(6) "When Rights Are Wronged" - 07/20/99 by Balint Vazsonyi, Washington Times Editorial Adversity.Net, Inc. for Victims of Reverse Discrimination
When Rights Are Wronged (07/20/99)

          [Mr. Balint Vazsonyi examines the "rights industry" and the lack of Constitutional provision for special rights for specific classes of individuals.]

          "When something is forbidden, a right to do something is taken away. All right, I hear some people say, but along with all the new prohibitions, we have gained a whole battery of new rights.


          "The Bill of Rights contains not a single provision which grants or concedes a right to anyone by taking something from another. It does not even grant rights, really, it rather affirms their pre-existence. All restrictions in those first ten amendments to our Constitution are placed on government — not a single constraint on individuals or The People at large.

          "There were good reasons for that. First, the Framers believed in the virtue of very few laws — the fewer the laws, the broader the natural agreement about them. More importantly, their purpose was to make equal standing before the law not just a goal but reality, for only the law is able to ameliorate the inequality of humans.

          "Now look at the rights’ industry of the last decades.

          "The new rights are being granted by government to specific classes of persons. For a start, no provision in the Constitution appears to buttress the concept of rights applicable to specific classes of persons. Even more importantly, every so-called right is a restriction on all others not included in the provision.

          "In other words, all new rights give to some what they take from others. And if they do not take directly, they provide a license to some to raid the possessions of others — using, misusing, really, the courts."  (Washington Times Editorial 07/20/99 by Balint Vazsonyi)
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