Hispanic "Underrepresentation" in the Gov't Workforce Should be Adjusted for Citizenship

GAO Report August 2006

Racial Preferences = Racial Discrimination
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1. Overview
GAO Report on Hispanic Citizenship in Government
GAO Report August 2006
          In August 2006 the U.S. Government Accountability Office (GAO) released a little heralded but very important report.

          GAO Report GAO-06-832 said simply that the feds should stop counting non-citizen Hispanics in the U.S. in gov't computations regarding "underrepresentation" of Hispanics in U.S. federal employment.

          GAO recommends that the feds adjust their basis for comparison to reflect only Hispanics who are U.S. citizens.  After all, GAO points out, the federal agencies only hire U.S. citizens except in exceedingly rare instances.

          Why is this seemingly obscure report so important, you ask?

          It is important because for many years the feds have issued gloom and doom reports that Hispanics were severely "underrepresented" in the federal workforce and that federal employers needed to use more racial quotas to correct the imbalance. 

          But, as Adversity.Net has been reporting for the past five years, the feds have persisted in counting non-citizen Hispanics in the U.S., as well as unemployed Hispanics in the U.S., in their computation of "underrepresentation".

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          At the right is a graphic from the U.S. Office of Personnel Management purporting to prove that Hispanics are underrepresented in the federal workforce. 

          According to OPM (as well as EEOC), in FY 2006 the proportion of Hispanics employed by the feds is only 7.6% as compared with the 12.8% of Hispanics in the U.S. Civilian Labor Force (known as the CLF).

Underrepresentation of Minorities?
Chart from page 9 OPM's FY 2006 report.
The red notations were added by our editors.
Two different ways of counting Hispanics Federal Workforce (FW) Civilian Labor Force (CLF)
U.S. Citizens: YES YES
Non-U.S. Citizens: No YES
Employed: YES YES
Unemployed: No YES
Proportion: 7.6% 12.8%
          But neither OPM nor EEOC discloses that the 12.8% proportion of Hispanics the Civilian Labor Force (CLF) actually includes Hispanics who are not U.S. citizens as well as unemployed Hispanics.  (It isn't immediately clear to us whether these figures also include illegal aliens, but they might.)

Here's exactly what the GAO reported in August 2006:

GAO-06-832 at report page 7
GAO-06-832 at report page 7 (physical document page 13)

          GAO reports that when it takes U.S. citizenship and level of education into account, Hispanics are actually 24 percent more likely to be employed by the feds than non-Hispanic U.S. citizens.

2. GAO Recommendations

From report pages 31-32 (or from physical document pages 37-38):

"We recommend that the Director of OPM and the Chair of EEOC do the following:

  • "Include citizenship in their annual comparisons of representation in the federal workforce to the CLF. To help ensure consistency, both agencies should agree upon a single source of citizenship data.

  • "Work with other Consortium agencies and the Census Bureau to incorporate citizenship data into the 2010 Census Special EEO File and incorporate such data into analyses under MD-715, FEORP, and Executive Order No. 13171.

"We recommend that the Director of OPM do the following:

GAO Recommendations
  • "Assess the extent of participation by racial and ethnic groups in student employment programs—SCEP, FCIP, and PMF—to help agencies maximize the use of these programs in their overall strategic workforce plan. This effort should include:
  • "analyzing participation in, and conversion rates to, permanent positions from these programs and

  • "reporting governmentwide and agency-specific demographic data for the different racial and ethnic groups reflecting participation in, and rates of conversion to, permanent employment from these programs. These data are in addition to the data already reported on these programs in its reports, such as in its statistical reports on Hispanic employment and in the Fact Book."

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2. GAO recommendations
3. Word games
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3. Word Games

          This is the very first government report I have ever read on the subject of racial preferences and affirmative action that does not use the language of the racial preference crowd!

          Therefore, in my view, this report is as significant for what it doesn't say as for what it does!  Enjoy the word count chart, below.

Sensitive Term(s): Number of Times Used: Comments and Notes:
Affirmative 1 Used in the phrase "...maintain an affirmative program of equal employment opportunity..."
Affirmative Action 0 Wow!   Not one use!!!
Citizen or Citizens 87 The frequent use of citizen and citizenship is testimony to the GAO report's serious focus on the issue of citizenship as it relates to doling out the affirmative action spoils.
Citizenship 55
Culture or Cultural 0  
Disadvantage or Disadvantaged 0  
Discrimination 5  
Disparate or Disparity 0  
Ethnic or Ethnicity 35 Neither term was used in the body of the report itself but did appear often in the appendices.


1 Used in the following sentence:  "If it is determined that the agency's requirement for an MBA is in fact job-related and consistent with business necessity, the agency should consider whether other alternatives exist which will have less impact on a particular group."
Inclusion 0  
Inclusive 1 Used in the following sentence:  "Understanding factors affecting representation is important to developing an maintaining a high-quality and inclusive workforce."
Multicultural 0  
Over Representation or Overrepresentation 0  
Proportion 4 In none of the four instances of "proportion" was it associated with the word "representation".
Proportional or Proportionate 0  
Representation 215 Never used in association with "over" or "under" (as in "over representation" or "under representation")
Under Representation or Underrepresentation 0  
Sensitive Term(s) Number of Times Used Comments and Notes


4. Links and Related Reading

  • Read the full Aug. 2006 GAO Report:   GAO-06-832 (Requires Acrobat Reader)
    Or get the report directly from GAO's web site: http://www.gao.gov/new.items/d06832.pdf

  • OPM 2007 - Federal OVER Hiring of Preferred Minorities.  Adversity.Net's Annual Review.
  • U.S. Civil Rights Commission:   Racial Disparity Does Not Equal Racial Discrimination!  See our report.
  • "Fast 50" Info Technology Firms Receive HUGE Racial Preferences.  Adversity.Net special report.

Story Index:

1. Overview
2. GAO recommendations
3. Word games
4. Links and related reading
OPM 2007: Federal Overhiring of Minorities

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