(55) In 2003 the Quota Mongers Are Working Overtime!
(Tim Fay, Chairman, Adversity.Net, Sept. 2003)
Adversity.Net, Inc. for Victims of Reverse Discrimination
The Quota Mongers are Working Overtime in 2003 (Sept. 8, 2003)

Editorial by Tim Fay, Chairman and Founder, Adversity.Net, Inc.

          Labor Day 2003 is over and most of us are getting back to work or school.  And the pro-quota crowd is getting back to work, too.

  • The racial special interests and doomsayers in California are busily making false statements about the effects of California's Proposition 54 -- the Racial Privacy Initiative. The initiative would prevent California from classifying its citizens according to race and ethnicity.  The vote is currently scheduled for Oct. 7 in the bizarro state of California.
  • The Eastman Kodak company places forced diversity and suppression of religious views ahead of economic competitiveness.   White guys and especially conservative Catholics need not apply.
  • United Airlines places racial quotas ahead of flight safety.  The unfriendly skies are becoming the unsafe skies in the name of forced diversity.
  • The Philadelphia Fire Department puts racial quotas ahead of ability to fight fires. 
  • The U.S. government puts race and ethnicity ahead of tenure and experience.  A recent federal study reports that the feds gave 7 out of 10 new government jobs to preferred minorities, i.e., not to white guys, and the feds continue to overhire preferred minorities by as much as several hundred percent over their racial quota.
  • The U.S. Supreme Court ruled last June that the University of Michigan Law School CAN use racial quotas -- as long as they continue to be indirect, subtle, and sneaky about it.  By extension, all colleges and universities can now use applicants' racial identity to grant special admissions preferences to certain, preferred skin colors.  (Except in states where the state law prohibits such racial admissions criteria, such as California and Washington State.)
  • The Xerox Corporation remains one of the largest, most active promoters of racial quotas in Corporate America.  Like Kodak, Xerox has a substantial presence in Rochester, NY and is adored by preferred minorities for Xerox's staunch support of racial preferences and quotas.  35 years ago, in 1968, Xerox executives issued an incredible order to all managers in which they ordered them to hire underqualified blacks and then attempt to make them productive members of the company by providing training and education opportunities not available to "privileged" white employees.

Quotable Quotes:

Government Quote:  Two months ago, in July, the U.S. General Services Administration distributed a newsletter to its employees which said:

"Don't ever hire somebody just like yourself. ... from the beginning of time, executives have been unconsciously cloning themselves, stocking the shelves with vanilla young men from impressive schools."

          I don't know about you, but "vanilla young men" sounds an awful lot like a racial slur against white guys with good educations.

Corporate Quote:  In the Unsafe Skies at United Airlines, their Diversity Highlights newsletter states in bold letters:

"It's not about treating people the same. It's about treating people fairly."

          The next time you find yourself on a United flight, you can comfort yourself by knowing that the members of your flight crew -- particularly your pilot, co-pilot and flight engineer -- were hired, trained and qualified by fair criteria and not by the same criteria.

Media Distortion of Racial Incidents:

          If you ever doubted that the media distort and spin the news about diversity, these two recent news stories will convince you that the media DO suppress news about racial incidents.

  • If you read about the Benton Harbor, Michigan race riots this past June you probably did not read that the black man who crashed and died while fleeing police at a high rate of speed was a multiple-convicted felon.  Nor did you read that the officer pursuing him was black and was not white!   Nonetheless, racially intolerant blacks in this impoverished Michigan city burned down businesses and stoned passing white motorists for this alleged example of "racial profiling".  Jesse Jackson is threatening to open a Rainbow-PUSH office in Benton Harbor. God help them.
  • If you read about the employee shooting at Lockheed Martin's Louisiana facility this past July you were not allowed to read that the white shooter had been sitting in a required diversity training / racial sensitivity session when he went off, or that he had been repeatedly passed over for promotions because of Lockheed's racial quotas.

More Details:

KodaQuotas:  The Eastman Kodak Company, the venerable photo and imaging giant, is a very unfriendly place for non-minorities and conservative Christians. 

          In October 2002 the largest QuotaMatic employer in Rochester, NY fired a loyal worker with 23 years service because he asked to be taken off Quodak's gay and lesbian email list.  The forcibly diverse work environment at the world's largest photo and imaging company is so repressive that they fire people who have religious or moral objections to homosexuality.  Adversity.Net has no position on the issue of homosexuality, but the last time we checked citizens of the U.S. have a constitutional right to express their religious and moral beliefs.

          Quodak has also publicly announced a purge of non-minority board members and managers.

          And if you are a business which wants a piece of Quodak's lucrative purchasing and supplies business your company must be owned by the right skin color AND you must convince Quodak, in writing, that your company hires the right number of employees based on their skin color.

          Quodak disingenuously calls all of this their "Winning and Inclusive Culture" campaign.  It would be more accurately described as their "Losing and Exclusive Culture" campaign.

The Unfriendly Skies:  At United Airlines putting the right colors in the cockpit is more important than passenger safety. 

          The colors in United's logo may be red, white and blue, but the colors in their hiring policies are exclusively brown, browner, and black. Small wonder they have been struggling with bankruptcy.

  • One United quota hire almost rammed a 747 full of passengers into San Bruno after taking off from San Francisco. Why?   Because this undertrained quota hire used the ailerons when he should have used the rudder. That's understandable, I suppose, given that this underqualified pilot also thought the aircraft had blown a tire on take off when what had actually happened -- and was clearly indicated by instruments in the cockpit -- was that an engine had failed.
  • In another incident, a United quota hire dumped hundreds of gallons of jet fuel into the air when the captain asked her to balance the fuel tanks.
  • On another flight, a female quota hire member of the flight crew got so upset by thunderstorms that she fled the cockpit in near hysterics, leaving a lone crew member to fly the plane.
  • Several of United's non-English speaking quota-pilots have been overheard by passengers (on those nifty little headsets in the passenger cabin) trying in vain to communicate with the control tower.  In all reported cases, a crew member who was proficient in English (imagine that!) had to take over and establish proper communication with the tower.  (These incidents happened at U.S. airports, by the way.)
  • Many commuter and cargo airlines have more stringent training requirements for their pilots than United.  It seems that United can't figure out how to make their unfriendly skies more forcibly diverse without reducing the qualifications for pilots.

Philadelphia Firefighters:  If you live in Philadelphia you will be comforted to know that the right number of black and Hispanic firefighters will show up to try to save your burning house.  Unfortunately they might not know how to put out the fire.

          You won't be comforted to know that the Philadelphia fire department hires preferred minorities from the bottom of their recruit classes in order to achieve the correct, court-ordered racial numbers in the fire department.  They routinely pass over whites with much higher test scores. 

          You also might not be so comforted to know that prison guards in Philadelphia have to answer tougher math and reading-ability questions on their entrance exam than the Philly firefighters. The Philly FD has had to dumb down their entrance exam several times in order to try to get the right number of various colors employed. The tactic hasn't increased the number of blacks and Hispanics in their ranks, so the Philly Fire Department has resorted to skipping over non-minority applicants who perform better on the exams.

          I don't know if blacks simply don't want to be firefighters in Philadelphia, but for over 30 years the Philly Fire Department just hasn't been able to meet their court-imposed quota for blacks.  By contrast, the rest of the Philadelphia city government has consistently been able to hire and promote the "right" number of blacks for the past 30 years.  So what's up with the Philadelphia Fire Department?

Federal Overhiring of Preferred Minorities:   Earlier this year Adversity.Net published its third annual review of federal overhiring of preferred racial groups. The results, as always, are truly disturbing:

  • In Fiscal Year 2001, the feds created 12,310 new federal jobs, but only 22.9% of these new jobs were filled by non-minorities.  In other words, fewer than 3 out of every 10 new federal jobs were filled by non-minorities.
  • The U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) has employed 614.3% more blacks than their proportion in the civilian workforce, and 168.1% more Hispanics.
  • The U.S. Department of Education employed 473.3% more blacks than their affirmative action target (quota).
  • The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) employed 397.1% more blacks than their racial quota required. HUD also employed 175% more Native Americans than their racial quota required.

Media Distortion - Benton Harbor:  On June 16, 2003 a black man, Terrance Shurn, a multiple-convicted felon, died while speeding to elude police at a high rate of speed on his motorcycle.

          Black Benton Harbor residents responded by burning down businesses and stoning any white motorists who happened to drive through.

          The mainstream press portrayed this story as if the man who died, Terrance Shurn, had been the victim of racial profiling.   The national TV networks did not even mention the race of the looters and rioters until two days after the incident.

          The other things that the mainstream media have not told you are significant by their very omission:

  • The officer in pursuit at the time Mr. Shurn met his demise was black, not white.
  • Another officer who was white had initiated the pursuit of Mr. Shurn but broke off the pursuit because he deemed it too dangerous.
  • The "victim", Terrance Shurn, had an extensive arrest record, including felony charges for drug dealing.  He was no stranger to the police.
  • The looters, vandals and rioters who were burning sections of Benton Harbor also attacked responding firefighters.   They also targeted any white motorists passing through the area, pointing them out to the crowd and shouting "White!  White!"  One white man who was stoned by the angry mob may lose the hearing in one ear following reconstructive surgery to re-attach it.

A reasonable person must ask why the media failed to report these facts. 

Media Distortion - Lockheed Martin:  Lockheed-Martin's Louisiana employee Doug Williams was a white, frustrated, angry Lockheed employee who had repeatedly seen affirmative action (quotas) diminish his job opportunities at Lockheed. 

          On or about July 8, 2003 he stormed out of a mandatory "race sensitivity training" (diversity training) at Lockheed and came back with guns blazing.  He killed several people, including himself.

          Mr. Williams may or may not have been a troubled, raging racist as portrayed in the few, limited media accounts of this incident, but you really have to wonder why the press has suppressed the fact that Williams was sitting in a "diversity training" when he apparently decided he'd had enough.  You also have to wonder why the mainstream press has suppressed the fact that Mr. Williams was repeatedly passed over for promotions by preferred minorities.

Corporate America and Racial Quotas:   Adversity.Net's research indicates that most of Corporate America has signed on to the "diversity at any cost" program advocated by the federal government. 

          Kodak, Boeing, Lockheed, Mars Candy, Xerox, American Express, Bausch and Lomb, Ford, GM, Microsoft, and hundreds of others have instituted aggressive quota hiring policies. 

          These same firms, as well as hundreds of others, also refuse to do business with suppliers and contractors who are not owned by preferred minorities.

          In 1968, Xerox Corporation executives Joseph C. Wilson  and C. Peter McColough wrote an infamous memo which presaged not only Xerox's commitment to racial quotas but that of most of the rest of Corporate America as well:

May 2, 1968

To All Xerox Managers:

          We at Xerox are among those who are compelled to accept the indictment of the National Advisory Commission on Civil Disorders: What white Americans have never fully understood -- but what the Negro can never forget -- is that white society is deeply implicated in the ghetto.

          White institutions created it, white institutions maintain it, and white society condones it.

          We, like all other Americans, share the responsibility for a color-divided nation; and in all honesty, we need not look beyond our own doorstep to find out why.

          In Rochester, one of the first American cities scarred by racial strife, Xerox continues to employ only a very small percentage of Negroes. In other major cities, including some that have suffered even greater violence, we employ no Negroes at all.

          Thus, despite a stated policy that seeks to fulfill our obligations to society -- and even though the significant steps we have taken have been publicly praised -- our performance is still far from a shining beacon of corporate responsibility.

          We know, of course, that many Negroes - fearing rejection - simply don't apply to Xerox for jobs. And of those who do apply, many fail to meet our usual standards of qualification.

          But those factors obviously cannot be used as excuses. They are, rather, the very problems which Xerox must and will attack in the future.

          In order to respond with concerted action to the Advisory Commission's recommendations that American industry hire, train and suitably employ one million Negroes within the next three years, we are therefore going to adopt these immediate courses of action:

          First, we will heavily intensify our recruiting of Negroes and other minorities.  If, as our past experience indicates, they are reluctant to come to us, then we will go to them.

          A special recruiting effort at University Microfilms in Ann Arbor, Michigan has proved the validity of this approach by substantially increasing minority employment in the space of a few months.  We will now extend that effort throughout all the departments, divisions, and subsidiaries of Xerox.

          Secondly, all managers responsible for hiring -- regardless of geographical location -- will re-examine their selection standards and training programs. Our past efforts, by and large, have sought to find only the best qualified people for Xerox, regardless of age, race or religion. But that goal, however valid, has inadvertently excluded many good people from productive employment.

          We are, accordingly, going to change the selection standards that screen out all but the most qualified people.  We will also begin devoting special attention to minority employees of limited qualifications to make them genuinely productive in the shortest possible time.  Hopefully we can maintain standards of performance throughout.

          Effective immediately, therefore, all Xerox managers are directed, on an individual basis, to begin this effort, pending a more systematic company-wide revision of standards.

          Thirdly, we are planning to increase substantially our training of unqualified Negroes, and other minority members.

          Although the Project Step Up Program to qualify people for entry level jobs has been successful in the Rochester area, we feel that its scope must be considerably broadened and the entry requirements modified. We are presently planning to incorporate the program into our present hiring process, and to extend it to major Xerox facilities outside Rochester.

          The full and unqualified cooperation of all Xerox managers is expected in reaching our minority hiring goals. Corporate Personnel has been given the responsibility for implementing our plans, and for establishing an accountability system through which top management -- beginning immediately -- can regularly assess progress in all divisions, departments and subsidiaries of the corporation.

          Today there are 22 million Negroes in the United States.

          The exclusion of many of them from our society is a malignancy that the nation cannot endure. To include them as integral to the nation, however, will mean even more than the correction of an intolerable injustice. It will also mean the creation of an enormous and affluent market for new products and services, and of an equally enormous pool of manpower to help meet the critical shortages predicted for the future.

          We are fully aware, of course, of the progress that Xerox has already made in assisting the civil rights movement.  But it simply has not gone far enough.

          We must do more because Xerox will not add to the misery of the present condition of most Negroes.  It will not condone the waste of a great national resource.  It will not compromise the conviction on which the success of this enterprise and of the nation depends.

(Signed) Joseph C. Wilson and C. Peter McColough, Xerox

          Those of us who believe in the quaint notion of equal treatment under the law without regard to race, gender or ethnicity certainly have our work cut out for us.  The quota mongers are working double-overtime to preserve discriminatory racial preferences and quotas.  Each of us should be working equally hard to restore a color blind society.

-- Tim Fay
-- Editor and Chairman
-- Adversity.Net, Inc.

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