Prince Georges County, MD:
70 stadium contracts to non-white firms, many by-pass required audits.
Political donors, allies and ex-employees get contracts.

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Beginning in 1996, over 70 largely black-owned firms are granted questionable contracts for work on the new Washington Redskins Stadium located in Prince Georges County. Prince Georges County's executive is Wayne K. Curry, elected in 1994, the first black man to hold the office.  In his campaign, he vowed to grant more state and county contracts to firms of the "right" color. The State of Maryland is dominated by liberal, pro-minority Democrats, including a number of black activist legislators.  The state legislature heartily endorses race-based quotas and goals.
Prince Georges County, Maryland favors black contractors. Wayne K. Curry, first black county executive in Prince Georges County, awards stadium contracts to black friends. The State of Maryland favors blacks and other minorities over whites.
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Black Machine Politics, Corruption
in Prince Georges

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          This is a classic tale of machine politics, favoritism, racism, greed, and political paybacks.  Two facts make this story unique.

          First, the protagonists are black.  

          Second, it was federal and state racial set-aside laws that gave Wayne Curry and his cronies the power -- and the lack of oversight -- that enabled them to use taxpayer funds to hand out their racial and political favors.

          County Executive Wayne Curry has left behind a paper trail showing that his largest campaign donors, his political allies, his neighbors, and his loyal ex-employees received millions of dollars in tax-funded contracts, many of which were not even put out for competitive bidding.

          This Prince Georges County saga is a textbook study of how quota policies encourage and enable the new, corrupt, and racist "black power".

          The PG County black power structure strongly opposes term limits.  If the County Council  cannot defeat term limits in November 2000, then 5 elected black officials, including Hizzoner Curry, will be booted from office in 2002 when their two-term limit expires.

Page 2:  The Shady Stadium Deals (07/09/00)

          "... more than 70 minority-owned companies received contracts [on the stadium] worth in excess of $50 million on a stadium project completed in half the time it normally takes to build one."

          "The Curry administration seemed particularly interested in helping a select group of companies.  Using their power over construction and occupancy permits at the stadium, the county executive and his key aide on the stadium project threatened to delay the project unless specific companies received contracts to work at the site, according to former Redskins team officials. At least four firms won jobs as a result."  -- Washington Post, July 9, 2000.

Page 3:  County Staff, Political Donors Get Contracts (07/23/00)

          "Two top advisers to Prince George's County Executive Wayne K. Curry received consulting contracts not subject to competitive bidding within days of leaving the county payroll, according to records provided by the county."

          "In both instances, the departing officials received contracts worth far more than their county salaries to do work similar to what they had done while on the county payroll. A third consultant, who never worked for the county but managed Curry's first campaign for county executive, also secured a no-bid contract worth as much as $175,000 a year to review bond policy." -- Washington Post, July 23, 2000

Page 4:  PG County Race Card - Term Limits are Racist (10/24/00)

          Wayne Curry and his black cronies on the county council don't want to give up their power just because of a little thing like a term limits law.  Unless the county council and its black allies get term limits repealed on the November 2000 ballot, then 4 black council members and Curry himself will be automatically ousted in 2002.

         Not surprisingly, the black power structure in PG County and its Democratic allies have strongly implied that term limits are racist. 

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