Cuba. 

          According to the diversity mantra, SIUC [Southern Illinois University, Carbondale campus] is to reflect the community, which it doesn't do well politically. For that reason, I chose Raul and we are inviting SI [Southern Illinoisan] columnist, radio show host, and blogger Jim Muir to be the keynote speaker. The SIU College Republicans are also honoring this ex-coal miner-turned-commentator with an award.

Major points (mine, Jon Bean's):

1. Conservative are a large, unseen and marginalized minority on campus.

2. Conservative students face a "hostile environment" in the classroom, partly due to a complete lack of political diversity among the faculty. To use diversity-speak, conservative students "lack role models," and the few of us here work overtime to be responsive.

3. Conservative students come in every race, color or creed. Minority conservatives report special stigmatization (called "Uncle Toms," etc.). Conservative gays face a similar "double discrimination."

4. The phrase "Coming Out" originated with the gay rights movement. The goal was to make the invisible visible.  Conservatives are a large bloc of "invisible men and women."

5. Also inspired by the coming out rhetoric, the slogan of the event might be "we're here, we're Right, get used to it!"

          I look forward to speaking with your fellow reporter. She may use any of this e-mail, which explains what "Coming Out" is and why we are doing it.

          FYI: I've attached a revised flyer for Connerly. Although he is not well-known among students, he should be. Supporters consider him one of the most courageous men in America.  [Connerly's] critics say, when it comes to civil rights, he is the most threatening black man after Clarence Thomas.

          Regardless, Connerly spearheaded a campaign that eliminated all race and gender preferences in the states of California and Washington.  He has 600,000 signatures and has put the same measure on the ballot in Michigan. See http://www.michigancivilrights.org/

          Mark Lee and I used the language of [Connerly's] ballot propositions in Mark's letter to the Daily Egyptian and Board of Trustees last semester.

          With the DOJ case pending [against SIU's racially exclusionary scholarships], this event is more timely than ever.

          You might want to interview law professors -- the Law School is hosting the event and Connerly's talk involves pressing legal issues. I'm sure Lenny Gross would talk with you, also perhaps Pat Kelley. I don't know where either stands on Connerly but they will be familiar with the issues at hand.

Jonathan Bean
Professor of History
Southern Illinois University
Carbondale, IL 62901-4519
Fax: 453-5440

END 5. Conservative Coming Out Day

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