NEW: Profiling News Briefs from around the Country

Bush and Ashcroft Take On Racial Profiling (03/12/01)

Dallas, TX Police Unjustly Accused of Racial Profiling

Highland Park, Ill. police forced by ACLU to profile EVERYBODY!

Montgomery County, Maryland Guilty of NOT Racial Profiling!

LAPD Officer:  Certain Races DO Commit More Crimes (DOJ Stats)

U.S. Dept. of Labor: All Federal Contractors MUST Racially Profile!

Pennsylvania Courts Agree to "Good" Racial Profiling

(Racial) Profiles in Hypocrisy by Roger Clegg

Calif. Gov. Gray Davis Vetoes Racial Profiling Bill

Racial Profiling by Banking, Housing and Financial Services

NJ Trooper Fired for Telling Truth; Accused of Profiling

NJ Uses Federal Race Data to Make Traffic Stops! (11/29/00)

DOWNLOAD: U.S. DOJ Crime Stats in PDF format (see especially tables 40 and 46)