(8) "Independence becomes reality only when one tosses away the crutch" - 08/14/99 by Donnald V. Adderton for the Sun Herald Adversity.Net, Inc. for Victims of Reverse Discrimination
Independence becomes reality only when one tosses away the crutch (posted 08/14/99 - dead link)
          "It is simply human nature to strive for independence and self-sufficiency.  That is why affirmative action has become such a vexing problem, because it installs artificial preferences, while failing to instill a sense of self-esteem.

          "Yet after more than 30 years, supporters of preferences, quotas and set-asides continue to harangue that blacks and other minorities are still too weak to perform on the stage of life. The social attitude of victimization continues.

          "When did affirmative action become a birthright? All the quota program has done is breed an attitude that the world owes some people a perpetual handout.  The black and brown leadership would have you believe they cannot make it in the arena against whites.

          "Several years ago, Ward Connerly saw that black America desperately needed a better way. Blacks kept singing "We Shall Overcome," but remained stuck at the rear of the economic treadmill.

          "Doubtless, you are familiar with the success of Proposition 209 in California, a groundbreaking referendum that eliminated minority preferences at state-supported colleges and universities. As a member of the California Board of Regents, Connerly was the architect in disassembling minority preferences in higher education.

          "In a misinformation campaign, opponents of Proposition 209 contend that blacks and Latinos who cannot meet standard entrance requirements are denied a college education.  "Not one black or Hispanic child was denied a college education," Connerly said in an interview from his office in Sacramento, Calif. He is president and CEO of Connerly & Associates Inc., a housing consultant company.

          "Since California voters approved the initiative, which was upheld in the courts, the 60-year-old Connerly has been unfairly portrayed as a pariah by the black and brown leadership, and in the black press.

          "Through affirmative action, whites have been unfairly treated, and a growing number of black children are less confident, says Connerly, who also serves as president of the California-based American Civil Rights Institute.  "There are some well-meaning people out there who strongly believe racism, slavery, transcend everything in America," he said. "And there are a handful who subscribe to it.  This country is obsessed with race," Connerly said. "You don't get beyond racism if you don't let go.   People are getting tired of hearing about it every day. Race is uppermost in our public debate.  I don't want to sound like a right-wing ideologue," he said, "but there is an infrastructure that has been created - NAACP, Congressional Black Caucus - to preserve programs beneficial to their constituency."

          "These same special interests bullied President Clinton into foolishly stating "Mend it, don't end it" in support of continuing affirmative action.  Connerly says that those who are benefiting from affirmative action and the victim mentality obviously don't want to give it up. They will fight, quite loudly, and rally the easily persuaded to their cause."   (The Sun Herald, posted 08/14/99, by Donald V. Adderton)
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