(1) Overview and Introduction
The Racial Privacy Ballot Initiative in California

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          You probably know Ward Connerly best for his role in the 1996 California campaign to pass Proposition 209 which banned racial preferences in California public hiring, education, and contracting.

          As chairman of the American Civil Rights Coalition, Mr. Connerly is now leading a new vanguard to end racial classifications altogether in California. It is called the Racial Privacy Initiative and it basically says that the state has no valid reason to continue to collect data on its citizens' race, or to racially classify its citizens for any reason whatsoever except for a very small number of narrow, restricted reasons. After all, Proposition 209 made it illegal to award opportunities in the state based on race, so what's the point of continuing to collect racial data?

Connerly checking RPI signatures
Ward Connerly verifying collected RPI signatures
ACRC 2002, with permission

          In our view, Connerly’s -- and ACRC's -- logic is impeccable and unassailable.

          Connerly and the ACRC had originally hoped to have the Racial Privacy Initiative on the California ballot in time for the 2002 elections. 

          As of July 15, 2002 California’s Secretary of State reported full-count verification of 694,586 valid signatures (670,816 were required) submitted by proponents of the Racial Privacy Initiative (RPI).  Thus the Racial Privacy Initiative is certified for the next possible statewide election, which is the primary election scheduled for March 2004.

          Since our inception in 1997, Adversity.Net has actively promoted the idea that the color of our skin does NOT matter, and the color of our skin is NOBODY’S business but our own.  Our philosophy has always been that if you deprive the government of racial data they will not be able to enforce divisive and unfair racial classifications and quotas upon us.

          Prior to and during the Census 2000 Adversity.Net advised our readers, as a matter of conscience, to refuse to fill out any census questions dealing with race or ethnicity. Our skin color or our racial heritage is NONE of the government’s business.

          It is refreshing and encouraging that a man of Connerly’s intellect and savvy has taken up the cause for eliminating those "silly little race boxes" from government forms and, we hope, ultimately from the forms of private employers, insurers, and educational institutions.

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